Deirdre Baggot Has An Extensive Career In Healthcare Finance

Deirdre Baggot is a well-known healthcare figure for her work on the administrative and financial side of the healthcare system. She began her career back in 1997 and for the past two decades, she has been building a reputation for quality and innovation. She is one of the primary reasons why bundle payments systems have become a norm throughout the United States. At the beginning of her Career, Deirdre was working at Northwestern Memorial Hospital as a staff nurse, which is a highly-respected healthcare establishment in the US. Over the years, Deirdre moved to different organizations to offer her skills, including SCL Health and the Cardiac and Vascular Institute. Visit their website at

Deirdre has been improving her reputation in the healthcare industry for two decades and she has managed to help dozens of different hospitals and healthcare centers around the United States with new payment programs and financial strategies. The bundle program that Deirdre set up has changed the system to focus more on quality rather than quantity, which is an overall good thing for all customers. Deirdre has written more than twenty different articles on the topic of healthcare and bundled payments as well as the benefits it provides to the organizations.

Deirdre’s latest interest in the healthcare market is the variety of wearables that are being designed for consumers to wear that will help them in their medical endeavors. According to Deirdre Baggot, this will be a great way for her to connect better with patients as well as patients connecting better to physicians and healthcare organizations in general. These digital health services are being seen more in recent years as technology continues to advance at a rapid pace. These developments in the healthcare market could change the way people view the healthcare industry entirely and there is much more to come in the near future.

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