The professional and skilled Rodrigo Terpins

RodrigoTerpins is a Brazilian rally rider as well as a member and team leader of the Bull Sertoes Rally which they formed together with his brother, Michel Terpins, and some other four members. Bull Sertoes is a very strong team that consists of skilled professionals when it comes to speed. RodrigoTerpins’s passion for rallying started at his childhood, since he used to spend best of his time in fixing cars. Rodrigo has taken part in several tournaments and has had victories in a lot of rally championships in the country


Rodrigo Terpins is recognised to be one among the most professionally skilled and talented rally drivers around Brazil. His passion and interest for sports started at a young age. RodrigoTerpin’s career in the sporting industry is very unique, and according to him, his work needs more of discipline, patience, and experience. He also works at the T5 Participacoes as the Senior Director. During his tenure, Rodrigo Terpins managed to grow the company while still enabling it in planning some other big competitions in the country’s rallying races. Check out to know more.



Before Rodrigo Terpins joined T5 Participacoes, he was serving as the president ofLojas Marisa. He has still strived in building a career in the racing track despite him being on several executive seats. RodrigoTerpins’s love for the rally race has always made him manoeuvre through the rough terrains during his competitions, and that enabled him in winning many award. His success is boosted by his tremendous competence, hard work, perseverance, and passion in what he does.


His Success


Rodrigo Terpins has been able to achieve his success due to the support that comes from his fans, his co-driver and more so, from the passion that moves him. According to him, he would not have achieved much without help from his supporters, and his friend who is also a professionally skilled rally driver. Terpins has a huge fan base that will always show up in any competitions that he participates. The successful driver is known to have graduated from Saint Hilaire University where he got a degree in Management and Corporate Governance. You can visit their website