Marc Beer, the veteran Professional Pharmacist behind Renovia

Marc Beer is a renowned development and commercialization expert with more than 25 years of experience in pharmaceuticals, diagnostics, biotechnology, and related devices. In August 2016, together with Ramon Iglesias, Yolanda Lorié, and MD, Marc Beer founded Renovia. Immediately after unveiling Renovia, the firm closed a Series A financing with a leading healthcare oriented capital funds.

Renovia, a now well-known MedTech company based in Boston is oriented in developing a range of therapeutic and diagnostic products and services with the sole aim of treating disorders affecting the pelvic floor. Among its targeted pelvic disorders include urinary incontinence, which is a dominant disorder that troubles approximately 250m women across the world. Already, the first brainchild of Renovia, FDA, has received a go-ahead from FDA.

The startup company, steered by veteran pharmacists, chief among them, Mark Beer, is poised to move forward with its range of unique products. This is after closing a $32 million series B round. Further, the company secured an additional venture debt valued at $10 million. Also, Longwood Fund, an established healthcare investment firm that has invested in Renovia also joined the series B round. The resultant funding is expected to boost the testing and developing an innovative brand of Leva device.

Marc Beer, the Chief Executive Officer of Renovia, has expressed his support to Longwood Fund. According to him, both Renovia and Longwood Fund share a common objective: to provide better, affordable and, convenient treatment for women affected by pelvic floor disorders across the world. The Chief Executive Officer was optimistic that the union of the two companies would eventually lead to better services for their clients. The advanced services, he said, will be as a result of combined state-of-the-art technologies that will assist to deeply understand pelvic floor disorders and eventually bring down the cost of long-term care.

Mark Beer is a professional with valuable experience in the pharmaceuticals world. In 200, he was appointed the Chief Executive officer of ViaCell, a biotechnology firm that primarily deals in collection and preservation of umbilical cord blood stem cells. In a span of seven years, he led the company from a small firm to a significant player in the industry. Under Marko’s leadership, the company snowballed and went public in 2005 leading to its acquisition by PerkinElmer.

Mark is affiliated to the Miami University Business Advisory Council. He is also a former member of the Notre Dame Research and Commercialization Advisory Committee as well as the Notre Dame Graduate Studies Research and Advisory Council. He graduated from Miami University, Ohio with a Bachelor’s of Science. Learn more: