The Michel Terpins Team Is Performing Exceedingly Well In The Bull Sertoes Rally

Michel Terpins is from Sao Paulo Brazil and has teamed with Maykel Justo for the Bull Sertoes Rally. This is the rally’s 25th edition and started last weekend in Goiania. Michel Terpins is the well-known driver of the T-Rex and his team has succeeded in the last four stages by winning two. They are the leader in the T1 prototype category and are holding their advantage of a two-hour lead over the team in second place. Much of the rally remains to be seen.

The 4th stage took place on Wednesday during a 471.34 km run from Aruana to Barra do Garcas. The team came in with a time of 2 hours, 7 minutes, and 24 seconds placing them in sixth place for the Prototypes. The current leader of the rally is Michel Terpins and he has come a long way since he first entered the rally in 2002 in the category of motorcycles. He established himself as a driver in the cars when he sailed for Rodrigo Terpins as his brother. During the last four years the crowds have cheered him as the driver of T-Rex. This is the second consecutive year Michel Terpins and Maykel Justo have formed a team in the rally.

The Rally Special begins on Thursday with 438.86 km. The fifth stage covers the ground between Barra do Garcas all the way to Coxim with 666 km. This portion of the rally includes trials such as picarra and stones. The race is in the Midwest for the 2017 edition with the arrival in Bonito on the 26th. The Terpin brothers have demonstrated the passion they each possess for speed and have seen four races aboard the T-Rex. Michel Terpins is currently age 40 and has participated in the Sertoes Rally nine times. Rodrigo Terpins is age 44 with five participations to his name.

The Sertoes Rally is incredibly well-known and both the rally and the brothers all have their own individual websites. The Bull Sertoes Rally Team has numerous sponsors whose sponsorship is 100 percent. This includes Eventos, the MEM support team, Xarla, Motul, Bull Sertoes, Ohlins, and Terpins & Cintra Advogados.