The Strategies Behind 2017’s Increased Profit Margin for Highland Capital Management

Highland Capital Management Korea Limited, an investment company focused on private equity for middle markets in the healthcare industry, is seeking to grow its $147 million investment in the U.S. market. The firm that is financially backed up by its founder, South Korea’s National Pension Service, which has more than $400 billion in investments only. Highland Capital Management has particular strategies and objectives that work for its portfolios in the healthcare industry that cut across Korea, China and the U.S. Visit to know more.

Under the direction of Stonebridge Capital, HCM has managed to embrace both the Asian and North American healthcare industries. As a result, this investment company was able to realize up to $1.5 billion worth of investments by the end of May 2017.

The current managing director, Matt Jameson, points out that even though Highlands Capital Management has had great success in the North American industry, there are a number of acute factors that keep on disrupting the trends of growth. Nonetheless, he also reiterates that the initiative by the U.S. government to provide health insurance to most, if not all, citizens has helped a great deal in stabilizing the waters for the healthcare middle market.

Since Highland Capital is enjoying a good profit margin, they feel it is time that they diversify their client base. As a result, they have come up with a value-based structure that will inform their investment strategy and objectives. The structure qualifies a lead based on long-only funds, collateralized loan obligations, credit hedge funds and special situation private equity. HCM is also looking for potential in other emerging markets, the natural resource industry and in long- and short-term equities.


Highland Capital Management has offices in New York, Seoul and Sao Paolo, but its headquarters are in Dallas, Texas. These varied locations have enabled the company to develop an interesting corporate social responsibility platform, which focuses on advisory board involvement, volunteerism and other monetary donations. The HCM board of executives is also hoping to carry out more investment portfolios on governments, foundations, high net-worth persons, financial institutions and endowments.

As of Feb. 2017, the Market Watch reported that Highland Capital Management had almost tripled the profits of S&P 500 for 2016. This was attributed to the credit competency held by the lucrative investments and partnerships HCM had made in 2016 only. Interestingly, most Master Limited Partnerships offered high, single-digit or low, double-digit yields. In return, this has grown the cash flow of HCM in the industries has currently invested in. Read more at Biz Journals about Highland Capital.

Freedom Financial Offers Ways to Avoid Hard Fiscal Lessons When Back-to-School School Shopping

The end of summer heralds two new beginnings. The start of autumn and a new school year. Freedom Financial respectfully offers some suggestions to ease the transition into the latter.

When most people go to the supermarket for a week’s worth of groceries they take a list. A list prevents overspending on unneeded items and saves time because you know what aisles to visit. The same principle should be applied back-to-school shopping. If your child’s school doesn’t already provide a list of needed supplies contact his/her school and ask for one.

In fact, ask for a list of needed supplies for the next grade your kinder will be entering. You might be able to purchase those supplies on sale. Besides the potential savings, this could eliminate the need to go school shopping the following year.

Figure out item by item what you have to spend. Once you’ve made your budget break it down into must have and can wait for columns. As the back-to-school shopping season winds down supplies will naturally go on clearance. Last minute shopping can yield more savings.

Before spending a dime scour your home and office for serviceable school supplies you might already have.

If practicable hold off on buying school clothes. Stores transitioning from fall to winter clothing equals discounts on the fall clothing. In fact, clothing prices tend to be lowest in October.

Freedom Financial hopes these ideas prove helpful. Since its creation in 2002 Freedom Financial has grown into a multiple company online resource for those looking for mortgages personal loans and relief from excessive debt. From the time that co-founders Bradford Stroh and Andrew Housser had the vision that would become Freedom Financial until today the company has helped its 350,000 clients with debt resolution in excess of 6 billion dollars.

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