Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart Explain Their Future; Elaborate on Future Concert Experience

In a recent interview, Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart talked about their band, The Chainsmokers, and the evolution of the group.


Andrew Taggart, prior to joining The Chainsmokers, was going to college in Maine and working on the side as a DJ. He was also interning at Interscope Records. A friend of Alex Pall’s manager mentioned that Pall’s previous partner left him and he believed that Taggart would be the perfect addition to the group.


Alex Pall was working as a DJ in New York City. Music had always been a hobby of his, and he had finally created it into a career when his partner called it quits. Pall’s manager introduced him to Andrew Taggart, and the two began making music that they would soon be famous for.


Together, Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart have created almost countless hit songs. Some of their songs include “Closer,” “Paris,” and “#Selfie.” After the release of “Closer,” as a part of their media tour, they stopped by Interview Magazine to discuss their future plans. Alex Pall also talked about Halsey, who is the featured artist on “Closer.”

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“She’s incredible,” Pall said in reference to Halsey. “Halsey was number one on [our list of wanted collaborations.] Alex Pall had nothing but positive words for Halsey. He also called her cool, a unique artist, and complimented her singing voice.


The song “Closer” also marked the first time The Chainsmokers had an official lead singer. Andrew Taggart took over that role for the band, and going forward, The Chainsmokers will feature even more vocals from Andrew Taggart.


This change will also bring positive change to their live show, according to The Chainsmokers. Fans of The Chainsmokers will no longer be subjugated to unusual concert experiences. For example, because The Chainsmokers relied on guest vocalists to provide the lyrics to their music it was impossible to bring all of them on tour. This resulted in their vocals being emitted from speaker systems. Now Andrew Taggart can take over their roles, eliminating the need for the speaker system.

Norka Luque Believes Music is her Fate

Norka Luque is a musician who hails from Venezuela but is currently in America. She believes that her life experiences, lessons, family, languages and culture have sealed her fate to be music. Emilio Stefan Jr. who also happens to be her producer, made it possible for her to debut in the music scene. Emilio is known as the King Midas in the music world. He helped her record her first ever album dubbed “Miracle” which is getting good airplay in most radio stations broadcasting in Latino and in the United States too. Estefan assembled some great names to the table like Ricardo and Alberto Gaitan the brothers, Archie Pena, Cuco Pena and Luis Giraldo from Puerto Rico. Norka Luque is on record stating that it took them quite a long time before they determined the genre of her album. The album is made of a fusion of R&B, tropical, ballads, rock and pop rhythms.

According to Latino Show Magazine, Norka Luque fell in love with music ever since she was a child and even took part in a number of music competitions. She continued loving music even during her high school age albeit being enrolled to a different course altogether. She holds that her mind was thinking about music always and it formed her resolve to following her passion that saw her join a band referred to as “Bad Moon Rising, Funk and Rock”. Through the band, Norka was able to appear in several platforms that shaped her career development in music.

About Norka Luque

Norka Luque was born in Caracas, Venezuela which was her native city on February 7, 1986. Her life story is one full of inspiration and motivation as she went on discovering and following her passion in music ever since her young childhood days. Her goal in music is clear and she strives to bring forth a message that is positive and full of hopes to her ardent music fans. Norka’s parents supported her as a child by making sure that she attended musical training sessions. The music training entailed ballet, voice practice, flamenco and academic education.

She did her Business Administration studies in France and attained a degree in Fashion, Marketing and Culinary Arts. While in France, she became a member of a music band that propelled her towards her music dream. When she met Emilio Stefan Jr., her career literally took off. The renowned music producer was impressed by her work and took her in. Norka has a strong faith and conviction that she will be able to use her music in making the world a better place.