Dr. Jennifer Walden on Being a Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Jennifer Walden is a plastic surgeon who has been practicing for eight years now. She grew up in Austin, Texas and graduated from the University of Texas Medical Branch Galveston. She also completed an aesthetic surgery fellowship at the Manhattan Eye, Ear, Throat Hospital. In New York City she had a successful practice, but decided to go back to her hometown in 2011 and continues practicing there. Dr. Jennifer Walden focuses her plastic surgery on cosmetic; that includes breast augmentations, eyelid lifts, face lifts, rhinoplasties, and liposuction on abdomen, inner thighs, and arms.

As a female cosmetic surgeon, she is a rarity. There are around 8,100 board-certified cosmetic surgeons in the United States, and out of those only 851 are women. She believes that cosmetic surgery is so male dominated because you have to go through rigorous schooling. That includes five years of post-medical school and another year or two for the fellowship in order to become a surgeon. As a women, that means having to put off bearing children. Another reason that cosmetic surgery is so male dominated is because it is not particularly welcoming to women surgeons and you have to prove yourself more than the male surgeons.

There are many people who question Dr. Jennifer Walden on becoming a cosmetic surgeon because she views herself as a liberal and a feminist and that seems to oppose those views to many. However, she believes that being a feminist also entails choosing to help women through cosmetic surgery. If surgery is something that will make women happy and improve their lives, she does not understand why it should be a problem. After surgeries, she saw many of her patients gain self-confidence and have an overall better quality of life, and to her that is what makes her career worth it.

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Jingdong Uses Technology Expertise to Boost Local Communities

JD.com is known as not only the largest e-commerce retailer in China, but has also been praised for its ability to help other companies and individuals through its own growth. As one example, Jingdong is seeking to remodel the infrastructure that its own freight and delivery systems use, which would, in turn, create a better traffic system in the urban areas. The most recent example of JD.com rising up, and bringing others along with it, is the involvement of the company with its own bookstore would-be competitors. It’s no secret that offline bookstores are challenged with declining sales in the face of competition through online retailers.

This is happening all over the globe, including China; however, many Chinese brick-and-mortar bookstores have been brought back to life thanks to Jingdong. JD.com specializes in technology and logistics, and is using its research, combined with its successful e-commerce book sales, to provide solutions that drive up business for both JD.com’s e-commerce platform for book sales as well as the sales of traditional brick-and-mortar stores. The company is creating a new chain of technology and supply to partner with bookstores in China and develop new methods of book procurement and logistics. One example of a successful partnership is Jingdong and Tangning Books of Guangzhou. Prior to the partnership, the traditional bookstore managed over 60 book suppliers; now, the books are sourced from Jingdong’s inventory.

Labor costs are down, jobs are saved, and delivery delays are much less significant. Tangning Books is also thrilled to have access to JD.com’s analysis tools, as well as 24-hour delivery for their customers on any book that is not in stock. This partnership is one of many through JD.com and traditional bookstores, and each is an example of a “win-win” solution. The bookstores not only stay in business, but become more streamlined and profitable; in turn, JD.com is able to share in the profits of traditional commerce. Offline bookstores are not the only example of Jingdong’s advanced techniques in inventory management and supply chain systems, as the company frequently uses their technology and big data to bring up not only its own profits, but the entire economy.

OSI Food Solutions : How a company gets to be named one of America’s top 100 companies

Recently OSI Group has earned the bragging rights of being named one of America’s top 100 companies, however, you won’t see OSI Food Solutions bragging anytime soon. According to President of OSI David McDonald, the companies goals is never to boast about revenue or territory, good reviews and the confidence placed on them by their clients and the public are all the recognition they need. OSI Food Solutions which has been in existence since the turn of the century when Otto Kolschowski migrated to America with his family. OSI would quickly grow into an all-out enterprise after the partnership heard around the world involving OSI and one Ray Kroc, the man behind McDonald’s restaurants.

Today OSI Food Solutions employs over 20,000 employees all across the glove providing some of the best quality meats, poultry and other various foods that we consume on a daily bases. In addition, Forbes Magazine named OSI Group the 58th largest privately owned company in the country. Recently, OSI earned the distinguished British Safety Council’s 2016 Globe of Honor which is presented to companies that excel in their work towards sustaining and promoting a clean environment. So, it’s to know ones surprise that a company earning over 6 Billion dollars per year would be named one of America’s top 100 companies.

As OSI Food Solutions continues to grow so are their expansion into existing plants around the country, in fact, OSI was the sole reason for the saving of hundreds of jobs when a plant in Chicago was bought in response to Tyson foods decision to close down. The company today is expanding their European presence with the recent buy out of BAHO Foods, one of the largest European food producers. There is no doubt that under the leadership of CEO Sheldon Lavine and President David McDonald, OSI will continue to thrive and produce the best quality foods possible.

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David McDonald : An in-dept Interview on How OSI Group has Stayed Successful for So Long

Current President of OSI Group David McDonald is a long-term employee of the company with his experience spanning over three decades. OSI Group, a food provider with plants in the United States and across the globe is considered to be one of the largest and best producers of food, and much of that growth is attributed to David McDonald’s leadership throughout the years. In a sit-down interview with David, we get to go a little more in depth about why OSI Group has been such a success for so long.

How does OSI Group keep up in an ever-changing world?

Preparedness and swift adaption of methods is key to keeping a company alive in today’s world, says David McDonald. He goes on to say that the current market has a preference for locally grown foods and locally used ingredients, however, when the time changes and these preferences change, OSI Group will no doubt be ready.

How does OSI Group continue to produce such high-quality food products?

Customers and clients are like family, David McDonald states, and OSI holds itself to treating them like family, so if any food batch comes out not exactly how we wanted to, we would never send that out to them no matter the loss in revenue. As stated customers are like family and you wouldn’t feed your family bad food and neither would we.

How is the spirit of entrepreneurship promoted within the company?

David McDonald comments that truly the push for innovation doesn’t come from within the company, in fact, much of it is due to a client’s demands. Often clients like to change their menu’s or do away with them completely and since one of our main goals is to please the client our team always tries their hardest to get the request done.

Source of the article : https://www.bloomberg.com/profiles/people/17665897-david-mcdonald

Stream Energy an organization that supplies energy services

Stream Energy is an institution that supplies energy services to its customers and is it operates in more than seven countries. Stream Energy is a force to be reckoned with, and they make a lot of revenue yearly from their sales.

Stream Care Center

Stream Care is a philanthropic foundation that belongs to Stream Energy. Stream Care was mainly founded to provide assistance in times of emergency as well as relief to people around the globe. In March, Stream Care Center was featured in Dallas Patch for its relentless efforts in charity and improving the living standards of people. Stream Care has done a lot of good ever since it was founded in a number of cities. The Stream Care Center uses resources from Stream Energy to fund the many recovery efforts that they have been involved with. This is because the company makes a lot of revenue each year from the sales of energy.

One significant philanthropic effort that Stream Care Center has been involved with is Hurricane Harvey. Hurricane Harvey is a hurricane that hit Houston, Texas and caused a lot of damage in the area. After the hurricane, a lot of people were left homeless and others poor because they lost a lot of items in the hurricane. Stream Care stepped in to provide these people with the necessary assistance that they needed to get a start in life again. Stream Care assisted the people by giving them money to acquire some of the property they lost and also to get a start in life.

Stream Care is also involved in several partnerships with other philanthropic foundations that go around helping homeless people. One foundation that they have worked with for four years is the Hope Supply Company. This company is responsible for helping people that are homeless in Dallas. It provides them with the necessary basic and secondary needs that they require. The goal of this partnership is to eradicate poverty and homelessness among the people in Dallas completely. Stream Care has also worked with other organizations such as Red Cross and Habitat for Humanity.


The New Leader at Innovacare Health.

InnovaCare Health is a managed healthcare services provider in North America. Its combination of innovation and quality care is the recipe for the value-based models they develop for even the most complex patient populations. Their leadership team consists of experts who carry more than a century’s worth of proven experience in the industry. This is why when Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico in September 2017, InnovaCare Health was there. It helped in establishing the healthcare services and lead fundraising efforts. It was able to raise more than four million dollars in relief.

Early this year, Dr. Richard Shinto, the president and CEO of InnovaCare Health, announced three new additions to the team:

  1. 1. Mike Sortino – Chief Accounting Officer.
  2. Jonathan Meyers – Chief Actuary Officer.
  3. Penelope Kokkinides – Chief Administrative Officer.

Previously, Kokkinides has served as the chief operating officer of Touchstone Health HMO. He also served as the Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer at Centerlight HealthCare. Way before that, he had served as Corporate Vice President for Care and Disease Management at AmeriChoice.

With more than 20 years of experience in the managed care industry, Penelope Kokkinides found a home at InnovaCare Health where she currently serves as the Chief Administrative Officer. Often, you’ll find her with a portable charger. A frequent flyer, Kokkinides likes to work in the sky. This is where she gets her most peaceful time and focus on getting as much work done as possible. A phone and tablet are all she needs to keep her connected and productive as she moves.

Information is a primary essential in her line of work. As an entrepreneur, she emphasizes that it is important to be informed on the recent trends and news the industry. According to her, studying and understanding your environment is indispensable for survival. Knowing what others in the industry think, understanding recent trends and tracking developments in technology can help improve your strategy and keep your business relevant. She confesses to watching the STAT News because of their unique analytics and data-driven approach to healthcare. She insists that to successfully deliver quality healthcare, there is a need to have structures and organization. This enables professionals to prioritize what needs to be done first and save on time.

She started out in the industry young. As a teen, Penelope Kokkinides took a job as a receptionist at a doctor’s office: a job that many of her peers overlooked at the time. She later got a job as a store floater at Saks Fifth Avenue in Manhattan after some pressure from a friend. Had she missed that opportunity, maybe her mother, who was a seamstress, wouldn’t have ended up working there for over 20 years.


Organo Gold – Providing Healthy Products Around the World

Millions of people consume coffee everyday. Each year more than 125 million tea bags are sold. Few companies have capitalized on this fact more than Organo Gold. Organo Gold is a global company that has made a name for itself by selling health products. Specifically they have created innovative ways to bring the world’s second most consumed drink, coffee, to millions of people. Organo Gold was created by Bernardo T. Chua. The company prides itself on selling products in three different categories. Those categories include beverages, nutraceuticals and personal care products.

They use a unique platform to sell their products. Organo uses independent distributers to sell their health products. Many of Organo Gold’s product contain the mushroom ganoderma. Ganoderma is a herb that is believed to have a number of health advantages including lower cholesterol and anitviral properties. By using ganoderma in coffee, Organo has become one of the healthiest coffee’s on the market. The company also uses ganoderma in a number of it’s other beverages which include teas, lattes and hot chocolate.

Outside of beverages the company also produces body management products and personal care products. Their personal care product line consists of premium soaps and toothpaste. Organo Gold has used it’s success to also give back to others. Their focus is on children. They strive to provide tools and resources to improve their lives. The company holds a number of events for children all over the world including in places like Canada, Mexico and China. The company remains committed to health and wellness to people around the globe.

You can also visit their social website : https://www.linkedin.com/title/distributor-at-organogold

Barclays Is Making Some Huge Moves That Include Naming Mike Bagguley As COO:

Renowned UK bank Barclays Plc has recently announced that its Macro Markets head Mike Bagguley is being promoted to the position of Chief Operating Officer for the firm. Barclays is a highly acclaimed investment bank and Mike Bagguley will now be responsible for overseeing a massive restructuring of the company’s business operations. This move is part of an overall push that Barclays is making to improve its profitability by cutting down on costs. Mike Bagguley is the individual that the company is now turning to in order to put this plan into motion. He will also work towards a goal of aligning the bank’s infrastructure as well as coordinating on numerous projects. As part of this move, Mike Bagguley is now the newest member of the Barclays executive team.

Mike Bagguley is a graduate of Warwick University where he earned his Bachelor of Science in Mathematics back in 1988. Since then, he has held numerous important positions in the financial industry that include serving as the VP of Bankers Trust. He held that position from 1993 until 2001. Since then he has been involved with Barclays in a number of different roles that have lead up to his current appointment as COO. Crunchbase is an outstanding site to find out more about Mike’s career as well as what he has going on regarding his work.

Mike’s previous success in helping the reshape Barclays macro business is a major reason that he has been promoted to the highly respected position of COO. Barclays is one of a handful of major banks that are now focussing more prominently on areas such as advisory services and equities during this time when areas such as trading have been affected greatly by the presence of regulations. Mike will now report to Tom King, the Investment Bank Chief at Barclays, in this new Chief Operating Officer role which has taken effect immediately upon its announcement. This overall of these areas of Barclays business is something that the investment banking firm has been actively pursuing since 2014. This program has seen a streamlining of the firm’s primary banking operations related to investment. As things stand now, this restructuring promises to yield the desired results.