Gourmet Dog Food Gone Wild – Game Bird and Pacific Catch For Starters


Gourmet Pet Food is on the rise. The chatter in the dog parks is “Rah-ruh-raarh-rrarh,” translated into English, “eat-like-your-owner.” Dog food companies are not just improving the nutritional aspects of your pet’s meals, but improving the taste as well and enhancing the health benefits of each meal.

Recently reported by Craig Giammona in the Bloomberg News, pet food manufacturers are enhancing their products with fresh ingredients, vegetables, fruits, antioxidants, that turn every meal into a gourmet delight.

The Freshpet manufacturing chief, Michael Hieger, tasted a slice of their gourmet pet food replying, “Tastes just like Thanksgiving.” They tout their dog food is made with fresh ingredients with no preservatives added. Hieger’s impromptu tasting does say a lot for their gourmet dog chow. Many pet food companies have been offering lamb and salmon in their foods for several years now. Buyers should read the labels carefully as many gourmet foods need to be refrigerated and do have an expiration date.

Beneful brand of dog food has specially designed meals to help your pet lose weight and stay healthy. Nestle’s Purina’s website includes a section designed for the “picky-pet”. The owner only needs to complete the required information about their pet’s health, likes and dislikes, preferences, and Beneful prepares signature food designed to specification and ships the foods directly to your pet’s home.

Purina also has foods specially designed for the senior pet in the household, a puppy, or cat. The senior pet food has added nutritional value to keep the senior pet’s eyes bright, their coat healthy and shiny, adding that vigor they once had as a youngster for increased activity. Whatever your pet’s needs Purina has a specific category to fill the need with nutritional value and good taste.

Mars’ Cesar Home Delights has two specialty meals for your dog, and they are lasagna and beef stroganoff. These meals must be refrigerated, and the tagline for this meal is “he’ll have what you’re having.” Taking a peek into Milo’s Kitchen, recently acquiring Big Heart Pet Brands sells duck jerky and grilled beef burger dog treats. No added artificial flavors or colors.

Your pet will enjoy the experience of the new gourmet foods now available in Walmart.