NewsWatch TV: Great News & Reviews

NewsWatch TV is a television show based in Washington DC that specializes in all things news, weather, campaign, medical, local announcements, and celebs. They first aired in 1990 and have gained popularity throughout the years. The team that revolves around NewsWatch are a bunch of remarkable people who have had over 20 years experience in the news career. The team consists of Andrew Tropeano, Amanda Forstrom, Eric Forrest, Leslie Alston, Chris Vaughn, Susan Bridges, and Scott Steinberg. From co-hosts to tech analysts, this team has great character and leaves their viewers wanting more.

NewsWatch TV has helped many businesses and organizations get their name out there. They have helped brands and names such like Sony, Casio, Audi, and Intel. NewsWatch has a vast variety of things to do and see on their website. They offer an app, AppWatch to help keep you connected to the news and entertainment around us everyday; they also offer games in the app. The AppWatch is compatible with IOS and Android, but can also be found on their webpage. NewsWatch TV’s website offers a podcast as well as reports of all kinds.

NewsWatch TV has won a few awards for their great success in the news realm. In 2016 they received a Silver Telly Award and in 2017 NewsWatch won a Gold and Platinum Marcom Award and also the National Videographer Award. NewsWatch has had some great celebrity guests on their show that include, Chris Pratt, Carrie Underwood, and Jennifer Lawrence.

NewsWatch has helped many campaigns get a great kickstart by promoting and contributing to the causes. Some of the campaigns NewsWatch TV has helped are Avanca Indiegogo Crowdfunding, Contour Design, Saygus Smartphone, and SteelSeries. These campaigns owe a great deal of their success to NewsWatch. The Marketing Director of Avanca, Nathalie Van Wijkvilet, has had this to say about NewsWatch, “We (worked with) Newswatch and it was one of the main reasons why the crowdfunding project was successful. Its great working with NewsWatch, we love it…we highly recommend working with the NewsWatch team.” Nathalie and Avanca continue to work Newswatch. Many people have nothing but great things to say about NewsWatch TV and their team. The reviews that float around this news site are just over joyed with them and would definitely work with them again and again.