Talk Fusion Makes Network Marketing Easier

When I started up my own business I was wondering how I would approach customers. I didn’t know if there would be anything that would help me get customers excited about the products that I had to offer. I was in graduate school at the time, and a female friend in my marketing class told me about Talk Fusion. I had never heard of this, but I figured that I could give it a try. I had nothing to lose.

Upon checking out the website I found that I was able to start using something call video email. I thought that this would be perfect for my newsletter. I was trying to reach customers with mass email marketing, and I knew that it had to be something special. People will open up email and delete if right away if it doesn’t look interesting. Some people don’t even waste time opening the email.

I knew that I could create something that was new and exciting with Talk Fusion.
I purchased the software application for this and my friend and I got to work on a newsletter. She recorded me as a talked about the product I was marketing. I thought that I would need her help setting up the newsletter because I am not very tech savvy. I was surprised to discover that it didn’t take a lot of technological know how to get my video email newsletter together. When I was finished with it I let my friend view it and she said that it was amazing. She knew about Talk Fusion from software applications like the video conferencing, but she had never seen the video email newsletter. She was highly impressed with this.

I was ready to start my marketing campaign with this new and improved newsletter. I believe that anyone that is trying to start a business will need to consider the benefits that come with Talk Fusion. This is a company that managed to build a great crowd. I love what the company has done, and I am considering even more of the software for my business.

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Sergio Cortes Looks at the Battle Against Zika Virus

The World Health Organization (WHO) says, since 1952, the Zika virus has been identified in humans, and the best way to stop transmission of the virus is by not getting bit by mosquitoes. Doesn’t exactly sound reassuring, and according to Dr. Sergio Cortes, one of the primary dangers of the disease is contracting Guillain-Barre syndrome.
Dr. Cortes offers a run-down of the disease on his blog and explains the danger of Guillain-Barré’s neurological complications. An autoimmune disease, Guillain-Barré can occur at any age, but is most common in people between 30 and 50 years of age. It usually follows a minor infection, but can result in nerve damage, causing tingling, muscle weakness and even paralysis. While there is no cure for Guillain-Barré syndrome, there are various treatments available to help diminish the severity of symptoms, and speed recovery.

Although most news reports describe the Zika virus in a haphazard manner, Dr. Cortes provides more methodical input on his official blog.

Zika Becoming A More Vexing Problem

First spotted in 1947 in Uganda, deep in the forest of Zika, the virus transmits by Aedes mosquitoes, sometimes called tiger mosquitoes: the same species that transmits three other tropical infections, Dengue, Yellow Fever and Chikungunya. Dr. Sergio Cortes says even more alarming, healthy mosquitoes undertake the virus by biting a zika-infected person, and go on to then infect healthy people.

Previously reported as a benign problem, Zika is now suspected to have caused an epidemic of birth defects in the French Polynesia in 2007 and 2013. By year-end 2013, approximately 55,000 people had been infected.

Pregnant Women Are Most Vulnerable

Pregnant women should be especially vigilant, and Dr. Sergio Cortes strongly recommends that pregnant women defer potential travel to affected countries. Symptoms have largely gone unnoticed in the vast majority of cases. Mild fever, headache, and body aches typically occur within 7 days of a mosquito bite, and typically manifest into rashes, conjunctivitis, swelling of the hands or feet, and muscle and joint pain.

Currently, there is no specific cure or vaccine for the virus. Just common drugs to help with pain and fever. Dr. Cortes points out that while you should not panic, everyone should protect themselves. Repellents, long-sleeved clothing, mosquito nets, and insect screens are just a few precautions to employ.

The latest Zika Virus updates can be found on Dr. Sergio Cortes’ official Facebook or LinkedIn page.

George Soros asserts that Global Markets Predicament is a Repeat of the 2008 Crisis

Recently, in an economic forum in Colombo, Sri Lanka, George Soros said that the current crisis in the global markets mirrored the 2008 crisis. He also added that the rest of the world was hurting from China’s devaluation of its currency. Soros cautioned investors to be wary of the global markets that are facing challenges. According to him, China is still struggling to establish a new growth model.

The sinking Yuan did not help the current concerns on the strength of the Chinese economy. The economy is shifting to consumption and services from its forte in manufacturing and investments. The global currency, stock markets as well as commodity markets had a dismal performance in the first week of the year. Close to $2.5 trillion was eroded from the value of global equities as losses extended in Asia with Chinese equities plunging further. According to Soros, China is facing a crisis that is arising from its adjustment problems.
Weaknesses remain in the second leading economy of the world despite of the authorities flooding the economy with billions of dollars. The People’s Bank of China has slashed interest rates but it has not achieved much from this monetary policy. However, China’s Communist Party has promised to raise the convertibility of the Yuan and continuously remove capital controls by 2020. The move comes as the major measures of volatility across the world surged.
From 1969 to 2011, George Soros’ hedge fund gained a yearly average of 20%. Bloomberg Billionaires Index estimates Soros’ net worth to be $27.3 billion. Soros established his investment career in the 50s in New York City. Over the years, he has earned a reputation due to his investment exploits. This information was reported on Bloomberg as explained in the link below
Soros’ two foundations; Open Society Institute and Open Society Foundation, were banned in Russia after the authorities claimed that the two were a threat to Russian security and the constitution. In a statement, the Office of Russia’s General Prosecutor said the two branches of Soros’ foundation would be put on a stop list. The list comprises of foreign non-governmental organizations whose initiatives are viewed as undesirable by Russia. The two organizations that were founded by billionaire Soros are pro-democracy charities. This information was mentioned on CNBC as highlighted in the following link
Soros established the Open Society Foundation in 1979 after his success in the investment world. According to him, the foundation is based on the realization that the world is naturally imperfect and improvement has to be made on what is imperfect. Open Society foundation aims to change authoritarian forms of government to open societies. Soros began his philanthropic activities by providing scholarships to black students in South Africa with the view of helping them pursue education at the University of Cape Town. This information was reported on as elucidated in the link below

Nealh Sec. Cortes Sets Up Shelters and Begins Testing

After torrential downpours and flooding in the Xerém, Duque de Caxias, Brazil region the Brazilian Health Ministry has sent State Sec. of Health Dr. Sergio Cortes. Dr. Sergio Cortes on a complete tour of the over flooded region. The Brazilian State Department of Health in conjunction with several dozen Epidemiological Surveillance teams have begun trading on cleaning up the contaminated waters rather than contributing to the spread of diseases like leptospirosis, hepatitis A and diarrhea. Sec. of Health Dr. Cortes also informed us on Linked In that the Aedes aegypti mosquito is the chiefly responsible for the spread of several types of viruses and diseases as well. Dr. Sergio Cortes and his teams in addition to being on the lookout for contaminated water to treat they also are working on depleting any standing waters left over after the deluge that may be contributing to the problem by creating a breeding ground for the this particular species of mosquito. Dengue fever, Yellow fever, the Chikungunya virus and the new and the particularly vicious Zika virus. As of late Dr. Sergio Cortes believes that there may actually be a link between the Zika virus and Microcephaly of very powerful neurological autoimmune disease that has caused over 4000 birth defects in Brazil since only October of last year. It seems that Brazil’s epicenter of the new breakout of the Zika virus. Dr. Sergio Cortes told us on twitter that 80% of the people show no symptoms when they have contracted the Zika virus. The other 20% of infected people usually only show very mild symptoms like fever, and some also aches. A recent article in Extra Global
details some of the work that Sec. Cortes and his teams have been doing to try to combat spread of diseases in the most heavily affected and flooded region of Brazil. The State Secretary Cortes and his teams have managed to open seven shelters with the premise of being able to help the local citizens by having 12 hydration stations in the capacity to serve 300 people per day. The resulting government is also so troops, National Guard and evaluation teams to help disperse bottles of water. They also working together to decontaminate freestanding waters found in the region. State Health Government agencies passed out 10,000 bottles of sodium hypochlorite it announced residence in team members alike to use them to help disinfect contaminated waters in the city. The Brazilian State Department of Health under the direction of Dr. Sergio Cortes also handed out over 3000 antibiotics outlets in the already gathering samples to the help combat these diseases.

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Premium Dog Foods Take The Industry By Storm

To see people tasting food in the finest of fine restaurants is nothing out of the ordinary. Gourmet restaurants do have to deliver the best possible morsels. Seeing a taste tester at a plant manufacturing dog food, well, that might come as a shock. Upon reading a recent Daily Herald article about premium dog food, discovering taste testers are used during the production phase ceases to be surprising. Their presence ends up being expected. Pet lovers who are not familiar with premium dog food brands should look at Beneful. Owned by Purina, Beneful is a perfect example of the type of pet food that is growing immensely in popularity. Beneful’s selections are comprised of ingredients designed to stand out from the more mundane selections on the Amazon market. Lamb, salmon, pasta, and tomatoes are among those interesting ingredients found in Beneful products. Beneful‘s selections are also designed to specific types of dogs. “Healthy Smile”, “Playful Life”, and “Growth for Puppies” are options for dog owners seeking something very specific in their pet’s nutrition. The number of pet owners hoping to give their dog something special at meal time is growing. This is evidenced by the surging sales numbers so many dog foods are experiencing. The sales of premium dog foods have grown tremendously since 2009 and those numbers do not look like they are going to slow down. In order to meet the demands of customers, retail stores are starting to stock up on large quantities of premium brands. Customers who otherwise would not wander in a specialty pet shop now have access to the food, buying premium pet selections is easier. This contributes to the increase in sales figures immensely. The quality that goes into selecting ingredients, properly cooking the meals, and taste testing portions further help with sales figures. Quality counts for a lot and this is why quality in an overarching theme in the manufacturing process. By delivering original recipes that come with a pleasing-to-dogs taste, gourmet brands greatly enhance their chances for success in the market. As current sales figures indicate, those sales figures are wildly impressive.

Getting Legal Help When Going through an Expensive Divorce

One of the main considerations that individuals have when they are thinking about divorce is the cost. They wonder how much they are going to have to pay for the divorce, how much they will have to pay in fees to an attorney, how much of their assets they will lose to their spouse, and how much it will cost for them to get their life back together. When a person starts calculating all of those things, they usually see that getting a divorce is pretty expensive. They may try to go about ways to see how they can avoid some costs of getting divorced, including not hiring a lawyer to help them. However, this usually proves to be unwise.

Even though it is true that a person can get a divorce without the help of a New York attorney, there are many benefits that a person will receive by working with a well-qualified attorney like Ross Abelow. He went to the Brooklyn Law school and has many years of experience in matrimonial and family law. During the first consultation with a New York attorney, a person will be able to receive legal advice about what steps they can take right now to begin divorce proceedings and what steps they can take to ensure that they will not have to deal with family lawsuits later on.

Divorce can be very complicated, especially when finances and children are involved. At first, a person may think that their divorce will go smooth and that all of the details can easily be worked out between the two marriage mates. However, as details are discussed, it is very common for a couple to not be able to agree. When they are not able to agree, the courts will step in and make decisions for them about their finances, custody of their children, and other matters. A wide variety of factors will be taken into consideration when making decisions for the couple. For example, if someone is at fault for the divorce, this may be taken into consideration. An at fault divorce would include a divorce that is occurring because one of the mates was absent for a long time, committed adultery, or was in some way abusive. A no-fault divorce usually involves irreconcilable differences.

Individuals in the New York area can speak with a divorce attorney like Ross Abelow. During the free consultation, they will get an idea of what steps they need to take when proceeding with the divorce. He has worked with many families and couples in the New York area and can help protect the rights and long-term interests of his clients.

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Nobilis Health Is Succeeding In The Current Economy

One area of the American economy that has been very successful over the years is healthcare. The advancements that have occurred in medicine are very beneficial to the industry as a whole. Companies in healthcare now have a greater variety of treatments that they can offer to patients. In addition, they are able to extend the lifespan of patients to later years. This means that the patients that come to them are increasingly older. Increasingly older patients tend to have increasingly more frequent, complex, and advanced treatment requirements. In turn, this means that healthcare companies are able to make very good profits and become very successful. Nobilis Health is an American healthcare company that has benefited from these good times for the healthcare industry. They do a lot of the highly advanced treatments that are available today. Nobilis Health specializes in the growing area of same day surgery. There is a vast variety of procedures that can be done in this rapid, less invasive fashion. In fact, even complex procedures that work with important internal organs can sometimes be done on an outpatient basis. They have a variety of different clinics for this that are located in different places in Texas and Arizona. They have a clinic located in Scottsdale, Arizona along with facilities that are in different parts of Texas. These clinics get very good business, and patients are very pleased with the results of their procedures. Nobilis Health has ownership of an inpatient surgical hospital in Bellaire, Texas. This hospital conducts procedures that involve a very high degree of complexity. Patients are able to stay in their hospital to recuperate from these advanced, highly complex procedures. Furthermore also shared that Nobilis Health also does work in another area of healthcare. They are owners of an urgent care facility. This facility provides top notch treatment for immediate health concerns. Their urgent care center is located in Spring, Texas, which is near Houston. The company is also showing signs of growth. This is reflected in the prices of their stocks. The stock prices for Nobilis Health have continued to rise over the course of time. People who are skilled in investing on Yahoo Finance say that choosing their stocks is a financially wise decision. In addition, Nobilis Health has expansion plans. They are going to start yet another Texas healthcare facility! Chances are given their track history, this new business venture will be extremely successful and profitable.

New York Real Estate Shifting To A Buyer’s Market According To The 4th Quarter Town Residential Market Analysis

The people selling their homes in New York City luxury real estate are not getting nervous about home prices even though a 4th quarter Town Residential market analysis indicates that some buyers are not signing on the dotted line as quickly as they did in 2014. Town Residential is one of the largest companies in the luxury real estate market in New York. Founder and CEO Andrew Heiberger said Manhattan is experiencing a larger gap between development sales and recent trends, but for the most part, Manhattan prices are still increasing.

Wendy Maitland, President of Sales for Town Residential said there were more than 7,900 units for sale in Manhattan as of December 30, 2015, and more than 2,000 of those units were priced below $2 million. She also said 493 units in Manhattan were priced about $10 million. The average price of a co-op the last quarter of 2015 was more than $1,200,000, and that was almost a 5 percent increase over the third quarter. Condos averaged more than $1,700,000 and the price per square foot was more than $1,600 which is a 13 percent increase over the same period in 2014.

According to the analysis, the real estate market in New York hasn’t stopped increasing even though the third quarter market was soft. The Town Residential analysis just confirms what agents and brokers already know. The demand for real estate in New York hasn’t peaked. Some buyers may be price conscious at the lower price points, but the buyers in the luxury market are still willing to pay what the market demands.

With an average sale price of almost $2 million, New York may be the most expensive real estate markets in the country. But most buyers already thought it was even though San Francisco real estate prices, are higher when the square foot size is the same.

Leverage Your Real Estate License Into Your Personal Fortune

The market has turned around once again, and real estate is returning to being a booming industry. Realty is once again a lucrative field, and novice realtors are returning to the game. Now is the time to invest in systems that will help you differentiate yourself from the throngs of people selling properties.

While other realtors are looking at cosmetic means to improve their sales, you should be developing methods of selling that are more effective. Instead of spreading a wide web with traditional and social media advertising, you should make your advertising work for you. Rather than offering standard real estate practices, as everyone else is doing, you can develop yourself into an elite and prestigious realty service.

The Real Estate Mavericks system, developed by Greg Hague, a former lawyer and luxury real estate specialist since 1993, is a comprehensive and detailed coaching method to enhance your own real estate business. With the Real Estate Mavericks system, you’ll learn how to leverage your real estate license into a powerful money-making tool. Through the Real Estate Mavericks system, you’ll learn how to stop selling yourself and instead sell using four winning, proven formulas that shake the system but will make you a lot of money.

Currently the CEO of Harvey MacKay University, Greg Hague has a long history of real estate and self-help excellence. Besides for his real estate programs, he also owns a website for fathers and still practices law through his law firm, Hague Law Group, in Phoenix, AZ. He completed studies for the Arizona State Bar in five months, and received the highest score in the Arizona 2010 bar exam. He continues to serve his community by being a member of the Arizona Volunteer Lawyers Program.

Greg Hague claims he went from a listless loser to a real estate winner after he developed his four formulas that catapulted him to his place today as a real estate giant. Hague’s formulas are: “Make Every Agent Your Listing Agent,” “The 29 Day Fast Sale Plan,” “The 990 Opportunity,” and “The Private Home Marketing Plan & Personal MLS.” Through his website,, Hague offers personalized coaching to real estate agents.

With the help of Greg Hague’s Real Estate Mavericks system, you can make this market work for you. Why do the same thing that you know hasn’t been working? Your chance awaits – you need only seize it. Thanks to Greg Hague, the path is easily laid out, all the trial and error has been worked out by Hague. All you have to do is follow the four formulas of his success.

Whether you are just getting into the real estate industry, or if you are a long-time lister, you can benefit from Greg Hague’s Real Estate Maverick system. Through his proven formulas, you can take the next step in creating your own real estate fortune. Seize the opportunity now, in this fledgling boost in the economy, to develop your own system that puts you ahead of the curve.

Health care industry tips with Nobilis health corp.

The health care industry is a critical industry to make money. It has so many factors at play and requires experts in the market to adapt.Nobilis Healthcare is a healthcare development and management based in Texas and listed on the NYSE and TSX.It has over 100 surgical centres and is a recognised market leader. Nobilus has made its name by expanding into the capital market and leveraging its knowledge to grow. It has made its name with healthcare facilities spread in Texas and Arizona. It has an extensive portfolio with six ambulatory surgery centres,2 MRI centres and an urgent care centre. Nobilis has also been on an expansion streak. It recently bought $ 7.5million in cash and now has a 60% stake in Freedom Pain Hospital of Scottsdale Arizona. The deal was worth an estimated $ 3.2 million. It has also outperformed many companies in the stock exchange and its stock price has risen 10% in the last one month. Nobilis Health also recently closed a $ 25 million loan deal with GE Capital healthcare financial services. The deal is expected to see it fund its growth plans and clear off its debts. It will also reduce its debt cost servicing and is a good deal. The entry of healthcare industries into the stock market comes in the wake of a resurgence of the US economy. Nobilis has created a brand image that will significantly help it on its latest journey. It seeks to define its investment strategy to be in line with other leading hedge funds in the market despite it being a healthcare company. The investment bank world is a complicated affair with many areas to play. It is the primarily made to finance the growth of other firms. Nobilis combines its healthcare market knowledge and hedging expertise to create a sustainable business model. It will have access the bond market while giving it easier ways to make money. It is expected the firm will do prop trading and market match for its customers. It also supposed to drive the healthcare industry entry into the hedge fund world. Texas drives the healthcare industry in America. It has one of the largest concentration of healthcare industries in the world. The state government has an attractive tax structure that attracts entrepreneurs from all over the world. We wish Nobilis all the best.