The SEC Pays Whistleblowers $33 Million Dollars

Bruno Fagali has recently posted an article on his blog regarding one of the largest rewards given by the SEC to whistleblowers. Two rewards were granted by the Securities and Exchange Commision to two people who reported and helped proves serious financial irregularities that were committed by Bank of America. Read more about Fagali on Crunchbase.

Three individual reports were made about Bank of America’s illegal financial activity. It turned out that only two of the reports made consisted of serious financial violations that were initiated by wealth management company Merril Lynch, and the activity continued after Merril Lynch purchased Bank of America.

Fagali reports that the first violation committed by Bank of America was using account holders money for secret and risky transactions. The SEC found that Bank of America used five million dollars of its account holders money from 2009-2012. The five million dollars generated fifty million dollars in profit for the bank. Bank of America consciously put account holders assets at risk for their own profit instead of protecting those assets.

Fagali reports that the second violation committed by Bank of America was to place account holders money in secret accounts that were placed in compensation burdens. For six years fifty-eight billion of account holders money was placed in reserve. This money could have been subject to claims of bank creditors, and at the time it was feasible to believe that the bank may have had to file for bankruptcy.

Fagali’s blogs clearly state that these actions violate Bank of America’s responsibility for consumer protection. Instead of complying with its legal duty to protect their account holders assets Bank of America put fifty-eight million dollars of their account holders assets at risk. Though the bank’s actions did not result in any losses to the account holder the bank is still liable for its actions.

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Malcolm CasSelle Finds Exceptional Usage for Crytocurrencies Online with Gamers

The gaming industry is igniting the world of cryptocurrency through the sale of virtual assets online in the gaming world. Malcolm CasSelle, CIO of OPSkins, is working on with his team the creation of what is called WAX (Worldwide Asset eXchange) which will help players in the virtual realm of video games buy and sell items via what they call smart contracts making the efficiency of trading that much easier. The purpose of WAX is to help combat what are the biggest issues in the virtual asset market which is fragmentation and fraud.

Fragmentation being one of the issues that gamers are run into is having to switch out of their screens to purchase in game items and WAX has a solution for this. By taking the in game assets and tokenizing them meaning giving them a WAX token value within the game, players are able to trade, buy, and sell as they interact with other gamers.

Another issue that gamers experience is interacting with players worldwide. The different countries all have different currencies, however using the cryptocurrency format allows players to trade on a universal token allowing access to all virtual asset markets.

Fraud is also a very big issue in the virtual asset market and this is because people often are not receiving the items in which that they are purchasing. Scammers are able to receive the funds for items without actually giving over the promised item. However, with WAX and its new block chain system it stops this issue.

The only way an asset can be exchanged is through what’s called a smart contract, which is two individuals agreeing upon the trading and sale of an item. This is helpful also for the virtual asset industry as it requires no third party assistance. Malcolm CasSelle is looking forward to further developing WAX and it changing the cryptocurrency game forever.

Entrepreneur Robert Deignan is A Revered Business Leader in the Industry of Technology

Steadfastly rooted business leaders are often likened in a major area that is focused on building client’s investments. As illustrated by entrepreneur Robert Deignan, a famous multifaceted business professional who has vast experience in various industries. From internet marketing to the use of technology through business development, Robert Deignan has shaped his career in various companies. Other than that, he has crafted the art of developing successful business ideas throughout his career.

For education, he attended St. Thomas Aquinas High School before joining Purdue University for a course business management. After earning his degree, Robert delved into the career world by initiating businesses through viable ideas. For starters, he co-founded ATS Digital Services where he also serves as the chief executive officer. ATS Digital Services is a shopper brand created to help clients with shopping for their demands. Most fundamentally, the company helps shoppers to leverage their intelligence in order for brands to benefit from different businesses. In his capacity as the head cheerleader of ATS Digital Services, Robert initiated the smooth transitions of business through intelligence and expertise. He also made sure that the share market of the company grew in multiple ways including expanding the client base.

The other company Robert worked for IS3 Inc, a company that works with technology experts to support security solutions made for consumers as well as businesses across the world. As the executive president of the firm, Robert ensured that the business was streamlined to fit the requirements of clients in many aspects. As such, the firm delved into the provision of STOPzilla Software, prominent software used for enhancing internet security. Moreover, he initiated growth in many aspects that attracted clients from different industries. STOPzilla Optimizer is also software made for cyber protection. The anti-theft app protects Android mobile devices by cleaning up computers.

Additionally, Robert worked for Fanklink where he registered an excellent track record in sales and business management. Being the head cheerleader of the company, he is responsible for initiating work with executive teams on the overall business strategy. With this team, they constantly analyzed overall business strategy and implemented successful business strategies for the betterment of their businesses.

At ATS Digital Services, Robert oversees the development of tech-support team. The industry has since made major milestones by developing AppEsteem Corporation with the aim of providing support services to clients in regards to software applications.