OSI Food Solutions : How a company gets to be named one of America’s top 100 companies

Recently OSI Group has earned the bragging rights of being named one of America’s top 100 companies, however, you won’t see OSI Food Solutions bragging anytime soon. According to President of OSI David McDonald, the companies goals is never to boast about revenue or territory, good reviews and the confidence placed on them by their clients and the public are all the recognition they need. OSI Food Solutions which has been in existence since the turn of the century when Otto Kolschowski migrated to America with his family. OSI would quickly grow into an all-out enterprise after the partnership heard around the world involving OSI and one Ray Kroc, the man behind McDonald’s restaurants.

Today OSI Food Solutions employs over 20,000 employees all across the glove providing some of the best quality meats, poultry and other various foods that we consume on a daily bases. In addition, Forbes Magazine named OSI Group the 58th largest privately owned company in the country. Recently, OSI earned the distinguished British Safety Council’s 2016 Globe of Honor which is presented to companies that excel in their work towards sustaining and promoting a clean environment. So, it’s to know ones surprise that a company earning over 6 Billion dollars per year would be named one of America’s top 100 companies.

As OSI Food Solutions continues to grow so are their expansion into existing plants around the country, in fact, OSI was the sole reason for the saving of hundreds of jobs when a plant in Chicago was bought in response to Tyson foods decision to close down. The company today is expanding their European presence with the recent buy out of BAHO Foods, one of the largest European food producers. There is no doubt that under the leadership of CEO Sheldon Lavine and President David McDonald, OSI will continue to thrive and produce the best quality foods possible.

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