Talkspace: a new way to access therapy

The world of mental health was changed forever in 2012 when Oren Frank founded Talkspace. Talkspace is an innovative platform the gives users access to mental health professionals at any time. The company, which recently struck a deal with Magellan Health, will soon be available to people who are insured through Magellan Health.

Talkspace has a team of over 1000 health professionals who are trained to provide all of the empathy and care of traditional therapy, through text messages and video chats. In November of 2017, Talkspace boasted 500,000 active users.

Designed for people who don’t have time for, or cannot afford traditional therapy, Talkspace assigns users a therapist with whom they can chat with daily.

To prove the positive effect of online therapy, Oren Frank refers to a study that showed a 25 percent decrease in mental health associated hospitalizations for veterans who had access to online therapy.

Frank hopes that by giving access to mental health professionals to everyone, the stigma that has become associated with seeking therapy will disappear. Users of the app have praised it, saying that the frequent short therapy sessions have allowed them to regain control over their mental health, and is an important factor in the improvement of their quality of life.