InnovaCare Incorporates Innovation to Redefine Healthcare Management

Today’s healthcare industry is complex and very hard to master with almost everything seemingly going wrong. Skyrocketing costs and poor infrastructure has made the industry to lose attraction. Most of the patients have been accessing poor services, some of which don’t address their specific needs. There is a probability that a patient can get the wrong diagnosis leading to poor medication. This does not offer a solution but further increases the health complications that a person experiences. The problem is that a significant number of low-income individuals are finding it hard to pay for their medical services.


However, InnovaCare is one of the private health facilities in the United States that is gearing to bring drastic changes in the healthcare management. The facility has the vision of changing and redefining how individuals should perceive medical industry so that all the challenges and problems associated with the sector can be deemed past tense where people will start accessing quality services at affordable rates. A clear analysis of the healthcare sector clearly indicates that something is wrong and that the situation will not be getting better soon. That’s why most of the facilities of Rick Shinto owned and operated by InnovaCare are changing to more advanced facilities for any person.


One of the most critical aspects that InnovaCare is bringing in the industry include innovative models and programs that have not been implemented in other facilities in the industry. The best aspect of the models used in this facility is that they are made to meet the specific needs of a patient. This means that the facility does not offer generalized medical services but goes further to provide the healthcare that each person wants to get. People always experience difficulties when they are seeking medication from various facilities only for them to get generalized services that don’t address their needs. For more details visit



InnovaCare wants to offer more coordinated medical services in all its subsidiaries. The customer-oriented services are essential as they make each person to be diagnosed for the illness that is affecting them so that they can get the necessary medical services. Customized services is an essential aspect as it helps people to access programs that can help them recover within a short period as compared to the time it would take them to recover if they were not getting customized medical services. Additionally, medical services offered at InnovaCare are highly preferred due to their cost-effective nature. You can visit




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Ara Chackerian’s Profound Interest in Healthcare

In his entrepreneurial career that spans up to 25 years, Ara Chackerian has had the opportunity of learning new tricks that have helped his business thrive. As at the moment, he is the chief executive and the managing partner of a company known as ASC Capital Holding. ASC Capital has created a name for itself as a pioneer in investing in early-stage healthcare companies. Notably, Ara Chackerian is so much interested in investing in the healthcare industry. Besides being a major stakeholder at ASC Capital, Mr. Chackerian has co-founded TMS Health Solution, a company that is dedicated to offering the transcranial magnetic stimulation that is known to help in the treatment of the type of depression that is resistant. For more details visit LinkedIn.


After being in other businesses for a substantial time, Chackerian alongside his business partner was introduced to the new device that helps in the treatment of depression. They embarked on doing research whose results baffled them. The device helped to treat patients effectively. They began to wonder why there was little or no awareness among the public regarding the device. They also wondered why only a few people had access to depression treatment. As they asked themselves questions, an urge to provide answers engulfed them, and TMS was born. The primary aim of this company was to device a model that aids in offering care to patients.


Since the establishment of TMS, at least seven facilities have been built from the ground. The facilities serve the residents of San Francisco as well as Sacramento. The ideas that Ara Chackerian has had regarding entrepreneurship often come from the experience he has had in his life. He is particularly fascinated by the digital healthcare. According to Ara Chackerian, the telemedicine have the potential to better the healthcare system. According to him, before patients enter into a phase of depression, algorithms are able to denote the changes in the individual’s voice and help the patient improve their behavioral health. Ara Chackerian encourages the upcoming entrepreneurs always to take positively the different ideas that people bring forward. Indeed, Ara Chackerian has had a career characterized by creating healthcare companies. Check out


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Mikhail Blagosklonny’s Influence in Oncology and the Subject of Aging

Though organ transplant surgery is much more reliable now than in past years there is still a chance of rejection. Luckily the drug Rapamycin aka Sirolimus exists. It is used to prevent the body from rejecting a transplanted organ. The drug is also flexible capable of treating rare lung diseases too. Though it was created to treat a multitude of health issues it is most known as a cancer drug.

The first ever use of this wonder drug was as an anti-fungal agent. Eventually researchers discovered that what made the drug truly special was its immunosuppressive and antiproliferative properties. After this discovery Rapamycin was no longer used by doctors as an anti-fungal agent. Read more on

Individuals like Mikhail Blagosklonny have done extensive research involving oncology. He has been doing so for a number of years and is currently the professor of Oncology at the Roswell Park Cancer Institute. He also serves as Editor-in-Chief of Oncotarget, a bi-weekly bio-medical journal dedicated to providing all information regarding oncology. He is an avid supporter of the use of Rapamycin. He believes the drug has the potential to slow the aging process an extend an individuals life span. It is a bold statement, but he is the leading researcher on the subject of aging.

To name all the reasons Rapamycin is one of the best medicines on the market would take forever. With that being said, all it takes is a little research to realize why this drug is so wonderful.

Mikhail Blagosklonny is often asked about his plans for oncology. Though he may not have a definitive answer his research tells a story. Something he is very interested in is the relationship between cancer and aging. We all know that cancer is more common in older individuals but we don’t exactly know why. He continually conducts research in the hopes of finding the answer. Visit to read more about Mikhail.

What Mikhail chooses to research as it pertains to cancer always turns heads within the medical field. Of course his ultimate goal is fining a cure for cancer, but in the short term he wants to substantially improve cancer treatment so it is no longer torturous to the average patient. He hopes in the near future that top of the line cancer treatment will be significantly more affordable and available for all.


Neurocore brings attention to depression with 8 facts

Neurocore has post a blog article that helps to bring attention to depression and the toll it takes on people’s lives. Some people don’t even realize how much of an impact depression really does have on everyone’s lives.

6.7 Percent of american’s suffer from depression, around two-thirds of the people that suffer from depression do not get the help they need and deserve for one reason or another. Neurocore wants to help those people realize that they are not weak and that depression is not something to just shrug off. Depression is a very serious and treatable medical condition. Neurocore has collect 8 facts that can change the way people see depression.

1) Depression may develop without outside factors.

Stressful events in a person’s life can make them more susceptible to depression, but there is never just one event, action, or reason for depression to arise. Studies show that genetics play some role in whether or not someone develops depression. Read more at about Neurocore.

2) There is more than one type of depression.

Depression is a category, there are many different types of depression such as Major Depressive Disorder and Postpartum Depression.

3) Signs and symptoms are often not obvious.

Every person is different and show different symptoms. Some people that have depression don’t show any outside signs such as those with High functioning depression.

4) Depression is not just in the mind, but also the body.

Depression can cause shortness of breath, general tension and many other physical problems in the body.

5) Suicide is the second leading cause of death.


There were 42,773 people that committed suicide in 2014, and 250,000 people who had attempted suicide.

6) Depression is the leading cause of disability among ages 15-44 in America.

Depression ranks in the top 3 in workplace issues in the United States.

7) There is not enough funding for depression research.

Depression research only receives 1 out 100 donations to cancer every year.

8) No matter how severe depression can be treated.

The sooner people get into treatment the more effective that treatment will be.

Neurocore has been established since 2004 and has eight centers in Michigan and Florida. They can help with many mental disorders including ADHD, Anxiety, Autism, Stress and more. Learn more about Neurocore at Crunchbase.

Preparing for an accurate Life Line Screening

There are few things more important than your health. We all do what we can to protect our health but sometimes unexpected illnesses can get the better of us. These health conditions can be emotionally, physically, and financially devastating if not caught in time.

This is the problem that Lifeline has made its mission to remedy. Even though it is impossible to prevent every on this possible, early detection is the number one way to stay ahead of the curve and keep healthy. Not only can a screening improve recovery time, but it can also make a difference of tens of thousands of dollars once the medical bills come in.

Lifeline is not a medical care provider, instead, they are an independent Laboratory that focuses entirely on screening and monitoring for potential illnesses. Because this service is their only focus they’re able to provide health screening services at a fraction of the price customers would be charged in a hospital.

When it comes to preparation, it is absolutely vital that you follow the instructions exactly. Each procedure will be a little bit different but there are a few things you can do to ensure an accurate screen every time.

For screening related to the heart, cardiovascular system, and nervous system it is important to wear loose-fitting and clothing. Turtlenecks in pantyhose will not be permitted. Blood flow around your wrist ankles and neck must be completely uninhibited during this procedure. For more info about us: click here.

Three conditions related to digestion, diabetes, and the liver you will need to fast for some period of time prior to the exam. This can range from 4 hours all the way up to twelve. During this time it is recommended that you rest so you do not overexert yourself; potential low blood sugar for some clients can leave them feeling light-headed and at risk for falls and other accidental mishaps.

While it’s not possible to stop every bit of illness, early screening can make recovery quicker, less painful and far cheaper. All the more reason that it’s important to prepare and dress as instructed to ensure an accurate screening.

Why Cancer Patients Should Read OncoTarget Articles

On Its Reliability

In starting off, OncoTargets have become genuine eye-openers as far as the exploration of evidence behind current cancer therapies is concerned. In most cases, it has continually contributed to improving knowledge about the pathological basis of most cancer cases, treatment protocols and even in-depth analysis on the potential targets for therapeutic considerations. In having a well-organized content, Mikhail Blagosklonny cancer specialists can effectively improve their care for cancer patients since OncoTargets avail a lot of reliable information on the current management programs in place. Even as it further explores evidence behind the upsurge in the use of individual therapeutic strategies, it also aids in defining terms about the correct drug use and also how a healthcare professional accepts the already established dosage for his or her patient.

Free Access to Widely Acceptable Medical Standards

Additionally, cancer patients need to read these journals since it is the only multidisciplinary journal that assures them free access. Both doctors and patients have access to widely-acceptable and more reputable results based on intensive research. From such findings, the doctors can maximize the information from these studies to accord their patients of the latest and highly acceptable treatment ventures. It also purposes to mean that such information also allows exceptional and outstanding discoveries to be shared faster and widely to rid this discipline of the borders that exist within specialties.

Acknowledges the Role of Biomedical Science to Cancer Therapies

Another importance of the OncoTragets points to its ability to link various sub disciplines in biomedical science. When a patient reads ontological-based content, he or she can acknowledge the applications of both clinical and basic science in fighting cancer. Further, one can recognize the vast contribution of these scientists in progressive science even as they make significant strides in reaching the ultimate goal of “Life without the disease.’

Final Thought

Lastly, they not only accept papers that have topics from within the subject of oncology but consider topics such as metabolism, cardiology and cell biology. With such versatility, the reader becomes knowledgeable in different aspects of medicine which in their end becomes beneficial to their well-being.

The Cure to Lung Diseases

Chronic Lung Diseases make it difficult for individuals to enjoy their day to day lives. Shortness of breath gets in the way of every activity one enjoyed doing previously. However, The Lung Institute with the use of the Stem Cell Therapy has come out with a revolutionary way to tackle lung diseases. These branches of the Lung Institute are in 5 different places namely, Florida, Tennessee, Arizona, Pennsylvania and Texas.

The Lung Institute understands that every individual has their own identity and hence has different ways of dealing with everyone’s disease. In this treatment, the stem cells help in regenerating or start the healing process of the damaged tissues. Lung stem cell therapy mainly comprises of the stem cells being reintroduced in the victim’s body, where they make their way to the lungs and start healing the affected tissues.

Every treatment performed at the Lung Institute is performed with stem cells that are autologous, which means that these cells come from a patient’s body. According to, due to these circumstances, the treatments are deemed to be very safe. The treatments are not intrusive at all and are performed over a course of three days on an outpatient basis.

The Lung Institute uses stem cell maintenance capabilities that are completely natural. Stem cells are withdrawn and separated from a patient’s bone marrow or blood, and then the stem cells are reintroduced into the body. The stem cells then enter into the lungs and rest inside them, which promotes inflammation reduction and natural healing.

Joining hands with the Lung Institute can help the patients of lung diseases to breathe a lot better as well as to live a lot better! To go through the numerous testimonials of our patients, feel free to visit

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