Michael Phelps Believes in Talkspace Online Therapy

Michael Phelps has, as of late, been placing a lot of focus on the issue of mental health, and he wishes to lessen the stigma by speaking on his own struggles in that area. For this task, he has joined together with the wonderful Talkspace, which makes it more accessible for those in need to get the type of help and therapy that they deserve. Phelps stressed the fact that no one should avoid something like therapy out of pride or shame, and that it has greatly helped him in his journey.

Phelps himself has spoken on losing hope and on the fact that he went through a period of time when did not leave his own room for quite a while, which is what ultimately prompted him to seek the necessary help. Talkspace provides assistance that is greatly needed in times such as these. What’s even better is that patients can receive this Talkspace help online without leaving the safety of their living places. Mr. Phelps has become, due to issues he’s experienced, an incredible advocate for issues regarding mental health. He recognizes that depression and other afflictions can truly find their way into the lives of anyone, regardless of that person’s lifestyle or background. Check out this article at Talkspace to know more.

Talkspace is quite a blessing in that it makes therapy possible for those who wouldn’t otherwise get access to it for geographical and logistical reasons. Technological advancements alleviate the need for a patient to travel to a physical office, and one can instead reach professional therapists from a computer, tablet or smartphone. Patients can choose from audio, text or video chatting when it comes to working with their flexible therapists. Thanks to this, patients will also find Talkspace to be significantly more affordable than traditional counselors, which allows the company to reach even more people.

The group, which has its headquarters in the beautiful New York City, has, since 2012, been filling a void in the market and in people’s lives. It is important to both Talkspace and Phelps that individuals dealing with such issues feel safe reaching out for help.

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