Strangest Wikipedia Article Edits From Congressmen

Wikipedia can be a valuable tool for those seeking information. Most know that Wikipedia is an open encyclopedia, meaning that anyone may edit, add, or remove articles as they see fit. A few years back a software developer by the name of Ed Summers decided to create a Twitter account which tracks all Wikipedia edits that were made from an anonymous congressional computer. The results where strange, hilarious, and a little scary. One edit came on the ham page for Wikipedia, clarifying that “Chicken is not ham.” Indeed. Another one came on the William Shatner page changing “he was an avid equestrian” to “he is an avid equestrian.” One congressman even added the killing of Cincinnati Zoo gorilla Harambe to the list of politicians whose assassinations are open to conspiracy theories. That sounds like one of the Wikipedia revisions from a practical joker rather than from a congressional computer.

The impact can be far greater than personal hobbies an jokes. One edit was made on Senate Intelligence Committee report on CIA torture where “enhanced interrogation techniques” as a “euphemism for torture,” was removed. It shows the power Wikipedia can have when trying to present information in a certain way. Whether someone changes it to make someone or something look bad, or even make something bad look good, it can be a problem for those having their articles changed that don’t know how to fix it.

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Who is Donald Drumpf?

Recently, have you heard someone talking about Donald Drumpf? Did you assume the individual meant to say Donald Trump? Well, let me tell you, they didn’t. Donald Drumpf is a new sensation running around the Internet thanks to John Oliver. For those who don’t know, Oliver is the host of HBO’s Last Week Tonight with John Oliver. On the series, Oliver pokes fun at everything going on in the world of politics. Of course, Trump is no exception.

According to Oliver, Drumpf is Trump’s real last name. He claims that Trump’s ancestors changed their famous last name years ago to sound more American. Soon after Oliver made this statement on his show, a Wikipedia page was created in honor of Donald Drumpf. On it, there was a whole bio as well as a picture of Trump’s grandfather. The Wikipedia page also played upon Trump’s campaign slogan to “Make America Great Again” by urging Oliver’s viewers to “Make Donald Drumpf Again”.

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