Fabletics Takes the Lead and Kate Hudson Leads Consumers to Her Athletic Clothing Brand

Fabletics is taking the lead from other companies that may have had the reign as the leader in athletic clothing. There is no surprise when it comes to this if one looks at the track record that Kate Hudson has. She has not been playing around when it comes to building her athletic clothing company. Even though this is a brand that is designed exclusively for females, Kate Hudson has still managed to gain a lot of interest because Fabletics also has a brother company called FL2. This is how Kate Hudson, Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg have been able to provide athletic clothing for men as well. It is all a great part of the strategy that Kate Hudson has put in place.


She wants to be a dominant force in athletic clothing, and she wants to connect with her consumers through social media. She knows that she can take control of the outlet clothing market because she already has people that are going to embrace what she has been doing so far.


Kate realizes that she can open more physical stores because she has already been building her brand up. She knows that people are excited about the new stores, and her customers are still trying to find out what she wants to bring when she shifts directions from the website to brick-and-mortar stores. People that have been ordering online are getting a chance to actually try clothes on now. One thing that take Hudson has been able to do is make people see that athletic clothing does not have to be boring. There may have been many people that have been struggling with trying to find clothes that will be comfortable enough to workout in on a regular basis. There may have been people that have not had any clue about how they would build their athletic clothing wardrobe because they did not have any garments that they were excited about.


What Kate Hudson hopes to do with her brand of athletic clothing is make people aware of her brand. She wants people to become excited about working out. She wants to make people feel that they have a lot of choices when it comes to picking garments for the workout process. This is why she puts so much emphasis on style. This is also the reason why she takes the initiative to create clothing that women will appreciate.


Kate Hudson is a multi-millionaire that could be doing a lot of other things with her time. She has a lucrative movie career, and she is still working on movies right now. She has not taken on as many roles as she could, however, because she has spent so much time building the Fabletics brand. She has even become an award-winning entrepreneur thanks to her dedication to the building of Fabletics. It shows that she is focused and determined to make this company a staple in athletic clothing communities. She is serious about the elevation of her brand.

Fabletics Hits the Online Market with a Bang

Fabletics is a well-established business owned by a woman named Kate Hudson. Recently, the business has been in the timeline due to brilliant growth it is experiencing. Fabletics has been in operation for the last three years and is doing extremely well and promises to keep with the trend judging from its current progress. Kate had the feeling that women needed great workout clothes that are comfortable and easy to clean. Driven by the urge, Kate opened Fabletics as a platform where women could find whatever they needed. The business has been experiencing growth in their customer base hence recording more profits. The company operates on subscription membership program where its clients subscribe to stay informed about what Kate is about to release before making orders.

This program greatly influences the rising number of sales recorded each month.

Within a period of 3 years that Fabletics has been in operation, it has recorded over $250000000 regarding sales which signifies Kate’s success. Kate together with her team of employees takes credit for their excellent progress within the business firm. Kate and her team often introduce new strategies projected to improve the business. Since establishment, Kate’s company has remained loyal to their customers and always deliver more than they should expect. In return, the customers have remained loyal and more keep flowing in millions which means healthy business for Fabletics even in the future.

Even though Kate likes the idea of a physical store, she agrees that online marketing created and will continue creating a conducive environment for her business. It’s from her research on companies like Apple and Warby Parker that she decided to introduce the reverse showroom model into Fabletics. The successful business woman happily agrees that the reverse showroom was the breakthrough for her business. Kate is passionate about stylish plus size women clothing and particularly women fashion and therefore the reverse showroom model works as the best opportunity for her. The model enables her to deeply research the culture of women in a particular area. Also, the information gathered keeps her posted with what she is expected to deliver to her customers in the next release. Additionally, she uses the information obtained to update the stock in her already existing physical stores. The model leaves a majority of her customers happy with what they receive and always eager to know what will be in the next release.

Currently, Fabletics owns a couple of physical stores in Florida, California, Hawaii and other areas. However, in the next one year, the business plans to open at least three more physical stores as a way of expanding their operations. Kate’s success and mode of business are giving big companies like Amazon a run for their money. Although, Fabletics has been in the industry for less than a decade its progress promises a lead in the coming years. The business firm has always remained faithful to its customers and always delivers trending items at an affordable price. The two attributes have created Kate and her company a good reputation hence an enormous and loyal customer base.