Wen by Chaz Is A Leading Hair Products Line

Wen Hair is truly a leader in the hair products arena. The company has created what I consider to be the ultimate in hair products. Many people, particularly women, are raving about the fabulous results they are getting once they switch to hair conditioning products from WEN Hair.

Wen hair offers amazing products on sephora.com website that effectively cleanse, condition and style your hair. When I came across the infomercials about this outstanding company and the products they offer, I wasn’t sure they would deliver on their promise but I went ahead to give them a try. They have different versions, so I choose the Fig formulation as it promised to rejuvenate my thinning hair and restore healthy look to my hair.

After a few days of using the product, I noticed a great change in the appearance of my hair and I continued for several more days before I came to the conclusion that this company is the best I have ever come across. And I have decided to abandon all other hair products I had purchased from Amazon.com, and I will continue to use their conditioning products by Wen by Chaz.

WEN hair creates top notch hair cleaning conditioner and has been in business for many years. This highly reputable hair line products company promises to keep making products that people love and are proud to use. Their products are excellent for people who want to restore shine and bounce to their hair and ensure a gorgeous appearance. Wen by Chaz line of hair products takes a unique approach to hair care products. The company believes in promoting all-natural products and uses herbal ingredients in all of their fantastic line of products.

This article was originally reported on Bustle: http://www.bustle.com/articles/136320-i-used-cleansing-cleansing-conditioner-on-my-fine-hair-heres-what-happened


Thor Halvorssen Gives his Opinion of Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders has lit a fire in America’s youth. This democratic candidate has offered new ideas that have not been accepted in the public sphere for years. Millions of students are banding around this candidate with the goal of making the United States a more socialist country. The word socialist is extremely controversial in the United States, and many Americans are looking for insight into the definition of socialism. Media outlets are reaching out to people with personal experience with socialism. One of the leading experts on socialism in the United States is Thor Halvorssen. Thor is from Venezuela and he currently serves as head of the Human Rights Foundation.

Fox News invited Thor Halvorssen to their set to discuss Bernie Sanders. The interviewer was under the impression that Thor believed that socialism itself was a violation of basic human rights. Thor quickly recovered from this misunderstanding. He stated that many governments are able to offer social programs and keep the government from fully controlling people’s lives. He included classic examples like Denmark and Norway as country’s that have a democratic government and include socialist programs. Thor then pivoted and discussed governments that utilize the promise of socialism to control the country and it’s resources. Many South American countries feature dictatorships that offer some socialist programs, but also have brutal regimes that offer no freedoms. He then stated that he is giving Bernie Sanders a maximum contribution and has voted for Sanders. He believes that Sanders is much better than a corrupt Democratic frontrunner and a Republican frontrunner that believes that Putin is a friendly character.

Thor is from Venezuela and his family is very familiar with the dangers of socialism. Venezuela once had excellent democratic socialist governments, but in recent years, it has been taken over by despots who are bankrupting the country. Everyone in Thor’s family has experienced a Venezuelan jail cell because of the authoritarian government.

Thor works tirelessly to protect human rights and he strongly feels that the United States should avoid authoritarian regimes. Unfortunately, this election cycle is drawing people towards authoritarian figures who well devastate human rights. Hopefully, Thor can keep working to prevent Human Rights violations.

Italian Fashion Powerhouse Goes Fur Free as More Designers Urged to Follow Suit

Giorgio Armani announced on March, 2016, that the Armani Fashion Group will stop using fur in all of its designs and products. The announcement was made following an agreement reached with both the Fur Free Alliance and the US Humane Society. In the announcement, Armani said that his company will no longer produce, design, sell or feature fur products starting with its 2016 fall collection.

Designers Caving in to Anti-Fur Protests

In his statement, Armani said that the group has agreed to halt and desist from using fur and fur products in all their future collections. This comes after years of pressure and lobbying from the Fur Free Alliance and other animal rights groups. The Fur Free Alliance has incorporated over 40 organizations that fight to protect animals and are situated in about 28 countries.

In recent years, there has been numerous anti-fur protests from these organizations. Designers like Giorgio Armani, Hugo Boss, Tommy Hilfiger, Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein have all agreed to discontinue using animal fur and have instead begun adopting faux fur that is artificially made. Fashion designers and companies that have agreed to go fur-free have been widely praised for their stand against animal cruelty.

About JustFab

JustFab is a famous online fashion retailer that sells its products through a subscription process. The company was formed in 2010 by Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler. It operates in the E-commerce industry and offers shoes, jewelry, denim clothes and handbags to all its loyal clients. It has three division namely: Fabletics, FabKids and ShoeDazzle. The company mainly offers a highly personalized shopping experience that is based on its member’s fashion preferences.

The company values all its members and insist that they always come first. JustFab on youtube value the styles and preferences of their customers and try to design their products according to customer demand. This form of total quality management has been implemented across all its subsidiary divisions and has made the firm a clear favorite in the market. By offering clients exactly what they are looking, the firm helps to save them a lot of money.

Yeonmi Park Strikes Blow to North Korean Propaganda

North Korea is the kind of country once dreamed about in fiction by authors predisposed toward dystopian novels. For the residents of North Korea, the citizens stuck there, their life has been anything but fiction. Being born in North Korea typically means a life of borderline indentured servitude to a ruling class that does anything but respect, love, or cherish its citizens. Yeonmi Park, once just a teenage girl living in the oppressive country, stands tall and above the country that would have once tried to hold Yeonmi Park, down as reported by Reason.com. Yeonmi Park is a refugee from North Korea who, by sheer will alone, managed to escape the oppressive country by a road difficult than most people could fathom.

Yeonmi Park, author of Amazon released book “In Order to Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom”, has recounted her tale numerous times since being discovered at the One World Summit so long ago. With porcelain skin and eyes the size of saucers it is almost impossible to believe that she has survived the terrors that she recounts through halting English and with a soft, timid voice. But rest assured, it’s true. If you had any doubt as to the veracity of her statements you need look no further than how strong North Korean’s propaganda arm has come out against Park.

Pyongyang has been heavily involved in the vilification of Yeonmi Park through various forms of propaganda hit pieces. Yeonmi is currently labeled as “The Puppet of the Human Rights Plot” and she is accused of being the face of Western propaganda against North Korea. Pyongyang has since called Yeonmi Park a ‘celebrity defector’ and they’ve released numerous melodramatic videos on NK News with the sole intention of playing down her story or calling her an outright liar. These aren’t the actions of an innocent country.

That isn’t to say that Yeonmi Park hasn’t admitted to manipulating her story — accidentally. Park initially hid some of her story’s details out of the shame that it brought her and her family, something common from those who have been deeply abused. A full expose of her story can be read in her newest book.



Talk Fusion And Their CEO Bob Reina

There are many different video communication platform out there but none of them provide cutting edge technology with ease of use. Talk Fusion is one of those companies that have managed to do this. Their CEO, Bob Reina is one of the unique individuals behind this innovative thinking. Long gone are the days that we relied on the use of words to portray a brand or image. We now rely on video which has a lot more impact on the viewer when it comes down to giving a brand identity. There is no application that makes this easier as the application is available for all major platforms including iOS and PC. Simply download the trial version from a personalized website or from Talk Fusion directly to get started. The client has now got the opportunity to take part in a 30 day trial allowing full access to the Talk Fusion CONNECT suite. This was not possible prior to that. Users had to make a leap of faith and invest in the software.

Bob Reina the founder and current CEO had the issue back in the early 2000 that he could not find a simple way to embed video into email. It simply had not been designed and coded for. Soon after realizing the need for such a software he designed his own version of video email software alongside a close friend and IT specialist. Reina set out to work and have since expanded their range of applications. The company has had great success since their inception in 2007.

Becoming extremely popular in the Asian market as well as in Europe. The ease of use of the application is only one side of the coin as the software also takes advantage of proprietary technology. High definition video is available to the users as well as several other features. The application suite synchronizes existing contacts from other applications with great ease and it is therefore not necessary to prepare for a switch over. This is done easily and conveniently without third party applications.

The Upward Quest of Qnet

Qnet’s The Positive Thoughts Project seeks transform the world for the better one positive thought at a time. You too can be a part of this project of bringing positive thoughts to the world. All you need to do to help is to give a positive thought via a Facebook post on the Facebook project. During phase 1, Qnet has promised to donate a HomePure RED to Taarana, the school for children with special learning needs if 500 positive comments are received in two weeks. During phase 2, it will do the same deal for Rashid Centre, a similar school in the UAE, for 500 more positive comments in two weeks. 

An innovative idea for a great cause: http://goo.gl/7wqb9x#Taarana #billionhearts

Posted by QNET (Official) on Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Not all comments will be approved for the project. It will only be counted if it is judged to be a positive enough comment. There is also a limit per contributor with three posts allowed per person. Help these needy children by making your three positive comments today and then sharing so other people can do it too. QNet cares deeply about the welfare of its world. It is a Hong Kong-based direct selling company. It was founded in 1998 by Vijay Eswaran and Joseph Bismark as a subsidiary of Qi Group. Beginning as a distributor of collector coins, it soon broadened out in many other arenas of direct sales. 

In 1999 QNet began to spread its international arm. Although it began in Hong Kong and remains based there, its territory has spread into countries all over the world. Before 2002, Qnet dealt solely into salable merchandise. In that year it began to deal in services such as travel and tourism. In 2005, the growing company bought Qi Comm, a telecommunications company. In 2006, the vegetarian resort, Prana Resorts and Spa. In 2007, it bought Down to Earth, a health store chain. The company’s growth up to this very year has been astronomical thanks to their dedicated staff.

It has become so big that it has become a regular sponsor of sports teams. From 2009 to 2012, it was a major sponsor of the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) and in 2014 it began a merchandising partnership with Manchester City football club. You read a full detail of the company here.

Why The EU Should Listen To George Soros And His Plan For Syrian Refugees

George Soros is a world-famous businessman. Forbes estimates that he is worth $23 billion according to Forbes and he amassed his fortune by being able to predict possible crises and problems. It is no more evident in the fact that how he became famous. He saw an economic crisis coming in England and shorted the British pound to net $1 billion in profit in a single day, earning him the nickname the man who broke the Bank of England.
He learned on Bloomberg Business his ability to see crises coming from his father in the 1930s. His father saw a major crisis coming down the road and George Soros’s home city of Budapest, Hungary. The Jewish family changed their names and secured false papers to present to the eventual Nazi occupiers, saving the Soros family from a fate all too common for Jewish families during World War II.

Fleeing the war-torn mainland, the Soros family emigrated to London where a young George worked as a railroad porter to see himself through the London school of economics. During college he received financial assistance from a philanthropy group, and he turned their meager donation into a life long pursuit of philanthropy funded by his own wealth. Now Soros promotes open borders through his foundation, the Open Borders Foundation. He believes in a refugee or immigrant’s ability to do good for their new community, much like he has throughout his own life.

Now George Soros is making public his own six-point plan on for dealing with the Syrian refugee crisis that threatens to destroy the European Union. And the world should listen to the hedge fund manager because he is in a unique position to understand the business of immigration, the security concerns involved, and the humanitarian crisis at hand. No other politician or public figure is in such a unique position, including the Turkish prime minister who has released his own five-point plan that forsakes the human rights of the refugees.

You can see the humanity of George Soros plan for yourself. His plan was recently published in MarketWatch. It fundamentally addresses all aspects of Syrian refugee assimilation to the European Union.

The plan kicks off with a call for the European Union to accept at least 1 million Syrian refugees per year. George Soros did not come to this number by accident, it has already been established by a majority of European Union nations. Soros is simply calling on the nations to agree on a number.

Much of the plan focuses on funding Syrian refugee management outside of the EU, in places he called the frontline countries. Once those frontline countries have adequate funding, the EU should work for safe passage of the Syrian refugees onto mainland Europe. He then uses his knowledge of business to call on the EU to use its AAA rating to borrow money to pay for the Syrian refugees inside of Europe. It is important to house, feed, clothes and nurture the new residence. It seems like the most comprehensive and humane plan going forward.

Fabletics Spring/Summer 2016 Line Brings Passion To Workout Fashion

Exciting, on-trend, and super-wearable are seldom words used to describe workout clothing, but Fabletics Spring/Summer 2016 line sets a new standard for gym wear. This ultra-fashionable line of mix and match separates is so easy to wear that it’s perfect for lazy day lounging, but it’s made to stand up to intense training and will take you from a run in the park to yoga, weight lifting, or a gym session in comfort and style.
Co-founded by actress, style icon, and fitness enthusiast Kate Hudson, Fabletics is a new line of active wear that combines function, fashion, and fit to create the ideal workout wardrobe. Yoga pants, leggings, joggers, tights, and capris are available in an eye-popping variety of florals, geometric prints, and vibrant solid colors, all made from fitness-focused stretch fabrics that move with your body.

Fabletics bottoms coordinate perfectly with a full range of tanks, tops, and sports bras that you can mix or match to create outfits that will inspire you to peak performance, no matter what your activity. From all-stretch yoga tops that move with you to lightweight tees, tanks featuring mesh panels, and running tops with a moisture-control, chafe-resistant layer, Fabletics has you covered with Kate-approved workout wear that’s both top quality and surprisingly affordable. The full Spring/Summer line is available through The Clothes Maiden.

Fabletics is a collaborative effort in which Hudson works with Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg, the co-CEOs of online subscription-based fashion retailer JustFab, Inc. The Fabletics line was created specifically to fill what the three perceived as a glaring gap in the marketplace; there were plenty of luxury activewear brands, but none that combined quality and affordability. Fabletics does just that, providing top quality separates at accessible prices.

Launched in 2013, Fabletics now operates in United Kingdom, Germany, France, Canada, Australia, Spain, the Netherlands, and the US. In 2015 a men’s line, FL2 was inaugurated, and six retail locations were opened in the US.

Hudson’s commitment to fitness and family, along with her status as a fashion leader, makes her the ideal example of the Fabletics slogan on The Clothes Maiden, “Live your passion”. The line lives up to its stated mission of creating high quality, on-trend clothing that inspires people to stay active but is available at affordable prices.

The Success Of Skout And SF-Marin

Skout is known as the largest global platform to meet new people and to expand an individual’s social circle. Skout was first developed in 2007. It was one of the first dating and mobile discovery apps. Skout is an application that can be used on android and IOS. In 2013 Skout had reported that they had over 500 million connections made through their app.

This service was founded by two individuals that wanted to create a dating app because they realized that their original social network application was mostly being used by individuals that were looking for love. Skout was able to raise over $22 million through investment opportunities, and in total they also received 4.6 dollars in angel investments. In 2013 Skout announced that they had a new travel feature in order to meet different people in different cities around the world. By 2015 Skout had announced that they had reached over 10 million members.

Skout has a community of access of more than 180 different countries and it is available in 16 different languages. In March of this year prnewswire.com did an article about the combination of the San Francisco-based Skout and The SF-Marin Food Bank. The SF-Marin Food Bank is the largest nonprofit food bank in all of San Francisco. Skout encouraged its members to send virtual bags of potato chips through its application. For every bag of chips that was virtually donated, Skout gave a donation to the food bank. This is something that is called virtual gifting. In this way, Skout is able to give back to the community where they live and work. This is a great way to show that technology can be used to combat hunger. In 2015 Skout also did a fundraiser with SF-Marine Food Bank to celebrate national grilled cheese day. They were able to give a donation that was able to help over 10,000 individuals.

Who is Donald Drumpf?

Recently, have you heard someone talking about Donald Drumpf? Did you assume the individual meant to say Donald Trump? Well, let me tell you, they didn’t. Donald Drumpf is a new sensation running around the Internet thanks to John Oliver. For those who don’t know, Oliver is the host of HBO’s Last Week Tonight with John Oliver. On the series, Oliver pokes fun at everything going on in the world of politics. Of course, Trump is no exception.

According to Oliver, Drumpf is Trump’s real last name. He claims that Trump’s ancestors changed their famous last name years ago to sound more American. Soon after Oliver made this statement on his show, a Wikipedia page was created in honor of Donald Drumpf. On it, there was a whole bio as well as a picture of Trump’s grandfather. The Wikipedia page also played upon Trump’s campaign slogan to “Make America Great Again” by urging Oliver’s viewers to “Make Donald Drumpf Again”.

For the average person, it could be difficult to create a Wikipedia page. After all, you not only have to produce the content that appears on it but also add pictures and make sure that the information is constantly correct. That’s why many companies decide to hire Wiki experts from a Wikipedia editing service to do this Wikipedia business page creation for them. The best business to turn to for that is Get Your Wiki.

When you take a look at the site Get Your Wiki, you will see that this business is made up of highly qualified individuals. These individuals have years and years of marketing experience. That means they know what has to be said to draw in new customers as well as interested viewers. It can be very hard for an individual with no experience to achieve real results. 

It’s easy too to get connected with Get Your Wiki. All you have to do is go onto their site. From there, you will see a whole slew of contacts that will lead you to individuals who can get the job you need done. It’s time to properly promote your business on the Internet and that starts with hiring the services found at Get Your Wiki. Any business that is just starting out will certainly be happy that they did. This company has what it takes to really take your business where it needs to go. Visit their site today to learn more about what they can do for you >> http://www.getyourwiki.com/make-a-wikipedia-page-hire-wikipedia-writers/