“James River Capital Principal Paul Saunders on Burnout “

James River Capital is a company that Paul Saunders founded and is the Principal of. Paul Saunders has always had a passion for investment banking, and he started his career as an investment banker before branching out to investment and trading. Paul Saunders has worked in James River Capital since 1995 holding several positions in the company. Apart from his achievement in the investment industry, Paul Saunders is also involved in philanthropic efforts. Paul Saunders and his wife founded The Saunders family Foundation that is responsible for helping people around the globe. The two have also supported other organization when it comes to funding and charity. Paul Saunders as the Principal of James River Capital gave his two cents on burnout in the workplace and how one can overcome it to work efficiently. Paul Saunders believes that working at one point can be stressful especially when one has to juggle between work and personal life.


According to Paul Saunders, having a burnout can be very easy especially when one is compounded with stress all the time. The impact can be more if one is not aware of the burnout and does not pay attention to the signs that show one is experiencing burnout. If one takes action, it will be much easier to eliminate the burnout and continue working efficiently. The following are some of the ways an employer can help their employees if they are experiencing burnout in the workplace.


  1. Loss of control


Loss of control can easily happen to employees in the workplace if they feel constricted to an inflexible schedule and work routine. It is important as an employer to have a flexible structure and work schedule in the organization that allows the employees to have a sense of control. If your employees are losing control when it comes to time management and scheduling, it is a sign of burnout as they feel helpless.


  1. Transparency


Lack of transparency in the organization can cause burnout as the employees are not feeling compensated for their work or they’re not being told everything that happens in the organization. This can construe negative feelings in them that ultimately lead to burnout. It is therefore important as an employer to be as transparent as possible to the employees. Learn more: https://vimeo.com/272365860


  1. Attitude shift


When employees are experiencing burnout, they tend to have negative emotions in the workplace and lack of motivation. This contributes to stress that is seen in how they work. It is, therefore, essential that the employees are offered support in the organization in any form it can be through team building or taking up a hobby.


Burnout is a very crucial issue in many western communities, and it is important that organizations help their employees through it.


Infinity Group Australia Is Honored With A Set Of Award Nominations

Infinity Group Australia was recently nominated for a set of awards during the Australian mortgage awards. The company works with Australians to help them reduce and pay off their debt as quickly as possible. When the major 4 banking environment leaves its customers to fend for themselves, Infinity Group steps in and offers them a way out. The team at Infinity is full of experts who care, and the company has won many different awards, over the years, because of this. In 2018, the company was chosen as the best overall customer service experience management organization in Australia.


Infinity Group Australia also picked up a nomination for being one of the most innovative companies in Australia in 2018. While this came as no surprise to the company’s leadership, they still felt honored by the nomination. Graeme Holm, the company’s director, commented that Infinity Group was proud to make the list, and he gave his team a lot of the credit for it. As a nominee for the three categories of awards, which include Young Gun of the Year, New Brokerage of the Year, and Independent, Brokerage of the Year, the company continues to step up its game by helping the people who matter the most; its customers.


Graeme Holm is the co-founder and director of Infinity Group Australia, and he has been working in the financial services industry for 17 years. As an accredited financial planner and real estate expert, he became disenamored by the way that Australians were being treated by the major 4 banking environment. After feeling fed up with it all, he was more than happy to help create his own company, which would offer Australians a real way of getting out of debt.


Graeme Holm knows that most Australians live paycheck to paycheck and that they need strong support from a company who really cares about their well being. The major 4 banks have convinced most of them that they can only afford to make their minimum loan repayments, which means they remain stuck in debt for most of their lives. Infinity Group Australia, and Holm, personally work with their clients to ensure that they will pay their debt down much quicker than this. Every single client Holm has worked with has been able to pay down more of their debt within the first three months than they were able to cover during the last entire calendar year. Learn more: https://www.yourmortgage.com.au/mortgage-brokers/best-mortgage-brokers/mpaaustralia-top-100-brokers-2017/13-graeme-holm-infinity-group-finance/243102/


An insight into Infinity Group Australia

Infinity Group Australia is a company that offers financial services. Infinity Group Australia Limited is an Australian company which specializes in debt reduction, tax minimization, credit repair, debt consolidation, retirement services, wealth creation and money management.

They also offer life insurance services through referral. It was established in 2013 because of how banks showed a negative attitude towards their customers. Their headquarters are situated in Bella Vista in New South Wales, Australia.

Some of their beliefs include building lasting relationships with their customers, delivering services of the best quality to their clients and taking time in understanding their customer needs.

One of the aspects which the infinity group focuses on is debt reduction. This can be referred to as reducing the amount of debt accumulated by an individual or by a corporation. Is can also be taken to mean slowing down the growth of debt.

Infinity helps their clients to review their debt and also assists them to analyze it. This is very important since it is used for debt elimination and reduction. They help their clients not to carry out disadvantageous practices when they have debt such as debt consolidation.

This involves taking out a new loan to pay off many other obligations. Infinity Group also specializes in wealth creation. Many people view wealth creation as unattainable.

This is because they have to pay out their many bills and also catch up on their mortgages. Having to work hard while still paying their financial expenditures makes people feel like they are getting as many rewards from their jobs.

This is where Infinity becomes helpful. They help an individual to protect and review their assets for them to achieve their highest returns. They come up with wealth creation strategies such as short-term and long-term investments.

Due to their knowledge in these fields and their precise planning the help their clients to invest according to their current financial position and the financial position they would wish to be.

Retirement solutions is another service that is provided by the Infinity Group. They assist one in planning for their retirement while considering their current income, age and also their assets.

Retirement planning has been seen to be necessary since the cost of living and inflation is on the rise. One needs a proper retirement plan at such a case since the savings accumulated for retirement over the years might fail to be enough.

Infinity group has won some awards and has also been nominated for many. Some include winning the Customer Experience Management Award in Australia 2018. They were finalists in the adviser Australian broking awards.

They were also finalists in the Optus my Business Award in 2017. They were ranked thirteenth on Top 100 Brokers 2017. Learn more: https://www.mpamagazine.com.au/people/profiles/getting-financially-fit-at-infinity-group-australia-244676.aspx