Rocketship Education: For a Potent Future Generation

The Center for Research on Education Outcomes at Stanford University did a study focusing on how environments affect children’s ability to learn. The findings showed that a child from a low-income family gained an additional month of learning in both reading and math for every year they attend a high performing charter school. It is this reason that has seen business leaders like Netflix CEO, Reed Hastings, and Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook support the charter education infrastructure. Tennis star Andre Agassi even partnered with Rocketship Education to open a school in Milwaukee. All children regardless of their financial and family background are deserving of a good education. They are all entitled to a shot at college, a chance to change the course of their life.

Fast Rise to the Top

Rocketship Education was founded by Preston Smith and John Danner in 2006. It is a non-profit network of public charter schools. The two partners aimed at creating a network of quality public schools for the academic welfare and future of children from low-income families. The following year, the first Rocketship charter school was opened in San Jose. The performance attained was exceptional. Within the next five years, the non-profit organization started six more schools in San Jose. In 2013, the organization started to expand into other districts in the United States of America. It all started in Tennessee, then D.C; the network is now widespread. The District of Columbia even gave the organization a mandate to open as many as eight schools despite owning a public school system. Rocketship Education foundation has amassed a reputation for excellence and concern for the future of all American children.

Teaching the Whole Child

The organization’s schools are propped on three pillars: personalized learning, talent development, and parent power. The parents’ involvement in recruitment of teachers is a testament to the latter. At Rocketship schools, students get an all-rounded nurturing. They are taught to dream, discover and develop unique potential. The schools have thrived on a model that propels student achievement. Authenticity, community, tenacity, innovation, and excellence are the driving force of Rocketship schools.