Sean Penn State of The Union Message- “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff”

“Some people are going to get this book and some people are… not going to get this book.” The author, the noted actor Sean Penn said about his first novel. “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff,” is satire, so a sense of humor is required.

The main character, Bob Honey, is a baby boomer who’s both befuddled and angry at the current state of the world, particularly the current occupant of the White House. In the novel, the POTUS is referred to as the landlord. The character is a disguised version of Donald Trump. “The violently immature seventy-year-old boy-man with money and French vanilla cotton candy hair.” hardly brings to mind anyone else.

The protagonist of “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff” is an assassin who kills the elderly with a mallet. He does this for a cartel of globalists who believe the senior generation stands in the way of progress. For most of the book though, he complains about the world surrounding him. Nothing is safe from his ire, including the #metoo movement, the crisis in Puerto Rico, and North Korea. He touches on the loss of humour in the current era of political correctness and reminisces about the war in Iraq. To say it’s an irreverent book is putting it mildly.

What makes “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff” fascinating is its style, a throwback to the Beats, and other fantastic writers like Thomas Pynchon and Hunter S. Thompson. “Bob Honey,” is a trippy book. Often serving up serious truths disguised as bizarre humor, it’s easier to speak uncomfortable facts when they’re cloaked in comedic language. The bitter pill, taken with a swig of sugary kool-aid.

Sean Penn’s first novel is a not-so-subtle swipe at popular culture. It’s uncomfortable reading that will offend many people, but that was the point. The author realizes we live in uncomfortable times and has penned a story worthy of the current headlines fed us by cable news networks around the clock.