Why Travelling Vineyard Offers the Best Work-From-Home Opportunity

Because of the rigidity associated with formal employment, more and more people are finding it favorable to work in the comfort of their homes. People are seeking for work-from-home job opportunities that offer extensive training opportunities, flexible hours, unparalleled support, and of course impressive income. Many companies have come up claiming to offer such opportunities, but none of them is a close match to Travelling Vineyard. The company was founded to provide the best work-from-home opportunities to its team of independent sales consultants. As at present, Travelling Vineyard is the company of choice for work-from-home people and those who are aspiring to join them.

Many people ask the question, “How do I start working with Travelling Vineyard?” Well, the process is simple and straightforward. The first step is to purchase their Success kit which retails at $99. The kit contains wine glasses, decanters, wine carrying bags, and other auxiliary items that include brochures, marketing material, and order forms that a wine guide needs to start out their work. The second step requires a wine guide to purchase two tasting sets which retail at $150. Travelling vineyard reimburses $75 towards the acquisition of the next tasting set if the wine guide makes sells worth $150 and receive three orders at any party. In addition to $150, a wine guide receives $50 if they make sells amounting to $1400 in their first eight weeks. Based on their monthly sales, traveling Vineyard offers a 15-35 commission to its wine guides. Wines cost $14-$25 per bottle, but wine guides are offered discounted prices.

Travelling Vineyard allows its independent sales consultants to increase their potential incomes by recruiting their friends. Every time a person you hired makes sales more than $750, you receive $100 and they also receive $100. The company refrains from using sales quotas so the potential for earning increases.

Travelling Vineyard is involved in ensuring that wine guide increases their sales. The company offers them individual websites free of charge for the first three months after which they are charged $15.95 per month. The sites are designed to enable a wine guide’s friends and party guests to re-order wine. It also has training videos and an accounting software.

Many people are enthused over working with Travel Vineyard. Some consultants who love wine or entertaining are happy that they are getting paid to do what they enjoy doing. The idea that parties can be held in other people’s homes other than their homes has resonated well with many wine consultants. They also marvel at the networking opportunities provided by the company.
Travelling Vineyard is an American company that was founded in 2001. It is based in Ipswich, Massachusetts. The company was in 2010 sold to Richard Libby who restructured it.

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