You Don’t Have To Be Rich To Be A Member Of Magnises

Becoming a member of Magnises will officially make you a part of an elite group of people who obviously like to have fun. It’s not just the fact that Magnises members go out to enjoy themselves all the time that makes them special, but it’s the membership they have chosen to purchase. Some feel that they have to have a certain amount of income in order to have fun all the time, but having a Magnises membership means that this doesn’t have to be the case. With the Magnises membership, discounts are given freely to every member, which means they’ll always be saving money.

It’s not only at outings and events that a Magnises member can save money but on purchases as well. Any member who likes to go out to eat is able to save money on their purchases, especially when they purchase multiple kinds of foods at the restaraunt. Getting different bottle services will also result in a discount or even a free bottle, depending on which bars or nightclubs you choose to go to. Magnises has set up their entire membership in order to be beneficial to their users, which are primarily millennials, so it’s great when a millennial chooses to get a Magnises membership.

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Instead of complaining about the places you can’t go into, use the Magnises card to get the opportunity to visit those places, whether it’s a special vacation, a nightclub, restaurant, bar, or even getting certain discounts. Get your customized card once you pay for membership, which is the low price of only two $250 a year now. There’s no telling if the price will go up in the future, especially since the membership is becoming so popular. There is even another membership that can be offered to current members, which is the Magnises Plus membership.

After getting the black card with the standard Magnises membership, you’ll have your name printed directly onto the card for your own personal use, so this means that sharing the card to let others get your benefits is not allowed. In certain cases, you can always get a friend or family member into a club, bar, or restaurant, and they may be also able to get some of your benefits, but no one can use the card personally unless they are the card holder. The card holder has exclusive access to Magnises Concierge, which is a downloadable application for any smartphone.

Using the application has its benefits, especially if you’re someone who doesn’t like sitting on the phone to make reservations. In New York City, it can be so hard to get into a restaurant, so checking in with your Magnises Concierge can allow you to make your reservations, it can suggest where you should eat, it tells you about popular bars, it can lead you to great events and more. The Magnises Concierge also is great at remembering the name of the Magnises user, so use the concierge to your benefit whenever it’s possible.

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