WEN By Chaz Does Work: A Word From A Bustle Writer

When you’ve been told that a product can do an amazing job, you don’t always believe it until you’ve seen it with your own eyes. Hair products fit the bill perfectly, and WEN by Chaz is a product that’s been a consumer rave for its spectacular results. If you want to hear about the products results from a neutral opinion, you can read this bustle.com article to see what this user had to say. And she does not work for Wen, she’s just simply a curious consumer who decided to try something new.

Emily is a hair stylist who is very conscientious about her hair’s appearance, and isn’t about to let a bad hair day get in her way without doing something about it. So one day she opened a WEN by Chaz all-in-one shampoo and conditioner product that she had bought, and used it after a long day at work. She found that the conditioner started smoothing out her hair immediately, and while using it she started feeling like her hair got thicker. She also noticed it become shinier, so she tested it for 7 days to see how it would work each day. Her final opinion was that WEN by Chaz was a great product for anyone who preferred to wash their hair every morning, but not nearly as effective for those who liked to skip a day or 2 between washes.

Chaz Dean, the man who started WEN by Chaz, is a photographer, a pet lover, and someone with the uncanny ability to make hair look very stylish. He decided to go into the hair product marketing business, and opened his own salon in Hollywood, CA. WEN by Chaz products are highly advertised and sold worldwide. You can also find WEN by Chaz at select online retailers like Amazon and Guthy-Renker.

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Securus Offers Video Calls And Pro Investigator

Securus is the best place for us to place video calls to our friends and family, and we are all doing it in tandem because these people all need someone to talk to. That is why we get together to talk to the boys from the community about the things that they have done to get them where they are. We know that there are a lot of people who need connection in prison, and we want to keep calling because at least we can see them on the phone when we call.

The best part of this for us is that we also know about the Pro Investigator that is being used by Securus to help the police find people who are still trying to find people who might perform criminal acts in prison. They use their technology to get us connected, but they also use their technology to help us understand what is going on inside the jail. It is a blessing for us, and we know that it will help stop all the gang activity that is taking our boys off to the prisons.

Learn more at wikipedia.org about Securus.

I have a nephew who is still in prison to them day, and I have used Securus for a long time to talk to him. I know that he needs all the support that he can get, and the only way to give it to him is to make sure that I am calling in and talking to him. We check on a lot of people who are most in need of help, and I believe that we have a much better chance of finding what we need to care for this community. My nephew needs to hear from, and the boys from the community will begin to learn how to live on the outside.

Securus Video Visitation – Homework from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.

Frizzy Hair Solutions to Try

Frizzy hair is caused by many factors, including genes and the environment, as well as using harsh and potent chemicals on the hair which make the problem worse than before.
It’s so sad to know that there is no real cure for frizz; it can only be calmed and minimized. It is like a curse that cannot be broken, but just endured.

Millions of women in the world are suffering from this frizz problem and many possible solutions have been offered and tested, like:

• Cut it short – to drop the frizz
• Cut layers – to minimize the thickness
• Avoid abrasive shampoos – use those with UV protection and contain no sulfates
• Use alcohol-free conditioning hair spray
• Massage a drop of argan oil to towel-dried hair
• Use a touch of balm to calm the curls
• Use hair correction creams
• Use a natural bristle brush
• Use the ionic hair dryer
• Use a little oil spray for shine
• Have a Brazilian blow-dry

Some tried one or two and surrendered. Others who are more on the go, went further by trying them one by one until they found one that satisfy their needs. Still, some beauty addicts tried doing some of them at the same time!

Of course all these needed a lot of time and effort, plus a lot of money to be able to buy the oils, balms and correction creams! These processes may not be cheap and easy, but for any woman with the frizzy hair will know, that if they work, the sky is the limit!

WEN Hair® Cleansing Conditioner by Chaz Dean (https://chazdean.com/store.aspx) is a new product in the market that is making waves in women and hair care. Wen hair is a combination of five products that cleanse the hair minus the abrasive sulfate that other ordinary shampoos contain. It is a shampoo, detangler, conditioner, leave-in conditioner and deep conditioner all in one product! It’s gentle on the hair unlike other shampoos that shed the natural oil on the hair. Get these products on Guthy-Renker.com.

Hair that looks dull and frizzy will look soft and smooth. The wavy curls are more defined after continued use!  Be a Wen Hair Facebook fan!

WEN Hair Care products are also available here: http://www.ebay.com/bhp/wen-hair-care


Kate Hudson is closely involved with all aspects of her company called Fabletics. They create a fashionable line of active sportswear for men and women. With its latest commercial, Hudson determined that marketing herself, wearing outfits in her daily routine, might appeal to her customers and result in higher interest and sales. About 70% of the video footage was done with her iPhone and aimed at showing how Hudson’s lifestyle is supported by Fabletics outfits. “We asked Kate to mimic how she shoots her own content and do what she does for social media,” said Shawn Gold, chief marketing agent for Fabletics. “She directed the commercial from that perspective.” The format resulted in 60 seconds of “moments” that might be an Instagram on social media rather than a commercial. The company hopes to show how its products can enhance a similar lifestyle for its customers on mysubscriptionaddiction.com.

Fabletics is a company that combines fitness with fashion, and its use of high design in quality fabrics has resulted in rapid popularity with both women and men. New members are awarded their first outfit at the reduced price of $25. Sizes range from Small to Extra extra large, and members are given a short quiz to determine life styles, preferences, and other items which can be used to personalize service on Facebook. In response to the personalized lifestyle quiz, suggestions are presented, and favorite colors and fabrics are shown. The high style active wear is designed to transition from the gym to real life. Yoga pants, leggings, tops, tees and more come in all sizes. New styles come out each month to inspire fitness, and much use is made of fabric design, especially on pants. Innovative styles with back and sleeve designs are popular on shirts. High use of videos online give the customer opportunities for selection.

In response to the personalized lifestyle quiz of Fabletics, suggestions are presented, and purchase may be made as a guest or a ViP Member. As a part of the VIP paid Membership program, a fee is paid each month. If shopping is not desired that month, notification must be given by the 5th of the month, and no fee will be charged. If there is no deadline notification, a $49 fee is charged and can be used for credit or saved for future purchases. VIP members are given 50% discounts, earn points for free items, and have free shipping for over $49. Membership can be canceled at any time.

Kate Hudson often features favorites and suggestions from her own closet. With popular creative designs, she has encouraged fitness for those who simply want to be fashionable. Changing life styles is a very positive result of shopping at Fabletics.

WEN by Chaz Passes the Test

Taking care of your hair is a top priority for so many people. Picking the right shampoo or conditioner can be challenging though with so many options on the market to choose from. One company that claims to be one of the best around is WEN by Chaz Dea, http://www.wen.com/chaz-dean.html. This company claims that the products are among the best you can find. Recently, blogger Emily McClure decided to challenge these claims. McClure put together a week long test to find out if the WEN by Chaz Cleansing Conditioner lived up to it’s hype. She findings were quite interesting.
McClure used WEN by Chaz’s Cleansing Conditioner over a seven day period. She began her test when she had greasy and thinning hair after a busy work day. Although she used more than a normal amount of product, she found that her hair look great after cleaning. She was surprised however the next morning to see her returning to it’s greasy state quicker than normal. After further testing she quickly realized the the WEN by Chaz products were great, but they are not for the lazy or busy. These products appear to work best when they are used frequently, perhaps even daily.

Wen by Chaz has been in the business of making hair products for years. Their products have reached the heads of more than ten million people in the last ten years. They take great pride in producing high quality products and have had the luxury of helping some of the biggest names in Hollywood. With an excellent track record, it is easy to conclude that their products should be around for many more years to come. Wen products are available on high end cosmetics stores like Sephora and online stores like Amazon.


ConnectUs Securely Expedites Correctional Facility Paperwork

Recently the Better Business Bureau leveled an A+ business rating at Securus Technologies, and once their exceptional innovative input to correctional facilities is understood, it’s easy to see why.

As far as public safety is concerned, Securus Technology may have just completed the single most effective measure of recidivism diminishment ever taken. The reason is consolidated expenses.

Through ConnectUs Automated Forms, a new platform developed by Securus to streamline operations at corrective facilities, a third of a billion dollars may be saved nationally every year. Here’s how the numbers break down.

On average, an inmate files 13.8 complaints and grievances forms every month. If it takes supporting staff only five minutes total to deal with that form, over the course of a year, a single form ends up being worth an hour’s time. At 13.8 forms a month, over twelve months, sixty minutes has been devoted per form on average. With this numerical relationship in mind, it’s possible to come up with an estimate of lost time in an institution simply by multiplying the number of prisoners by the average number of monthly forms. The result in a facility with only 100 inmates is 1,380 man hours. Every year, such a facility spends 1,380 hours just filing unnecessary, antiquated, twentieth century paperwork. At $20 an hour, that’s $27,600 a year. Now, a correctional facility has medical paperwork, printing costs, materials costs, storage costs, sign-up sheets, incoming paperwork, outgoing paperwork–the list is practically endless. As an estimate, $27,600 in yearly savings from ConnectUs is low. Really, $50,000 for an institution of 100 inmates is not unreasonable. This translates to $500 in savings per inmate per year. Securus Technologies caters to some 1.2 million inmates. If all of them were categorized under ConnectUs, potential savings could top $600,000,000, or .6 billion.

By consolidating paperwork, Securus has the potential to save enough money that proper rehabilitation programs can be designed and implemented, with the potential to substantially curb recidivism.

Strangest Wikipedia Article Edits From Congressmen

Wikipedia can be a valuable tool for those seeking information. Most know that Wikipedia is an open encyclopedia, meaning that anyone may edit, add, or remove articles as they see fit. A few years back a software developer by the name of Ed Summers decided to create a Twitter account which tracks all Wikipedia edits that were made from an anonymous congressional computer. The results where strange, hilarious, and a little scary. One edit came on the ham page for Wikipedia, clarifying that “Chicken is not ham.” Indeed. Another one came on the William Shatner page changing “he was an avid equestrian” to “he is an avid equestrian.” One congressman even added the killing of Cincinnati Zoo gorilla Harambe to the list of politicians whose assassinations are open to conspiracy theories. That sounds like one of the Wikipedia revisions from a practical joker rather than from a congressional computer.

The impact can be far greater than personal hobbies an jokes. One edit was made on Senate Intelligence Committee report on CIA torture where “enhanced interrogation techniques” as a “euphemism for torture,” was removed. It shows the power Wikipedia can have when trying to present information in a certain way. Whether someone changes it to make someone or something look bad, or even make something bad look good, it can be a problem for those having their articles changed that don’t know how to fix it.

Fortunately, there is a company whose specialty is in dealing with Wikipedia pages. Get Your Wiki offers a wide range of services to consult Wikipedia editors on efficient ways to post, edit, and add information to their articles. The also offer monitoring services to for pages. This is important because not everyone who chooses to update a Wikipedia page has the best intentions for you or your page. Most people don’t have time to monitor their pages or business’s page so having someone do it for you can be an invaluable service. Get Your Wiki also offers translation services if you are trying to appeal your brand or business in an international market.

Getting Proper Landlord Insurance Coverage

The hospitality industry has gone through a major change over the past five years as more and more people use unique services such as Airbnb and other short-term rental options. The services have been popular with both guests, who enjoy the comfort and value compared to a hotel, and homeowners who enjoy the extra income they can receive from tenants. While renting out your home on Airbnb or a similar website can provide some extra income, there are several issues that all people need to be aware of before renting out their home.

The first risk that you need to consider before renting out your place is the risk that you are violating some law or rule. Short term rentals are often in violations of local ordinances or condominium association rules. Simply having a tenant in your property could lead to a violation, which could result in you being fined or penalized in another manner.

Another risk that all people need to be aware of is the risk of damage to their home. While you may be able to collect a security deposit and get some form of insurance coverage from the website, this often is not enough. A bad tenant that throws a party or is careless with your home could easily rack up tens of thousands of dollars in damage. Also, if a crime is committed in your property you could base some form of liability.

In most cases a basic homeowners insurance policy will not provide you with adequate coverage. Unfortunately, the level of coverage you might need is unknown and can be complex. If you are looking to rent out your home to either a short-term or temporary tenant, it would be a great option to speak with Richard Blair first. Richard Blair is a personal financial expert, whom is the CEO of Wealth Solutions Inc. One area of his expertise is personal insurance. Richard Blair will be able to walk you through all of the risks that come with renting out your home and will be able to provide you with a personal insurance plan to offset those risks.

Richard Blair and Wealth Solutions can also provide you with additional personal financial services. He and his firm will be able to help you prepare a full financial plan to help you prepare for retirement and achieve both your short and long-term financial goals.

Learn more:



Norka Luque Believes Music is her Fate

Norka Luque is a musician who hails from Venezuela but is currently in America. She believes that her life experiences, lessons, family, languages and culture have sealed her fate to be music. Emilio Stefan Jr. who also happens to be her producer, made it possible for her to debut in the music scene. Emilio is known as the King Midas in the music world. He helped her record her first ever album dubbed “Miracle” which is getting good airplay in most radio stations broadcasting in Latino and in the United States too. Estefan assembled some great names to the table like Ricardo and Alberto Gaitan the brothers, Archie Pena, Cuco Pena and Luis Giraldo from Puerto Rico. Norka Luque is on record stating that it took them quite a long time before they determined the genre of her album. The album is made of a fusion of R&B, tropical, ballads, rock and pop rhythms.

According to Latino Show Magazine, Norka Luque fell in love with music ever since she was a child and even took part in a number of music competitions. She continued loving music even during her high school age albeit being enrolled to a different course altogether. She holds that her mind was thinking about music always and it formed her resolve to following her passion that saw her join a band referred to as “Bad Moon Rising, Funk and Rock”. Through the band, Norka was able to appear in several platforms that shaped her career development in music.

About Norka Luque

Norka Luque was born in Caracas, Venezuela which was her native city on February 7, 1986. Her life story is one full of inspiration and motivation as she went on discovering and following her passion in music ever since her young childhood days. Her goal in music is clear and she strives to bring forth a message that is positive and full of hopes to her ardent music fans. Norka’s parents supported her as a child by making sure that she attended musical training sessions. The music training entailed ballet, voice practice, flamenco and academic education.

She did her Business Administration studies in France and attained a degree in Fashion, Marketing and Culinary Arts. While in France, she became a member of a music band that propelled her towards her music dream. When she met Emilio Stefan Jr., her career literally took off. The renowned music producer was impressed by her work and took her in. Norka has a strong faith and conviction that she will be able to use her music in making the world a better place.


Wonderful WEN by Chaz Gives Big Shiny Boost To Beauty Blogger’s Sad Limp Locks

Most would agree that WEN by Chaz was one of those revolutionary beauty products that changed the world when it came to great hair care. The unique, no lather shampoo system developed by LA stylist Chaz Dean can transform hair of any type in any condition.
The healthy, plant-based no-sulfate formulas restore strength and shine to hair in a one-bottle cleansing conditioner. The stuff is so effective, Chaz Dean has not used a lather shampoo on himself or his celebrity clientele since 1993. Now, that really says something.

Bustle contributor Emily McClure wanted that a-list, voluminous mane and decided to try out WEN by Chaz. She committed to a 7-day personal hair challenge with WEN, keeping a daily hair log with hair selfies.

Emily used the rich formula in the shower every morning, noting that it seemed to swell her strands with new volume. After, when she blow-dried and styled her medium length locks, her hair was looking tress Hollywood. Check out her selfies; she looks gorgeous, and even her close girlfriends could see a major difference. Emily was liking her new smooth, shiny, soft, bouncy mane.

For Wen by Chaz to deliver the ultimate transformation, Emily discovered that it takes some effort. A morning wash every day is the first step in the routine, followed by the must-do blow-dry and styling. If you switch up the schedule and skip a daily wash, Emily claims your hair will fall flat and get a bit greasy.

WEN is not for lazy girls, Emily concluded, and if her busy work schedule permitted extra time for hair pampering, she would reach for the bottle of WEN, again. She admits, she’s a little lazy when it comes to hair care for her fine, thin locks.

Still, WEN delivers a big, shiny boost. Wen products are available online through Amazon and on high end cosmetics stores like Sephora.

Learn more about Wen, read http://www.wen.com/why-its-unique.html.