Why The EU Should Listen To George Soros And His Plan For Syrian Refugees

George Soros is a world-famous businessman. Forbes estimates that he is worth $23 billion according to Forbes and he amassed his fortune by being able to predict possible crises and problems. It is no more evident in the fact that how he became famous. He saw an economic crisis coming in England and shorted the British pound to net $1 billion in profit in a single day, earning him the nickname the man who broke the Bank of England.
He learned on Bloomberg Business his ability to see crises coming from his father in the 1930s. His father saw a major crisis coming down the road and George Soros’s home city of Budapest, Hungary. The Jewish family changed their names and secured false papers to present to the eventual Nazi occupiers, saving the Soros family from a fate all too common for Jewish families during World War II.

Fleeing the war-torn mainland, the Soros family emigrated to London where a young George worked as a railroad porter to see himself through the London school of economics. During college he received financial assistance from a philanthropy group, and he turned their meager donation into a life long pursuit of philanthropy funded by his own wealth. Now Soros promotes open borders through his foundation, the Open Borders Foundation. He believes in a refugee or immigrant’s ability to do good for their new community, much like he has throughout his own life.

Now George Soros is making public his own six-point plan on for dealing with the Syrian refugee crisis that threatens to destroy the European Union. And the world should listen to the hedge fund manager because he is in a unique position to understand the business of immigration, the security concerns involved, and the humanitarian crisis at hand. No other politician or public figure is in such a unique position, including the Turkish prime minister who has released his own five-point plan that forsakes the human rights of the refugees.

You can see the humanity of George Soros plan for yourself. His plan was recently published in MarketWatch. It fundamentally addresses all aspects of Syrian refugee assimilation to the European Union.

The plan kicks off with a call for the European Union to accept at least 1 million Syrian refugees per year. George Soros did not come to this number by accident, it has already been established by a majority of European Union nations. Soros is simply calling on the nations to agree on a number.

Much of the plan focuses on funding Syrian refugee management outside of the EU, in places he called the frontline countries. Once those frontline countries have adequate funding, the EU should work for safe passage of the Syrian refugees onto mainland Europe. He then uses his knowledge of business to call on the EU to use its AAA rating to borrow money to pay for the Syrian refugees inside of Europe. It is important to house, feed, clothes and nurture the new residence. It seems like the most comprehensive and humane plan going forward.