Maggie Gill: The Woman with an Agenda

The Chief Executive Officer of Memorial Health Maggie Gill is one remarkable woman who has displayed very impeccable leadership skills that amaze. She is a graduate of the University of Florida, and she earned her MBA from Saint Leo University.

She then went on to Wharton School where she studied management and strategic thinking which has obviously had an impact on her life and the way that she runs things. She has been a leader in several medical institutions and facilities in the state of Florida and Georgia.

When it comes to accomplishing and pitching ideas which she usually implements and sees through, she has done quite a good job which can be commended, and as evidenced by the fact that she made it to the CEO seat of Memorial Health, she is a woman of action.


The Career Trajectory of the Great Maggie Gill

She joined Memorial Health in 2004 as the vice president of care and finance. She got promoted the next year to the position of chief operating officer. Finally, in 2011, she was put in charge to be the CEO and president of the institution.

This was achieved by hard work and impressive results. She obviously knows how to run stuff, and it has made her the best at what she does. Before she joined Memorial Health, she had worked at other hospitals, and she had a good track record there to.


What She Has Achieved

Under her leadership, the staff and facility have won 7 awards at the Georgia Medical Society’s 16th Annual Health Care Heroes Awards which are a big deal because of this seal and cement her reputation as a caregiver of a good reputation.

As a CEO, she has been named as very influential and worth knowing and recognizing for her work and achievements in general because she runs a tight and efficient ship.


She Left the Position Though

This year, she decided to leave her position as the CEO of Memorial Health and this has been met with questions, but the staff and management have said that they will support her in the new interests that she is going to pursue now that she is not running the facility.


In Conclusion

We can summarize this by saying that as the head of Memorial Health, she has had an impact on the well-being of the facility and the way that it has been run. This makes what she has achieved over the years her legacy, and even though she has left, they will fondly remember her contributions.

Investor Jim Hunt Has a New VTA Publications Project

Jim Hunt is an investing expert and trading professional. Over the course of his career, he has established himself as one of the most knowledgeable individuals when it comes to trading financial securities. During his career, Hunt has developed a number of systems that allow traders to find profitable securities and buy them on a regular basis. Some of Jim’s systems include Make Mum a Millionaire and Wealth Wave. These two systems have enabled a number of investors to make high profits without having to devote too much time and trial and error. Along with developing these two systems, Jim has also been part of a finance education company known as VTA Publications. This company VTA Publications specializes in providing individuals around the world with ways to invest in stock as well as save for their retirement.

One of Jim’s programs is known as the Wealth Wave. This program emphasizes the investing of falling stocks at When using this program, investors will have the opportunity to invest in stocks that are going down in value but will eventually go up in the near future. The program focuses on teaching investors to purchase stocks that are on the verge of falling to their lowest value. Then it teaches investors to hold on to the stocks until they rise in value. As a result, they will be able to make high profits on a regular basis using this system on By using Wealth Wave, a number of investors have had the opportunity to get some of the best returns possible when trading stocks.

Another one of the programs devised by Jim Hunt is Make Mum a Millionaire. With this program on Crunchbase, a number of investors will have the opportunity to compound their investment capital over time. The system works by having an investors invest one thousand pounds in the stock market. They will invest in stocks that are rapidly going up in value. Once invested, the funds will go up by up to ten times within a given timeframe. As a result, anyone with just a minimal amount of capital can become a millionaire by using this system. Jim personally used this system and VTA Publications to help his own mother become a tax free millionaire.

Chris Burch Technology Changes


There are a lot of industries where technology is greatly changing the way that companies compete. Over time, Chris Burch has proven that he understands how to start and run a company. He has started a variety of companies in many different industries. With all of the changes that are coming, he will help you get to that next level. He is the type of person who is always looking for ways to innovate in his business. This can help drive profitable sales growth over the long term.


Chris Burch


From the time he was young, Chris Burch has always been interested in how to help others through business. If you want to invest in the future, he can help you design a plan that makes sense in that situation. He is the type of person who wants to produce quality products and services for his customers. There are many tech fashion trends for the future that he is excited about. Not only that, but he is the type of person who is always going to be on trend with his products and services that he is working on.


Tech Fashion Trends


Without a doubt, one of the biggest tech fashion trends revolves around health. There are a lot of people today who want to improve in this area. There are a lot of wearable fashion and health devices that you can use to help you track the markers of health and longevity. In a short period of time, this is an industry that has exploded. Chris Burch has a variety of products and services that fall within this category overall. He is excited about all of the changes that are coming for the future, and he wants to make sure he is ready to take it to a new level as soon as possible.


Future Changes


In the coming years, he is the type of person who is willing to change when needed. With his focus on technology, Chris Burch is always going to be on trend and be one of the first to change. If you want to learn from someone who has a lot of experience, he is the type of person that you should be working with. Chris Burch will help you in a variety of ways with your business if you need it. Learning from his example is a great way to continue business growth in the future.

Josh Verne And The One Major Obstacle

There are a lot of obstacles that people have to face when they decide that they want to become an entrepreneur. While some of them are relatively easily, there are those that seem almost impossible. Josh Verne has overcome plenty of obstacles to make his own mark in the world. He has started successful businesses because he knew what it took to prosper. So he has a lot of advice for people who try to achieve similar goals but find a few things in their way. This is also encouraging and motivating to aspiring entrepreneurs in that they know that what they are attempting is possible.


Among the many obstacles that entrepreneurs have to deal with are finances, people, environment, equipment and other stuff as it depends on the type of company that one is trying to run. Fortunately, these are all relatively easy to overcome. With finances, all that is needed is a job or a source of income. One also has to come up with a plan to manage his money. With people, he has to be able to weed through all of the people who want to stand against him in order to find those that are willing to help him achieve his goals.


One major obstacle that one has to face is himself. This is what Josh Verne has had to deal with on his journey. This is what he has written down in his book entitled How To Get Out Of Your Own Way And Succeed in Life And Business. It is very common for people to second guess themselves and get in their own way while they are on their journey to success. For one thing, the life of an entrepreneur is uncharted territory for a lot of people. It fills the mind with a lot of question. Fortunately, Josh Verne has plenty of answers for these questions.

The Lung Institute; Taking Medicine To The Next Frontier

It has been for a long time suspected that stem cell research will be the solution to most of the diseases affecting humanity today. However, progress in the research has not been as great as many people hoped and the milestones that the medical community imagined would be met by now haven’t been met. It is for this reason that companies like the lung institute has been trying to change the approach to the research. This week, a doctor from the institute will be presenting their current findings to a conference that will take place in Italy.

The Third International Congress on responsible stem cell research will be held in Europe. The event is sponsored by the pontifical academy of the Roman Catholic Church. The theme of the conference is changing the approach from stem cells to stem cell products. The main objective is to develop new therapeutic tools that will reshape how medicine is done in the country.

Dr. Coleman of Cedars-Sinai, stated that currently, the research into stem cells is funded either by the government and biotechnology companies. This means that the cost of the research is ultimately passed on to the end consumers. Dr. Coleman argues that measures need to be put in place to make sure that this transfer of cost does not happen. The problem with the situation as it is is that eventually, consumers they and access the stem cell related products in places where the cost is less and that insurance companies bear the cost of the entire process.

About the lung institute

The Tampa based Lung Institute deals with diseases that affect the respiratory tract by creation and application of regenerative cellular therapies. The organization has been leading extensive research into stem cells and they believe that with time, they will fine tune their treatments to cater for the needs of their patients. In a report by, the study that was conducted on the patients that have received the therapy provided by the institute shows that more than 80 percent of them saw a marked improvement in their quality of life. The organization hopes that with a change of approach, stem cell research will achieve even more. To learn more about stem cell treatment, go to


Securus Corrects Inaccuracies in Global Tel Link’s (GTL) Press Release

Securus Technologies is a champion among the most capable providers of criminal and common justice advancement solutions in the United States. The association, through their fundamental objective, has worked to upgrade investigations, public safety and monitoring activities. As demonstrated by a current restorative discharge, the association has issued different changes to GTL in an open articulation.

As demonstrated by the association, GTL has official articulations which are erroneous and misleading thus, Securus Technologies attempting to get them remedied in the correct technique. Since Securus found these announcements clearly tricky to general society, they have hoped to have the issues changed in the most proper way. The essential target for the discharged official statement is to have the association overhaul cost of their improper statements.

GTL understands about the way the court techniques are outstandingly long. Really, the real approach will wind up wasting of dollars. Furthermore, it might take long to have the court case terminated. Along these lines, the Securus does everything conceivable to examine the legitimacy of the association to manage the legitimate issues affecting the association in the best ways. As to the best regale of the association, Securus is worried over the decision the association has presented over the defense if it has any sense concerning time and money. Subsequently of good financial practices, the association is particularly anxious to drop the court case and take after the best legitimate techniques to have their cases dropped.

Richard A. Smith, while reacting to the official explanation issued by GTL, said that he would be happy to notice that the association works to reinstitute their advancement concerning their GTL test before the season comes to end. Even though, it is extraordinary that the Securus association is working towards manageability in guaranteeing that the quandaries are dealt with in a dependable way.


Cotemar Mexico: Modernization and Construction for Today’s Petroleum Industry

Cotemar Mexico provides peace of mind for both the entire petroleum industry and for individuals concerned with environmental safety and responsibility. The main concern for both environmental safety and the petroleum companies alike is the effective operations and global safety of shipping, building, and understanding of the petroleum industry. Thanks to Cotemar Mexico, these are no longer a concern for anybody who employs this high quality, modernizing business.


Do you need extra storage facilities built on your off shore rig? Cotemar Mexico provides semi-submersible, heavy weight carrying vessels to ship your building materials to the site. Then, we provide the construction services needed to guarantee you the exact dimensions and use value needed to make maximum use of your storage areas. We do all of this while providing quick, efficient, modernized service, and while making sure that both you and we maintain proper environmental regulations and minimal impact on the flow of your own operations.


Cotemar Mexico brings high-tech, high quality modernization to any off shore rig, so that all you have to do is call us and schedule maintenance and modernization check ups. We come to your off shore rig, we conduct inspections and investigations into improvements which need to be made to keep your company fit and lean, and we perform all modernizations upgrade for your company included in our service offerings. You no longer need to look up complex legal requirements and attempt to understand how your company needs to upgrade your facility, and you no longer need to worry about getting a lot of little things done individually to bring your rig up to code. Simply call us, and we will do all of the worrying and work for you!


When dealing with environmental factors, or with equipment modernization and maintenance, or with new construction on your off-shore oil rig, Cotemar Mexico is the solution to all of these issues. We provide safe, fast, up-to-date modernizing service for all off-shore petroleum needs, and we do it gladly, efficiently, and with friendly aplomb. When you want the world to be a better place, with a friendly smile, your petroleum maintenance and cargo needs are provided by Cotemar Mexico!

Learn more:




Omar Boraie Chair at Rutgers to Help Propel Groundbreaking Research

Making contributions to propel never-before-seen research when it comes to the field of cutting-edge medicine at the Rutgers Cancer Institute which is located in New Jersey. Omar Boraie was recently awarded a newly-appointed chair that was named in his honor. Named the Omar Boraie Chair in Genomic Science, this endowed chair is considered the gold standard in higher education. It also expresses the commitment of a university to concentrate on an academic discipline at the highest levels to ensure its continued progression and support.

According to, New Brunswick developer Omar Boraie was included in the 18 Chair Challenge, where an anonymous donor must match a $1.5 million support campaign at Rutgers University. The university formed 18 new chairs which included the New Jersey developer. The new Omar Boraie chair will help carve a new path for new discoveries in precision medicine and genomic science.

A Growing Field of Study

The field of genomic science and precision medicine has made profound changes on how professionals who work in the medical field approach how cancer is diagnosed and treated. This field is relatively new says the NY Times and involves tumor analysis and treatment using techniques that give doctors that opportunity to help patients at the genetic level. These analyses and treatments allow doctors to prescribe therapies that are individualized for each patient which result in better outcomes.

Rutgers at the Forefront

As one of the first medical treatment centers in the country as well as New Jersey to apply for genomic sequencing as a primary approach to patient care, Rutgers Cancer Institute remains a leader in performing advanced gene sequencing on tumors as a part of ongoing research at the university. For those who have rare cancer diseases or poor prognoses will highly benefit from this research. In addition, many people have treatment options which have been infected or limited, so genomic sequencing has been extremely helpful in finding unique therapies that were not available to patients with such circumstances in the past.

Recently Quoted on Newswise

In a recent article from Newswise (, Omar Boraie mentioned that physicians and scientists at Rutgers Cancer Institute are making huge advances precision medicine, especially for patients who are suffering from cancers that are no longer responsive. He also expressed that he is hopeful that the money he put forward will help others. In addition, he encouraged others to become an anonymous donor for the 18 Chair Challenge. He also hopes his family’s pledge to support the Rutgers Cancer Institute will inspire others to contribute as well. Boraie has been a long supporter of cancer research and this endowment furthers his vision to develop New Brunswick into a “Healthcare City”.


OSI Group Food Solutions

OSI is an Aurora-based processed food company that offers a world of food solutions by being the chef distributor of value-added food products to different food retail brands across the globe. The company has been in the market for more than a century with tactical growth which is in turn driven by the needs of the customers and the market at large. OSI plays a vital role in food production: sourcing and processing to food supply chain management through distribution. There are standards put in place to ensure that their consumers get nothing but the best. To see to it that these standards are met, they conduct quality audits annually. The privately-owned company on offers variety of meat products, inclusive of breakfast foodstuffs like sausages and bacon.

OSI Group has more than 65 facilities in 17 countries in America, Europe and Asia. It has employed more than 20,000 people who bring a feel of globalization to the company on The team bring in their experience and have a common goal which is to understand the consumers need and meet the need for a solution that does not only cut costs but also improves the quality of the products. The employees live on the fast track, ensuring that there is availability of new products to the market. The fact that the company uses the latest technology on LinkedIn goes to ensure that communication is effective and that you receive your products in time.

Their responsiveness and consistency see to it that your operation grows by offering a quality experience to your consumers. OSI ensures brand security by providing unmatched food safety and quality. The supply chain system on is designed in a way that protects your brand’s reputation and products. To ensure that the brand is protected, they take steps through Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) and Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) certification.

Last year, the company bought the former Tyson Foods plant in Chicago with the aim of providing infrastructure to facilitate continued business growth at The company also acquired Flagship Food Group- a company that supplied food services across UK. This move strengthens the position of the company in the market by opening up new opportunities to service customers better.

EOS Pomegranate Raspberry is Simply Splendid

After purchasing my first EOS lip balm almost a year ago, I refuse to use any other type. I have been in search of a lip balm that maintained it’s moisture and possessed a flavor that was not overwhelming to my senses for an extremely long while when I came across the EOS brand on

EOS lip balm feels like pure silk as it is being applied. Containing Shea butter and an assortment of soothing products, it is not greasy and does not cake on like most lip balms of today’s time. For hours upon end, it produces and conserves moisture in any type of lip. Simply applying a small amount will help with dry, cracked lips, as well as keep soft lips vaporized.

EOS carries a wide variety of flavors that are subtle and most appealing to almost anyone but my favorite is pomegranate raspberry. This flavor is exciting to the senses with just the right mix. The taste can be compared to lighting a candle with a sweet aroma and although people close by can smell its sweetness, it is not so strong that it is bothersome.

So if you are looking for a lip balm that will stimulate the senses, you should seriously speed to the closest store and pick up EOS Pomegranate Raspberry Lip Balm. Your lips will have a field day! Visit their exclusive website ( today for more EOS lip balm products and details. Also visit the official EOS Facebook page.