You Are In Good Hands With Capitol Anesthesiology Association

Since its conception in 1973, the Capitol Anesthesiology Association has built a reputation for excellence. Consisting of over 80 certified physicians and over 100 certified nurse anesthetists, CAA is able to provide a level of excellence everyone would want when needing medical attention that deals with anesthesiology.This group of professionals serves over twenty medical facilities within the Austin area.You

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These facilities include hospitals, trauma centers, and even surgery centers.All doctors and nurses are board certified or working toward certification. Many of the doctors and nurses have continued their education in pursuit of specializing in certain fields within the field of anesthesiology.

Everyone including the office staff and the administrative staff are highly professional and highly trained to give you the best experience you can get while needing medical attention. From the billing process to the actual medical procedures, Capitol Anesthesiology Association is best anesthesiology association in the Austin area. You can count on them for the best medical treatment possible.


Film and Human Rights are The Interests of Activist Thor Halvorssen

We are always told it is important to work on the things we love and very few of us have found as passionate a career path as Thor Halvorssen, the Venezuelan born human rights activist who is now the leader and public face of the Human Rights Foundation.Thor Halvorssen developed his interest in human rights after a number of members of his own family were robbed of their human rights in their home nation of Venezuela, Halvorssen’s own mother was shot by pro government supporters when taking part in an anti Hugo Chavez demonstration; These events have formed the impression for Thor that human rights should play an important role in every aspect of his life and career.

After graduating in Political Science from the University of Pennsylvania, Thor Halvorssen has looked to combine his interests in human rights and film to develop a career that tackles some of the most important questions facing society as a global whole. Halvorssen has been a successful film producer for over a decade and brought his skills to many documentaries telling the stories of those living under communist rule in Eastern Europe during the latter half of the 20th century. Despite his interest in telling non-fiction stories Thor has recently embraced the possibilities provided by science fiction to express the fears of the world over lost human rights.

Not only does Thor Halvorssen explore the most difficult human rights abuses through his work as a film producer, he has also sought to help filmmakers of professional and amateur status tell the stories of human rights issues that personally affect them. One of the groups founded by Thor Halvorssen has been The Moving Picture Institute that Thor uses to provide funding for films that will tell difficult human rights stories, which may struggle to find funding using the traditional routes taken in the film industry.

Top Customer Service Award Is Given To Leading Inmate Communications Provider

Securus Technologies is a popular inmate regulations provider that offers their customers a stable inmate communications platform. They were once responsible for monitoring and surveillance of inmate calls under government mandate alongside the local Public Utility Commission. They have allowed their customers to save more money and spend less time commuting to a correctional facility with technological features that aren’t offered by competitor networks. Securus offers their customers an easy registration process by registering for an account through their website. You must be eighteen years of age or older and have a valid credit or debit card to apply.


Securus Technologies Wins Prestigious Customer Service Award


Securus has over 12,000+ IT professionals that are highly trained in customer service and telecommunications security. They ensure that their customers receive a professional and immediate response to their questions and concerns. Their high level of customer service has helped them win the highest customer service award in the industry. A top panel of over seventy five judges have decided to announce them as the proud recipients of the prestigious Stevie Award. Securus is dedicated to customer support, feedback, and being attentive to their customers needs at all times. They understand how important it is for you to stay connected to your love ones in a correctional facility.


Securus Technologies Features


Remote Visitation


Remote visitation is a popular features available through Securus and Vimeo. It allows inmates and their family members to have face-to-face interaction over the internet. This feature is available for a one time small processing fee each time you choose to visit.


Inmate Voicemail


Do you have an important message for your love ones in a correctional facility? Inmate’s can now check their messages at any time through an access account available through their commissary.


Fun Things That Most Did As A Kid

As a child, you might have chewed on the straws from your juice boxes. Wengie discusses that this is a fun thing that most people did when they were younger. It gave you something to do after the drink was gone. You probably rolled parts of your bread into a small ball to make it easier to eat. It was also fun instead of making a sandwich.


When you were bored, putting glue on your hands just to let it dry and peel it off was a favorite activity. You probably did this in class sometimes when you weren’t paying attention to the teacher. The white glue in the bottle worked best. When it dried, you could usually peel it off in one piece. After the juice was gone from the box, you might have popped the tabs out from the sides of the box and blew air into the straw to make the box expand. Then, you stepped on the box to flatten it so that you could do it all over again. A fun game was pretending the floor was lava or that there were crocodiles in the water on the floor so that you had to hop around to get across the room.

The Cure to Lung Diseases

Chronic Lung Diseases make it difficult for individuals to enjoy their day to day lives. Shortness of breath gets in the way of every activity one enjoyed doing previously. However, The Lung Institute with the use of the Stem Cell Therapy has come out with a revolutionary way to tackle lung diseases. These branches of the Lung Institute are in 5 different places namely, Florida, Tennessee, Arizona, Pennsylvania and Texas.

The Lung Institute understands that every individual has their own identity and hence has different ways of dealing with everyone’s disease. In this treatment, the stem cells help in regenerating or start the healing process of the damaged tissues. Lung stem cell therapy mainly comprises of the stem cells being reintroduced in the victim’s body, where they make their way to the lungs and start healing the affected tissues.

Every treatment performed at the Lung Institute is performed with stem cells that are autologous, which means that these cells come from a patient’s body. According to, due to these circumstances, the treatments are deemed to be very safe. The treatments are not intrusive at all and are performed over a course of three days on an outpatient basis.

The Lung Institute uses stem cell maintenance capabilities that are completely natural. Stem cells are withdrawn and separated from a patient’s bone marrow or blood, and then the stem cells are reintroduced into the body. The stem cells then enter into the lungs and rest inside them, which promotes inflammation reduction and natural healing.

Joining hands with the Lung Institute can help the patients of lung diseases to breathe a lot better as well as to live a lot better! To go through the numerous testimonials of our patients, feel free to visit

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Introducing A Dental Management Company Built By Dentists

MB2 Dental Solutions is a firm, located in Carrollton, Texas, that was founded by Dentists in order to help other Dentists succeed in their individual or group practices.

The business side of running a dental practice far too often takes Dentists away from their primary goal, the care of their patients. MB2 Dental Solutions solves this problem by helping operate all of those business side services so Dentists can do what they love; concentrate on the wellness of their patients.

The management team of MB2 Dental Solutions has successfully built the company into one that serves dentists and patients in six states including Texas, Oklahoma, Alaska, Tennessee, Louisiana, and New Mexico. The founder and Chief Executive Officer of MB2 Dental is Dr. Chris Steveen Villanueva.

He started out in dentistry, like many, running his own practice. He soon grew frustrated with the business side of the practice including billing, compliance, collections, and administrative issues.

According to White Pages, he came up with the idea of MB2 Dental Solutions in order to free his fellow Dentists from all of those issues and let them concentrate on why they obtained their degrees in Dentistry to begin with.

Dr. Villanueva has built MB2 Dental Solutions into a company that has about 75 employees and serves over 60 dental practices in the areas they serve. Among the business side services they offer to Dentists are accounting and finance, billing and collections, marketing, human resources, credentialing, compliance to laws, training, and IT Support Services. Learn more about more MB2 Solutions:

Other leaders amongst the executive levels of MB2 Dental Services includes the President of the company, Justin Puckett. Puckett has years of experience in the dental industry including as an attorney with Andrews Kurth, LLP and a long stint with a Texas dental practice management company.

Justin Puckett brings a wealth of experience to the company with his background in public accounting, corporate finance, and corporate law. This experience helps affiliated Dentists grow their practices and extend their growth capacities.

The Chief Operating Officer of MB2 Dental Solutions is Justin Carroll. Carroll brings the team experience in investing in private equity, strategy, and operations.

He brings a wealth of experience in mergers and acquisitions strategies, financial modeling, the identification of synergistic opportunities, as well as post-merger integration.

Altogether the management team of MB2 Dental Solutions is well equipped to meet the ongoing needs of the Dentists and patients that they serve.

Traveling Vineyard, A Smart Way To Earn From Home

In recent times, getting a regular job has proven to be a daunting task. Many people are now seeking alternative methods of producing income, including freelancing from home. Traveling Vineyard provides an excellent opportunity, by offering comprehensive training to willing people. After completion, trainees become world class tasters, capable of identifying wine without seeing the bottle.

How they conduct business

The firm offers commission-based profits. Products are given to the members, who sell them directly to the consumers.

The first step involves filling out an expression of interest form on the institution’s website. After subscription, a beginners’ kit – containing few bottles of wine and tuition material is issued. In addition to the provided documents, the enterprises assign tutors who guide you through the entire process.

Subscribers gradually grow into the business, regularly updating their kits. More advanced sales packages have more products, coupled up with higher returns. A credit based loyalty program eliminates the need of continuously spending money on acquiring supplies. The firm also offers commissions to clients who bring in new recruits.

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Benefits of Traveling Vineyard

If you don’t like the idea of working from morning to evening under stringent rules, this is probably a good job for you. Being self-employed means, you answer to yourself and work when you feel like.

Everybody could do with an additional side job. This enterprise offers an easy, legit way of making an extra dough. If taken seriously, one can make as much a white collar job offers.

The many merits of consuming wine make a high-demand product. You will not struggle to find the market for your product. Moreover, the wine niche is not over flooded like others.

Activity on Social Media

On Facebook, the firm’s page is highly rated with an average response time of less than a day. The posts are also niche-relevant. This points out the institution’s determination to provide unparalleled support to its members.

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Maggie Gill: The Woman with an Agenda

The Chief Executive Officer of Memorial Health Maggie Gill is one remarkable woman who has displayed very impeccable leadership skills that amaze. She is a graduate of the University of Florida, and she earned her MBA from Saint Leo University.

She then went on to Wharton School where she studied management and strategic thinking which has obviously had an impact on her life and the way that she runs things. She has been a leader in several medical institutions and facilities in the state of Florida and Georgia.

When it comes to accomplishing and pitching ideas which she usually implements and sees through, she has done quite a good job which can be commended, and as evidenced by the fact that she made it to the CEO seat of Memorial Health, she is a woman of action.


The Career Trajectory of the Great Maggie Gill

She joined Memorial Health in 2004 as the vice president of care and finance. She got promoted the next year to the position of chief operating officer. Finally, in 2011, she was put in charge to be the CEO and president of the institution.

This was achieved by hard work and impressive results. She obviously knows how to run stuff, and it has made her the best at what she does. Before she joined Memorial Health, she had worked at other hospitals, and she had a good track record there to.


What She Has Achieved

Under her leadership, the staff and facility have won 7 awards at the Georgia Medical Society’s 16th Annual Health Care Heroes Awards which are a big deal because of this seal and cement her reputation as a caregiver of a good reputation.

As a CEO, she has been named as very influential and worth knowing and recognizing for her work and achievements in general because she runs a tight and efficient ship.


She Left the Position Though

This year, she decided to leave her position as the CEO of Memorial Health and this has been met with questions, but the staff and management have said that they will support her in the new interests that she is going to pursue now that she is not running the facility.


In Conclusion

We can summarize this by saying that as the head of Memorial Health, she has had an impact on the well-being of the facility and the way that it has been run. This makes what she has achieved over the years her legacy, and even though she has left, they will fondly remember her contributions.

Investor Jim Hunt Has a New VTA Publications Project

Jim Hunt is an investing expert and trading professional. Over the course of his career, he has established himself as one of the most knowledgeable individuals when it comes to trading financial securities. During his career, Hunt has developed a number of systems that allow traders to find profitable securities and buy them on a regular basis. Some of Jim’s systems include Make Mum a Millionaire and Wealth Wave. These two systems have enabled a number of investors to make high profits without having to devote too much time and trial and error. Along with developing these two systems, Jim has also been part of a finance education company known as VTA Publications. This company VTA Publications specializes in providing individuals around the world with ways to invest in stock as well as save for their retirement.

One of Jim’s programs is known as the Wealth Wave. This program emphasizes the investing of falling stocks at When using this program, investors will have the opportunity to invest in stocks that are going down in value but will eventually go up in the near future. The program focuses on teaching investors to purchase stocks that are on the verge of falling to their lowest value. Then it teaches investors to hold on to the stocks until they rise in value. As a result, they will be able to make high profits on a regular basis using this system on By using Wealth Wave, a number of investors have had the opportunity to get some of the best returns possible when trading stocks.

Another one of the programs devised by Jim Hunt is Make Mum a Millionaire. With this program on Crunchbase, a number of investors will have the opportunity to compound their investment capital over time. The system works by having an investors invest one thousand pounds in the stock market. They will invest in stocks that are rapidly going up in value. Once invested, the funds will go up by up to ten times within a given timeframe. As a result, anyone with just a minimal amount of capital can become a millionaire by using this system. Jim personally used this system and VTA Publications to help his own mother become a tax free millionaire.

Chris Burch Technology Changes


There are a lot of industries where technology is greatly changing the way that companies compete. Over time, Chris Burch has proven that he understands how to start and run a company. He has started a variety of companies in many different industries. With all of the changes that are coming, he will help you get to that next level. He is the type of person who is always looking for ways to innovate in his business. This can help drive profitable sales growth over the long term.


Chris Burch


From the time he was young, Chris Burch has always been interested in how to help others through business. If you want to invest in the future, he can help you design a plan that makes sense in that situation. He is the type of person who wants to produce quality products and services for his customers. There are many tech fashion trends for the future that he is excited about. Not only that, but he is the type of person who is always going to be on trend with his products and services that he is working on.


Tech Fashion Trends


Without a doubt, one of the biggest tech fashion trends revolves around health. There are a lot of people today who want to improve in this area. There are a lot of wearable fashion and health devices that you can use to help you track the markers of health and longevity. In a short period of time, this is an industry that has exploded. Chris Burch has a variety of products and services that fall within this category overall. He is excited about all of the changes that are coming for the future, and he wants to make sure he is ready to take it to a new level as soon as possible.


Future Changes


In the coming years, he is the type of person who is willing to change when needed. With his focus on technology, Chris Burch is always going to be on trend and be one of the first to change. If you want to learn from someone who has a lot of experience, he is the type of person that you should be working with. Chris Burch will help you in a variety of ways with your business if you need it. Learning from his example is a great way to continue business growth in the future.