The Remarkable Accomplishment Record of OSI Industries

OSI Industries has been around for a long time since 1909, but they have been making good progress with time to become the thriving entity it is today. OSI deals with food production and food solutions. The company is spread across 17 states with 65 facilities, but its headquarters is at Illinois, United States. Otto Kolschowsky started OSI as a small butcher shop and retail meat market, and after a decade, the business had boomed and blossomed to a wholesale business.

In 1928, the firm was rebranded to Otto and Sons. There was a growing demand, and they had to expand their operations and even worked with McDonald’s restaurants as their main fresh ground beef suppliers. In 1975, the company officially named itself OSI Industries, and due to the retirement of the family leadership, they recruited Sheldon Lavin as a partner to help in managing it. The partnership with McDonalds was very beneficial to OSI Industries, as they both became multinational corporations when a joint venture was made both in Germany and in Spain.

Sheldon Lavin was made the Chief Executive Officer and the Chairman of OSI due to his performance in the company. The new position that Sheldon was given has helped to propel the company to what it is today due to his efforts and determination. OSI Industries has made various expansions and joint ventures which has contributed in making their sales about 6.1 million dollars.

Their net worth placed them number 58 on the largest private companies in 2016 according to Forbes. Business was doing well, and OSI decided to try poultry processing which led them to acquire Moy Park Company in the United Kingdom and Amick farms in the United States.

They entered into a joint venture with Weihai Poultry in China. OSI Industries have a significant presence in China and more dominantly in Europe. The company focuses on sustainable food production and its impact on the environment. They also give their clients satisfaction priority and ensure that their over 20,000 staff work in a suitable environment. They have received various recognitions and won several awards to that effect.

They won the California Green Business Award and the Globe of Honor from the British Safety Council for excellent management of environmental risks both in 2016. This year they received the Environmental Recognition Award from the North American Meat Institute (NAMI). OSI serves as an example to any company or individual seeking to venture food production.

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