Scientists are always working towards inventing new things that make life better, longer and interesting. For the incurable diseases, they research relentlessly until they come up with a cure all in the effort of prolonging human life. The real struggle though has been inventing a solution for mortality and there seems to be some light at the end of the tunnel. Since researchers have come up with solutions of close to anything that causes death, now the target has been preventing aging. That means, however old one grows, age may never be a determining factor of one’s death. That way, immortality shall have been achieved for humans!Usually, age comes with certain diseases that in return lead to death. However, researchers have found out that rapamycin an anti aging drug can be used to prolong life and also improve a person’s immunity. In fact, the drug tested on animals proved to prolong the life of rodents.

Mikhail Blagosklonny on his Oncotarget publication, it was believed that aging was a functional decline resulting from molecular damage and could not be prevented. However, Mikhail differs with this theory. He supports the hyper function theory that describes aging as continued growth which can be prevented by use of rapamycin. Combined with other rapalogs in the correct dosage, rapamycin not only prevents disease but also promotes prolonged and healthy life in humans.Rapamycin’s journey began a couple of years ago and its future seems bright since researchers believe it is high time they start using the drug with a focus on aging. In 2006, the drug had been legalized for use in clinics for treatment of various diseases such as cancer and also the diseases that come hand in hand with aging. It was also recommended for use as an anti aging drug and also for transplant patients. A few years later, lots of tests had been done and just affirmed that indeed rapamycin held the future of anti aging therapy.

In his works, oncologist Mikhail argues that although rapamycin prolongs the lifespan of people, it doesn’t make much difference since finally, the person will die. According to him, the drug prolongs life, yes, but again prolonging life means delaying the diseases that come as a result of aging. Therefore, the cause of the death is all but the same. He adds that gerontologists should research on something else such as the potential causes of post aging given that rapamycin is already in clinics. Mikhail further argues that combining various anti aging drugs available in clinics and giving them in correct dosages and schedules is the best way to see maximum life span extension.Mikhail Blagosklonny is not only a researcher but also a professor and philanthropist who believes in fair treatment of all people regardless of their social status. His areas of interest in research are cancer and aging. His hope is to figure out a way of treating cancer patients effectively without destroying other crucial body cells at a cost friendly price.

Dr. Clay Siegall Implements The Use Of Advanced Technolgy In Cancer Therapy

Research for the most suitable cancer medicine has been carried out since time in memorial, and Dr. Clay Siegall has been fully involved in the various scientific research processes that have been carried out by scientists, in the course coming up with a solution to the destructive ailment that has claimed more lives than any other disease. While undertaking different research processes, Dr. Clay realized that there was a great need to ensure that cancer patients are able to access medication that helps to lower the side effect of the ailment.

His previous life experience combined with the desire of ensuring that a final solution is developed to cure the complication, Dr. Clay Siegall helped to co-found Seattle Genetics. The research center was founded back in 1998, and it was originally established as a biotech company that would, in the end, help to spearhead research into different methods of curing cancer. Initially, the biotech company was a small medical facility startup, and most of the work was carried out using limited resources. Additionally, researchers at the organization were not as many compared to the current situation.

Through continuous effort and never giving up, Clay Siegall managed to prove to the world that his firm can successfully undertake in-depth research in cancer treatment and even come up with the most suitable medication. Seattle Genetics has managed to manufacture over 20 different types of drugs that have been distributed in the market to help in the treatment of cancer. Seattle Genetics, under the management of Clay Siegall, has managed to push through the challenges of the business world, and at the moment it is recognized as one of the largest biotechnology companies that helps to advance research on cancer treatment.

Clay Siegall studied medicine at the University of Maryland, and it is in the course of his studies that he realized the great passion that he had towards cancer research and treatment. He also realized that the current advancement in technology would help him achieve his dream of availing a suitable medication for treating various genetic related conditions.

Since his father had cancer, he loathed the manner in which chemotherapy was being administered at that time, Clay Siegall became motivated more than ever to ensure that the new methods are invented to help cancer patients access medication in a more humane manner.