Nick Vertucci: Real Estate Academy Teaches People Unique Lessons

Nick Vertucci is a rising name in the real-estate market—especially in the education aspect. He aims to educate and inspire others to become successful real-estate business owners/agents.

Though now considered a real-estate magnate, his humble beginnings, and trials.

At age ten, his father passed away—leaving his mother to become the sole earner and caretaker of the entire family. Nick Vertucci often would not see his mother due to the nature of her part time job. Late hours and long shifts can take a toll on the family life. By the time mom came home, he’d be asleep.

Eventually, things got rougher. Nick had to take up residence in his own van.

Some years later, things improved for him when he started selling computer parts; he even had the felicity to get married. For a time, things were well. The business was profitable, his wife had given birth to three daughters, and he had purchased a home.

Then, in the 2000 dot-com-crash, his business collapsed and he acquired increasing amounts debt. This loss of financial capability and his mental state spared nothing save for his home. As he spiraled deeper and deeper into debt, it seemed he would join the masses of the unemployed, depressed, and soon to be forgotten third class: the impoverished and for all purposes, practically dead.

One weekend, a friend of his approached him; inviting him to attend a real estate seminar on After hearing the speaker, something in his mind changed. An alteration of subconscious beliefs occurred—he was invigorated and ready to progress on the adventure of life once again.

As time progressed, Nick Vertucci became successful in real-estate. Once he became a millionaire, he made a decision to teach others the methods he used to create an entire world of change.

This is where the Nick Vertucci story involves you.
Enter Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy. This training program according to has provided hundreds of students the education and training necessary for success in the real estate market.

The educational intent is predicated on three simple goals:
First, find deals and lock in the prices. Buy low and sell high.
Secondly, prepare them for flipping—rehabilitating, wholesaling, or renting.
Third: Profit.

The Academy itself is run by a staff of nearly thirty student educators and is managed by an executive body of several professionals with experience in corporate careers.

The Nick Vertucci Academy will cover several topics, like wholesaling and contract flipping, property flipping, buy-and-hold-strategies, commercial investments, and several others. The Academy requires little to no cash reserve for a student to operate. Additionally, one need no formal training or experience—the Academy aims to cover all aspects of real-estate education at

Enrollment for a workshop is free—they’re held in several cities across the country, from Los Angeles to Miami, there’s a workshop near you.

Traveling Vineyard’s Beautiful Recommendations On The Best In Napa Valley

When visiting Napa Valley, we all know that wine is the main thing to do within the area. Traveling Vineyard’s Wine Guides all say that the wine is the best thing to do, but there are other some other fun attractions to check out that could make your trip interesting outside of the wine. The best thing you could do is simply go to these fun attractions and do something different.

Feel free to pamper yourself Calistoga Ranch resorts at the Auberge Spas. According to, they provide incredible therapeutic massages and great opportunities that can allow for you to relax in the night after a day in the sun. These spas provide incredible relaxing atmospheres that can change your life in so many ways for the trip.

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At the Silverado Cooking School, you can get an in depth look at some of the best opportunities for learning how to cook and how to create a nice meal. Their master chef, Malcolm de Sieyes, is surely going to help you get the opportunity to learn about both basic and advanced methods for preparing and creating good food. His master skills are going to educate you on so much about cooking you probably never even knew existed before.

The Robert Louis Stevenson State Park is a beautiful park where you can hike and take in the beautiful sights of the area. Mount St. Helena is a stunning and beautiful mountain worth hiking up to because of its beauty.

The wine guides from the Traveling Vineyard love these great things to do in the Napa Valley area. It’s incredible to be able to witness the beauty that is Napa Valley, but it’s vital to ensure that you do know what is going on within the city. There’s more than just wine. The Traveling Vineyard loves going throughout Napa Valley to see what they have in store. Their vineyards throughout the area are always beautiful, but it’s nice to get away from it all after a little bit. It’s good to get a bit of rest from the wine that you could be tasting all day throughout the city.

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Larkin & Lacey

As one sees article after article on human rights abuses and government sanctioned tragedies around the world, it can be difficult to remember that many people remain on the “side of the angels”. Thousands of employees work for human advocacy organizations, and their efforts have enacted social and policy changes internationally. The end of apartheid in South Africa.

The forming of coalitions to combat the effects of climate change and environmental pollution. Increased rights for women’s, homosexual, transgender, and various ethic and refugee groups are all examples of beneficiaries of advocacy movements.

Pioneering leaders among them include Oxfam, Greenpeace, the American Civil Rights Movement, and the British and American suffragette movements. All are iconic examples of what can be done when individuals with varying “skill sets” work together under the umbrella of a single organization. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey:

While no single advocacy group today yet has the cachet of the groups noted above, plenty of newer human advocacy activists are getting noticed. Former MacArthur Genius Grant winner Majora Carter has started the community environmental stewardship program Sustainable South Bronx. Grassroots activist and political appointee Van Johnson founded the Ella Baker Center to use hip-hop and other cultural methods to reach troubled youths. And the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation uses partnerships to provide healthcare and improve the quality of life for millions of people around the globe.

In 2007, Michael Lacey and James Larkin joined the ranks of these activists. The two Phoenix, Arizona area journalists were arrested at their homes and incarcerated on the orders of controversial “law and order” sheriff Joseph Arpaio. Lacey and Larkin had written a series of articles in a local newspaper critical of the sheriff office’s treatment of undocumented migrants and Hispanics in general.

More recent articles had accused Arpaio of seeking to obtain information on the journalists, the newspaper, and its readers by the illegal use of subpoenas. Larkin and Lacey upon their jail release accused Arpaio of intimidation and took their own legal action against Arpaio’s employer, Maricopa County. A court agreed with the beleaguered journalists and awarded them a $3.7,000,000 settlement. The two men decided to use the money to found the Frontera Fund to aid victims of civil, migrant, and human rights abuses.

Settlement funds became available in 2013 and in 2014, a bruising midterm election was held with both parties announcing that they were “anti-immigrant” to woo voters. One candidate even went so far as to imply that migrants crossing the U.S./Mexico border were actually ISIS terrorists. In the resulting Mexican migrant backlash, the Frontera Fund quietly began distributing monies to cover legal fees and other expenses.

Today, following the philosophy that “we’re all immigrants”, the Frontera Fund donates money to human advocacy and migrant rights groups like the DREAMers program, and acts as a resource in terms of news and policy updates on related matters. Mike Lacey has said that he was raised to lend a hand to the less fortunate, and with the help of the Frontera Fund, he can do just that.

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Equities First Holdings: Your Alternative Lending Partner

Equities First Holdings is a global lender and leader offering alternative shareholder financing solutions. Due to its growing clientele and need to grow, the company has decided to move its Melbourne regional offices to a new location in Level 2, 287 Collins Street, Victoria 3000, Melbourne. This initiative is also aimed to make the company services more accessible to its customers and business associates.

The company has three locations in Australia, that is; Melbourne, Perth and Sydney. Apart from the three offices in Australia, Equities First Holdings has other offices in Hong Kong, United Kingdom, Thailand, Singapore and Switzerland. Its headquarters are in Indianapolis, USA.

The company provides its customers with stock- centered loans to enable businesses access capital for expansion and make strategic investments. These kinds of loans are important as they are not restricted and most are non-resource hence the capital can be used for any purpose as the client wants. Due to this feature, the company’s clientele continues to grow exponentially. Since its inception in 2002, the company has carried out over 700 transactions amounting to $1.4b.

Equities Holdings specializes in the development of efficient alternative lending for high net-worth individuals and businesses who seek non-purpose capital. By non-purpose capital it simply means that the loan is not pegged to doing any specific investment. The client is at liberty to channel the loan to whatever business venture they wish to invest in. the loan uses equities as collateral for a fixed period of time.

Its hyper-focused nature allows the firm to operate on the basis of deal-by-deal. Equities Fist Holdings empowers its clients by offering them tailored transactions. The funding is quickly and efficiently accessible and it entails a five-step process that is; contacting them, the company does their valuation, making terms of agreement and transfer, getting the funding and lastly return of the collateral upon repayment of principal loan amount.

for details Equities First Holdings :,34.htm

Using Securus Technologies Inmate Call System to Prevent Crimes

Even though a criminal is in jail, that does not mean that they have stopped their life of crime. In my three decades working as a corrections officer in our local jail, I can tell you from experience that many inmates commit far worse crimes in jail, and go from being sentenced a few years to never getting out of jail again. The crimes these inmates are involved in run from drug use, violence, to murder. My job is doing whatever possible to make the jail safer for all.


One way that we lessen the likelihood of violence in the jail is by meeting and checking visitors for any contraband. Physical checks and well as x-rays allow us to make certain these visitors can not pass anything to the inmates. Even something as innocent as a metal spoon, in the hands of the inmate could be sculpted into a weapon. Surprise cell inspections are vital too in our efforts to try and keep these inmates from hurting anyone.


A new tool that we have in our never-ending quest to make the jail safe is the inmate communication system. Securus Technologies recently upgraded the equipment and trained the officers on how to use the LBS software. The CEO of Securus Technologies, Rick Smith, says that his Dallas TX based company is committed to making the world a safer place for everyone. All one thousand employees of Securus Technologies follow that same objective each day.


With the new inmate call system in place, me and my fellow officers are now able to listen in on inmate calls in a new way. We can decipher calls and find out when these weapons are coming to the jail, who is bringing them in, where the inmates are hiding them, and who then intend to use them on. The best part, the inmates don’t realize their coded take is actually helping us.


Arthur Becker the successful Investor

Arthur Becker is a successful investor in biotech, real estate and info tech. He is the managing member at Madison Partners which is a biotechnology and real estate investment company. On a recent interview with Ideamensch, Arthur Becker talked about his involvement in real estate and technology. He stated that his interest in these fields developed from his work experience at Zinio and NaviSite, where formerly worked. In order to pursue his interest, Arthur told Ideamensch that he sold NaviSite so that he could invest in the development of a condominium. Arthur says that he has no pre-set schedules and that his work days are always flexible.

Arthur Becker went to study at the Bennington College where he graduated in 1972 with an Arts Degree. He later went to study business at the Tuck School of Business, Dartmouth. According to Arthur, he loves team work and that he is most effective when coordinating with experts on a particular project. Arthur Becker is excited by upcoming and new trends in the sector of biotechnology, particularly that touch about cancer treatment. He attributes his success as an entrepreneur to building a good and clear understanding with his management team.

Arthur Becker worked with NaviSite where he was the Chief Executive Officer. He is now the Chairman at Madison Technology Group and is a managing member at the Atlantic Investors, LLC. Before going to work at Madison Partners, Arthur served as the CEO and Chairman of Zinio LLC. Under the leadership of Arthur Becker, Madison Partners has managed to complete a number of town houses at Sullivan Street, New York. The company is also in the initial stages of constructing a luxury residential condominium in Tribeca. Arthur Becker founded Madison Partners, LLC in order to combine biotech with major economic opportunities and make a positive impact on the living situations of individuals.

Arthur Becker is mostly interested in the sector of cancer treatment and is always looking forward to improve the available treatment options for this deadly condition. He hopes to use technology in doing so. According to Arthur Becker success comes from hard work, passion, commitment and also discipline.  More details can be found on LinkedIn.

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The US Money Reserve Launches Website, Offers Customers A Catalogue To Help With Purchases

The US Money Reserve has been a company that is known to help customers make wise investment decisions for quite a while now. The company mainly deals with helping customers to find the right gold and silver investment options.

These precious metals have always been one of the go-to investment opportunities for people who are looking for a safe and secure way to store and multiply their wealth, and The US Money Reserve stands as a company who has helped clients understand the various nuances of just that.

Since it’s inception, the company has operated out of its head offices in Texas. Until very recently, this was the only way that clients and customers could get access to the US Money Reserve’s resources and services that they have to offer. Learn more about U.S. Money Reserve:

However, earlier this year, The US Money Reserve decided to take their work online and establish their presence on the internet. They introduced their new website which also serves as an online marketplace where people can come and look at the different investment options that The US Money Reserve has to offer.

In the past, there were always individuals who wanted to avail of The US Money Reserve’s services but could not do so because of geographical restrictions. However, with the dawn of their online website, customers from all over the country can get in touch with the company and go about conducting their investments.

The US Money Reserve has always been a place that is known for their extremely vast and valuable collection of coins and currency. One good investment option that isn’t often heard of is investing in old coins. As each day passes, coins dating back a few years become rarer and rarer, and as time passes, become more vintage than they were before.

For long term investments, investing in old coins is a good option, considering that collectors pay a fortune for old and rare coins. With the establishment of their website, The US Money Reserve has put up their coin collection, for customers to have a look and purchase as they please. This has made the entire process of this kind of investment a lot easier on the customers who are on the lookout for something like this.

According to Crunchbase, the site also serves its function of supporting the customers while they go about purchasing from The US Money Reserve.

Customers who have any queries regarding their purchases or investments can send a message to the customer care team and have all the answers which you need to be given to you, at the earliest.

Jason Hope Is The Expert Voice Of The Internet Of Things

Jason Hope knows about things. Electronic things, to be precise. He believes the Internet of Things is fast approaching in technology and that it will soon change the everyday lives of everyone. He shares his expertise in the tech industry with others, serving as a contributor and commentator.

Hope addresses the upcoming Internet of Things and talks about love and respect for the creation of smart technology and the way it is already simplifying most of the things that we need to do in our daily lives.

Jason Hope knows that most people currently think of the Internet as the place you go when you log onto your computer or check for information on your smartphone but says it’s only a matter of time before we use the Internet for almost everything. Already it has entered our homes to help us turn our lights on and off and control the temperature. But he says competition is heated to incorporate it in to our lives in so many other ways. From the largest cities to the most rural of areas Hope sees the changes coming in the near future and uses his knowledge to spread the word and help them prepare for the changes.

Hope is a native of Arizona, growing up in Tempe and has a finance degree from Arizona State University. He also attended ASU’s W.P. Carey School of Business where he received an MBA. Hope is also well known in the world of Philanthropy and enjoys giving back to his community.

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Richard Blair: An Outstanding Investment Advisor

Wealth Solutions is a private company that offers investment advisory services to businesses and individuals. The firm was founded by Richard Blair and is headquartered in Austin, Texas. Blair established Wealth Solutions because of his firm believe that individuals need reliable plans to help them achieve their financial goals. Richard’s specific interest is wealth management and retirement planning. He has perfected on these two fields to provide businesspersons with the right advice.

Wealth Solutions embraces three key pillars that have greatly increased the efficiency of the company in identifying customer’s financial position and retirement needs. This is crucial in crafting a solid plan that corresponds to the client’s needs.

First Pillar serves as the starting point in financial planning process. Through the clients’ insights, Richard is able to become aware of their goals, strengths, growth opportunities and risk tolerance. This phase establishes a strong relationship with clients, which is instrumental in gaining a clear understanding of the customer’s goals and expectations.

The second pillar provides a ground for developing a long-term investment strategy, formulated on the basis of goals and liquidity needs. Richard uses his experience in retirement planning to draw strategies that ensure the client’s portfolio performs maximally both in upward and downward market movements.

The third pillar focuses on the client’s insurance needs. After identifying the goals of clients and crafted visionary strategies to achieve them, Richard moves ahead to find a suitable insurance cover that will cushion clients against uncertain eventualities as they journey towards financial security.

Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions boasts an impressive track record in financial planning and investment. He has used his knowledge and experience to impact positively on lives of individuals, families and businesses. Richard’s wife, mother and grandmother who all served as teachers, greatly influenced his decision to join the education field. Through these mentors, Richard evidenced the ability of teaching in growing individuals’ knowledge and confidence. Armed with mentorship coupled with his aptitude in finance, Richard ventured into helping people in financial planning and investment. After completing his college education in 1993, Richard Blair worked shortly in the financial industry before he decided to establish Wealth solutions in 1994. Since its inception, the firm has helped many people to realize their retirement and investment goals. It offers advice on how to establish successful ventures that can keep peoples’ future secured financially. Richard’s leadership has been instrumental in offering investors the right advice.

Bruce Levenson is Taking Philanthropy to the Next Level by Sponsoring the Do Good Initiative

Bruce Levenson is an intelligent American businessperson, currently managing successful businesses in the U.S. He spent most of his childhood life at Chevy Chase, Maryland. He enrolled at the esteemed American University and got his law degree. Between 2004 and 2012, Bruce was a co-owner of Atlanta Hawks, LLC, which owned and operated the Atlanta Hawks NBA basketball team. In a report by Forbes, later in 2014, Bruce recruited a leading investment banking firm that helped him in selling the Atlanta Hawks, LLC.

Do Good Initiative

After transferring ownership of Atlanta Hawks to another group, Bruce took an active role in the non-profit arena. According to Benzinga, he dedicated generous donations to a cutting-edge initiative referred to as Do Good Initiative. Bruce handed out $75 million while the state of Maryland chipped in with $20 million towards the program. The initiative, which was launched in 2010, had two missions:

  • To transform the campus into a Do Good campus where every student that graduated was informed and motivated to give back
  • To train and come up with the next generation of nonprofit leaders

What makes Do Good an exceptional initiative?

Following enrollment in the Do Good initiative, Ben Simon in 2012 co-founded the largest student-run waste-prevention movement known as Food Recovery Network (FRN). This non-profit organization helps colleges to collect surplus unsold food from their campuses that would otherwise go to waste. It then delivers it to economically disadvantaged Americans.

Bruce Levenson steers the Do Good Initiative to Greatness

The Do Good Initiative is one of the many innovative campaigns that Bruce has funded. Bruce Levenson has been an inspiration to many aspiring entrepreneurs who are passionate about improving lives by supporting various charitable acts. His devotion inspired students, such as Ben Simon, to establish leading nonprofit entities that are addressing social problems. Other colleges have started adopting the program and, thus, making the environment cleaner and life better.