FreedomPop Debuts Nationwide Wi-Fi Service In The U.S.

The arrival of FreedomPop Nationwide Wi-Fi is absolutely going to shake up the budget mobile phone world. For a mere $5 a month, FreedomPop customers can take advantage of 100% free phone, data, and text. Android smartphone owners just need the appropriate FreedomPop app to access the hotspot.

This new nationwide hotspot brings the United States a similar service to the global hotspot available in 31 countries.

FreedomPop’s basic service presents a set amount of free mobile service. $5 for unlimited Wi-Fi access is an exceptional deal that builds on the original offer.

Since its debut,, FreedomPop has consistently surprised industry experts and insiders in both the United States and the United Kingdom. Sales figures were incredibly high and the conversion from free to paid service was quite strong. FreedomPop proved to be far more than a mere novelty plan. Long-term success is sure to be a huge part of its future. People all over the world do enjoy acquiring free things and keeping bills low.

FreedomPop helps reduce mobile phone expenses immensely and this should be welcome in any country the company lands. With $50 million in funding, FreedomPop is primed to launch a massive global expansion in many ways. Traditional service in new territories along with an expansion of the global hotspot option are two aspects of the major growth plan.

Speaking of expansions, the CEO of FreedomPop, Stephen Stokols, noted the Nationwide Wi-Fi hotspot plan is going to become much more sweeping in time. Right now, 10 million access points exist. Eventually, that number is going to reach 25 million. Investors in FreedomPop are surely thrilled to read about this new offering in the FreedomPop service line.

The news comes on the heels of FreedomPop’s decision to offer zero-rated WhatsApp access in Spain, the third country standard service is being made available.

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