George Soros Maintains Europe Should Foster Ukrainian Reforms

The Ukraine Impacts Europe

In recent years, financier and philanthropist George Soros has frequently written about the process of encouraging stabilizing political reforms in Europe. In January, 2015, he joined philosopher Bernhard Henry Levy in urging the government of the European Union to offer generous financial aide in the form of some $15 billion to the Ukraine in the hope of promoting permanent civic changes in that Eastern European nation. Their brief op-ed piece appeared in The New York Times.

They argued that during 2014, Ukrainians had made significant progress in implementing democratic reforms when protesters forced President Viktor F. Yanukovych to embrace governmental change within the Ukraine. They hoped a rapid infusion of funds would assist the Ukrainian government in resisting the force of Russian imperialism by helping to create a more democratic society in a nation with a long history of contact with Russia.

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Sustaining Ukraine’s Breakthrough

Applying Pressure Upon Russia Also

Mr. Soros also in the past has praised the EU’s implementation of economic sanctions against Russia as very effective. In a book excerpt entitled “A New Policy to Rescue Ukraine” published in part in The New York Review of Books during February, 2015, he urged the use of a “two-pronged approach”. In his view at the time, a combination of aggressive economic assistance by the EU to the Ukraine and tough economic sanctions directed against Russia would best promote the goal of directing both nations towards gradual, constructive policy changes. He expressed the hope that carrying forward the tough combination of fiscal incentives for Ukrainian reformers and economic sanctions against the Russian regime of President Vladimir Putin during the first quarter of 2015 might help promote peace in the region.

At the time, George Soros launched harsh criticism against the Russian leader for pursuing an inherently nationalist policy towards the Ukraine. He may have hoped that effecting reforms in the Ukraine might also inspire more progressive democratic reforms within Russia itself. His words from early 2015 may reflect presciently on the importance of governments coordinating their policymaking decisions at opportune moments in the course of larger political events.

Uncertainty in a Post-Brexit Europe

What changes, if any, will transpire in eastern Europe, and the Ukraine, in the aftermath of the Brexit referendum in the UK earlier this year? Perhaps the full extent of any impacts will only become apparent in the future.

Advocates for a strong European Union, such as Mr. Soros, probably did not welcome the outcome of the Brexit decision. Perhaps only the passage of time will clarify the impact, if any, of the Brexit vote on EU policies. George Soros has played a leading role in highlighting the global importance of peaceful democratic reforms in the Ukraine.

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Sanjay Shah Is Rocking His LIfe Away

Sanjay Shah is an individual that not only has achieved much in his business life, but he is an amazing family man. Sanjay Shah Denmark was living in Kenya and he later decided to emigrate to England. He wanted to pursue an education, and he believed that he wanted to be a doctor, so he started to study at Kings College. While he was at university, he realized that medicine was not really his passion. He was a numbers man, and he wanted to study accounting. Sanjay Shah had to take a risk and change his major. Sanjay Shah decided to go into accounting, and that was one of the best decisions that he could’ve made.

Sanjay Shah was able to work at some of the most well known banks in the world. There was a financial crisis that hit in 2009, and Sanjay Shah realized that he was not going to be able to get a new job. Shah made the decision to start his own brokerage company and that is how Solo Capital came about. Sanjay Shah is the owner and the founder of Solo Capital markets. In 2015 alone the net worth of Solo Capital Partners was €15.45 million. At the current time Sanjay Shah is retired, he decided that he wanted to spend more time with his family.

At the present time Sanjay Shah and his family live in Dubai. Sanjay Shah has a little boy that was diagnosed with autism, and that made autism be a very important cause for Sanjay Shah and his family. Sanjay Shah and his wife wanted to find out more about the condition, but they realized that there was very little information that was out there for families and individuals that have autism. Sanjay Shah and his wife decided to make Autism Rocks. Autism Rocks holds a series of concerts, and all of the money that is made from those concerts goes to autism research.

Autism month begins in April for in the country of Dubai. Sanjay Shah is going to be holding an Autism Rocks Festival for all of the family. Gulf news did an interview with him about his festival and how he came up with the idea for Autism Rocks. This festival will have American rappers and it will be able to raise awareness for autism. The money will go to research for autism and special needs for the condition.


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Dick DeVos success as an Entrepreneur and Philanthropy

I believe that through the many charity projects, Dick DeVos and other members of DeVos family, have changed many people’s lives from different communities. In a period of 40 years, the DeVos family are reported to have donated more than $200 million into institutions affiliated to the Christian right and the Conservative movement. With such donations, the DeVos family matches other main donors likes the Bradleys, the Coorses, and the Kochs.
In his right, Dick DeVos started an Education Fund community initiative, which awarded more than 4,000 scholarships. The initiative targeted underprivileged children in Michigan.
Richard (Dick) DeVos Jr., born in 1955, is among the most innovative entrepreneurs. The oldest son of Richard Devos Sr. (1926), Dick Devos is also a renowned philanthropist. He is the co-founder of Amway Corporation alongside Jay Andel (1926-2004). Amway operates as a sales network company. The company distributes household, health, and personal care products through dealers.
In his business career, Dick Devos has held various executive positions. Other than his career at Amway, he has also worked at Orlando Magic NBA team and Windquest group, where he is the current president.
From the year 1993-2002, DeVos was the president of Amway Corporation. He oversaw the company’s operations in 50 countries spreading across six continents. In his final year as president, the company recorded total sales of $4.5 billion.
Before becoming Amway’s president, DeVos had worked as the vice-president of Amway international. As the VP, he was in charge of operations in 18 countries outside North America. Through his leadership abilities, he was able to steer the company towards growth. For instance, he helped the company enter new markets tripling its international sales. For the first time in the company’s history, the domestic sales were exceeded.
In what I believe to have been a move to get closer to community activities, he became the president and CEO of Orlando Magic in 1991. He held the position for three years.
DeVos Jr. tries to make society better through different methods. In 2006, he sought to become the governor Michigan. A graduate of University of Northwood, DeVos has authored a book “Rediscovering American Values”. I find the book reflective of DeVos’ desire to further social empowerment.
Dick DeVos has been married for 35 years and has seven children and five grandchildren.

Andy Wirth Talks About California Drought and Ridiculously Resilient Ridge Effect on Resort Industry

Andy Wirth recently talked with Madeleine Brand from KCRW Radio about the effect the California drought and changing weather conditions are having on Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows ski resorts in Olympic Valley, California.

Andy Wirth claims that the drought in recent years has reduced the ski time and revenues coming into the resorts, by about 20 percent. This weather condition effects the amount of snow fall that occurs in the mountains.

The weather condition known as Ridiculously Resilient Ridge (RRR), is caused by an atmospheric high pressure that has been present in northeastern California for past several years. Read more: How Will the Drought Affect California Ski Resorts?

This condition blocks the mid-latitude Westerlies, shifting the winter storm track northward, away from the West Coast. This causes less snow fall in winter months.

Last winter, Andy Wirth, CEO of and President of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings, claims that they were only able to use 4000 of the 6000 acres of ski slopes due to the weather change.

Going forward, he claims that the resort community will have to negotiate the weather changes and attract more visitors to the resorts during the summer season as well. Learn more about Andy Wirth:

He is not concerned about the situation, and says that he loves the mountains and is as concerned about the foot print that resorts have on the mountains as he is about the business activity.

Andy claims that whether the change in weather continues or not, the resorts will be fine and still provide great winter and summer vacation options as they have been doing.

About Squaw Valley Resrot

Squaw Valley offers lodging and activities that are right outside your door. Everything you need for a relaxing vacation is within a short distance to your room or suite.

Enjoy outdoor hot tubs., ski slopes, whirlpool spas and dry saunas, fitness facilities., Media room, billiards lounge and a children’s game room, and day spa. Enjoy the many shops and restaurants around town as well.

George Soros and the European Union

George Soros is an influential Hungarian-American business billionaire who made his riches in many different fashions, including being an investor, being a philanthropist, and author. He is in his mid-eighties and has a tremendous amount of experience when it comes to politics and investments. Soros holds duel citizenship in Hungary and America. He is also the chair member of the Soros Fund Management. Soros is very involved in politics, and a lot of his involvement is invested in American progressive and American liberal political causes.

One of the main issues concerning George Soros right now is in the United Kingdom. Right now the United Kingdom is facing a continuous issue regarding the European Union, and whether or not they want to remain part of it. The big vote is actually this Thursday and everyone from politicians to athletes like David Beckham are getting themselves involved in this decision.

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The Greatest Investors: George Soros

Soros believes that if the United Kingdom votes to leave the twenty-eight-nation European Union it would severely damage the living standards in the United Kingdom. It would also trigger a plunge in the British pound – more so than on Black Wednesday which was one of the United Kingdom’s worst deficits over twenty years ago.

Although George Soros‘ is technically retired from the political spectrum he still believes there are a few ways that the Bank of England can use monetary policy to fix these declines. Some of which include real estate, stocks, and employment but these are just options if the United Kingdom ends up voting to leave the European Union. If they vote to stay in the European Union, the United Kingdom would not have to make budget cuts and cut back on people’s employment and stocks.

Soros’ has not hidden his opinion about the upcoming vote about staying involved in the European Union, and many others have not either. Soros is hoping this Friday will not be considered Black Friday if the vote to leave the European Union is accepted.

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Devco Needs More Time To Pay Back Loans

According to a recent article in the Press of Atlantic City, the Middlesex County Improvement missed their deadline to pay the principal and interest on their $20 million loan. This is not the first deadline that they have missed. They have missed several payments over the last five years, adding up to a sum of $ 7 million.
The loan was used to renovate the Heldrich Hotel. The renovation created The Heldrich which is now a hotel and conference center. The developer overseeing the project was the New Brunswick Development Corporation (Devco). Devco is a non-profit organization.

However, unfortunately for Devco, hotel and conference center continues to attract customers. Due to the fact that the hotel is not bringing in money, Devco had to spend its own money to buy mattresses, replacement carpets , and take care of other expenses for the hotel. The head of Devco, Chris Paladino, stated that they took an ugly hotel and made it into something beautiful. However, he did admit that he too will be happy when the loans are paid off.

Devco was founded in the 1970s and is an urban real estate development company. Their motto is that a city is never complete. They believe that revelation in the urban sector is always a continuing project. The private, nonprofit corporation model for redevelopment is simple. They take the time to understand what the people of New Brunswick need, and add that to the needs of the people who work there as well as visitors who spend their time there, and then they create projects that will benefit everyone.

FreedomPop Debuts Nationwide Wi-Fi Service In The U.S.

The arrival of FreedomPop Nationwide Wi-Fi is absolutely going to shake up the budget mobile phone world. For a mere $5 a month, FreedomPop customers can take advantage of 100% free phone, data, and text. Android smartphone owners just need the appropriate FreedomPop app to access the hotspot.

This new nationwide hotspot brings the United States a similar service to the global hotspot available in 31 countries.

FreedomPop’s basic service presents a set amount of free mobile service. $5 for unlimited Wi-Fi access is an exceptional deal that builds on the original offer.

Since its debut,, FreedomPop has consistently surprised industry experts and insiders in both the United States and the United Kingdom. Sales figures were incredibly high and the conversion from free to paid service was quite strong. FreedomPop proved to be far more than a mere novelty plan. Long-term success is sure to be a huge part of its future. People all over the world do enjoy acquiring free things and keeping bills low.

FreedomPop helps reduce mobile phone expenses immensely and this should be welcome in any country the company lands. With $50 million in funding, FreedomPop is primed to launch a massive global expansion in many ways. Traditional service in new territories along with an expansion of the global hotspot option are two aspects of the major growth plan.

Speaking of expansions, the CEO of FreedomPop, Stephen Stokols, noted the Nationwide Wi-Fi hotspot plan is going to become much more sweeping in time. Right now, 10 million access points exist. Eventually, that number is going to reach 25 million. Investors in FreedomPop are surely thrilled to read about this new offering in the FreedomPop service line.

The news comes on the heels of FreedomPop’s decision to offer zero-rated WhatsApp access in Spain, the third country standard service is being made available.

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Shiny Results With WEN by Chaz Dean

Opinions about traditional hair care are shifting and with that comes the change of hair care formulations. Hair care, and especially shampoo has a long history of containing lathering ingredients. Many people thought that to have clean hair, the shampoo must lather, and when rinsed, should feel squeaky clean, devoid of all dirt and oil.
Opinions on this method of shampooing are changing and one of the front runners helping to bring about this change is Chaz Dean. Chaz Dean has created a hair care product that is not just a shampoo, but a cleanser. This cleanser cleans the hair of impurities, conditions the hair, and preps it for styling so that no other styling products are needed to have a head of healthy, shiny hair.

Many people have tried WEN with great things to say, but can you really trust all of the hype and testimonials? Trusted beauty writer Emily McClure decided to break through the hype and try it out for herself so we could see the results.

What Emily found was that the WEN cleansing conditioner really helped to make her hair flow with vibrance and it imparted bounce and healthy shine. Emily did fear that the product was making her fine hair too heavy, but as evidenced in the pictures it did not look greasy, just healthy, vibrant and conditioned. The difference Emily was feeling in the weight of her hair was the new texture she was feeling as her hair was protected in natural oils. Lathering shampoos strip all of the protective natural oils away, and when using Wen, the natural oils of the hair stay intact.

Check the videos on Youtube and pictures in the original Bustle article to see how Emily’s hair went from dry and frizzy to sleek and full of bounce and shine:

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Madison Street Capital: The Capital of International Investment Banking

Madison Street Capital, one of the leading firms in the investment banking industry reported that a total of 42 hedge fund deals were closed in 2015 as compared to the 32 closed in 2014. According to the 4th edition report released earlier in February 2016, the momentum that was evident in the 4th quarter of 2015 gives a boost to the 2016 projections with regard to the number of deals closed in the hedge fund and M&A transaction industry. The report also gives a general overview that covers the various available mergers and acquisitions (M&A) opportunities and core details of a number transaction activities.

According to the report, despite the 2015 hedge fund strategies resulting in dismal performance, the bump in deals closed can possibly be attributed to the fact that institutional investors decided to pursue alternative asset management in a bid to increase the volume of returns to match up to their ever-increasing liabilities. Unfortunately for small hedge fund managers, the pressure to revise their fees downwards is increasing, especially considering the fact that they are having a hard time trying to attract new capital. As such, a good number of them are operating below optimal capacity. It has therefore become increasingly necessary for them to explore alternative strategies.

The big players in the industries have also had to diversify their range of services and come up with creative strategies to keep their coffers afloat. Currently, apart from the traditional hedge fund management and M&A, transactions involving revenue-share agreements and private equity stakes, among others, are increasingly being fashioned. According to an article by, Karl D’Cunha the Senior Managing Director at Madison is reported to have extrapolated that 2016 looks better for the industry, seeing as a number of mechanisms have been brought to the table to involve both buyers and sellers.

Madison Street Capital provides valuation services, mergers and acquisitions expertise and financial advisory services, among others, to both private and publicly held businesses. It also provides strategic management consultancy services which could also include matters to do with sound corporate governance or development of an exit strategy. It especially focuses on middle market investment banking. Madison also partners with humanitarian organizations in its philanthropic agenda aimed towards building strong, resilient businesses within communities. One of its philanthropic partners is United Way. While its headquarters are in Chicago, it has offices in Africa, Asia and North America.

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Beauty Blogger Tried WEN By Chaz With Surprising Results!

We’ve all probably seen those facebook ads about WEN By Chaz, they feature beautiful celebrities with insanely gorgeous hair. Hair most of us can only dream about! According those popular ads we don’t have to dream anymore! Shampoo is the cause of most of our hair problems. We’ve been brainwashed into using shampoo since the day we were born. It’s been stripping our hair of important natural oils that nourish our scalp and hair. Can this Guthy-Renker sold product actually be the answer we’ve been looking for?
Chaz Dean started out humble, with a small salon in Los Angeles that eventually started gaining celebrity clients. He’s worked with award winning actors and singers. Now he’s more than just a celebrity hair stylist, he’s a celebrity himself. WEN By Chaz has become huge! Women from all over the world flock to the website or call the 1-800 number that appears on the popular infomercials. But. Does it actually work? There must be a catch! Visit Wen’s official website:

Beauty Blogger Emily McClure wondered this too. So, she decided to try WEN By Chaz herself and published the results at for everyone to see. I have to be honest I was surprised by how detailed her review was. She’s coveersd anything everyone would want to know about the product. Are you wondering if WEN By Chaz is right for you? Read Emily’s review and find out!

Wen on twitter: