Cotemar Mexico: Modernization and Construction for Today’s Petroleum Industry

Cotemar Mexico provides peace of mind for both the entire petroleum industry and for individuals concerned with environmental safety and responsibility. The main concern for both environmental safety and the petroleum companies alike is the effective operations and global safety of shipping, building, and understanding of the petroleum industry. Thanks to Cotemar Mexico, these are no longer a concern for anybody who employs this high quality, modernizing business.


Do you need extra storage facilities built on your off shore rig? Cotemar Mexico provides semi-submersible, heavy weight carrying vessels to ship your building materials to the site. Then, we provide the construction services needed to guarantee you the exact dimensions and use value needed to make maximum use of your storage areas. We do all of this while providing quick, efficient, modernized service, and while making sure that both you and we maintain proper environmental regulations and minimal impact on the flow of your own operations.


Cotemar Mexico brings high-tech, high quality modernization to any off shore rig, so that all you have to do is call us and schedule maintenance and modernization check ups. We come to your off shore rig, we conduct inspections and investigations into improvements which need to be made to keep your company fit and lean, and we perform all modernizations upgrade for your company included in our service offerings. You no longer need to look up complex legal requirements and attempt to understand how your company needs to upgrade your facility, and you no longer need to worry about getting a lot of little things done individually to bring your rig up to code. Simply call us, and we will do all of the worrying and work for you!


When dealing with environmental factors, or with equipment modernization and maintenance, or with new construction on your off-shore oil rig, Cotemar Mexico is the solution to all of these issues. We provide safe, fast, up-to-date modernizing service for all off-shore petroleum needs, and we do it gladly, efficiently, and with friendly aplomb. When you want the world to be a better place, with a friendly smile, your petroleum maintenance and cargo needs are provided by Cotemar Mexico!

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