JingDong is a Protector of the Environment

On the fundamental belief that JD.com has a responsibility to continuously improve society, the company has committed itself to sustainability and has contributed immensely to the betterment of people’s lives and society as a whole as a result of this commitment. In recognition of this fact, the SEAL Awards will be conferring upon JD.com its SEAL Business Sustainability Award. JingDong will be joining other global leading green companies such as Apple, Samsung, Impossible Foods, Patagonia, Nike, and Seventh Generation to be honored with a SEAL Business Sustainability Award.

The SEAL Awards’ decision to confer upon JD.com the SEAL Business Sustainability Award was in large part based on the company’s recycling program, which received the highest possible environmental impact score from the SEAL Awards judging panel. The initiative’s impact metrics are extraordinary given that the program covers a total of 47 different cities across China and the very large number of items recycled—over 1 million articles of clothing and over 400,000 toys. Another factor that influenced the SEAL Awards’ decision was JingDong’s exhibition of great leadership in leveraging its customer base of millions and its expansive logistics network to create immediate and meaningful sustainability improvements for not only the country of China but also for the planet.

JD.com’s sustainable platforms utilize the company’s self-developed logistics and supply chain network that has the capacity to reach 99 percent of China’s population. In contributing to a number of worthy causes, JingDong has applied said innovative technology and expansive infrastructure. The result of this application of the company’s unique resources was great success. JD.com made substantial contributions not only to environmental protection but also to social innovation, education, disaster relief and poverty alleviation, the total value of which is in excess of RMB 700 million.

JD.com is China’s largest online and offline retailer, its biggest e-commerce company, and an emerging infrastructure service provider. The SEAL Awards is an organization that was created for the express purpose of advocating for the protection of the global environment. The SEAL Awards recognizes businesses and writers that have contributed significantly to the combat of climate change with its Business Sustainability Awards and the Environmental Journalism Awards.

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