Bumble: Cares About Relationships And Helps To Teach Women To Be Confident

In some aspects of life, Whitney Wolfe is the match maker of a person’s dreams. In the eyes of this entrepreneur, people deserve happiness no matter who says hello first.

With that said, the CEO of Bumble has reportedly had millions of members join her dating app. Through the app, marriages are happening and families are reuniting. In other cases, the app helps businesses come together to strengthen communities and energize the people. In actuality, the app restores life in a lot of people who thought that there was no hope for love. At the same time, Whitney Wolfe uses the app to encourage women to make the first move. Aside from traditional ways of getting asked out on a date, the app has the female members make the connection to talk to the male members. Furthermore, the males don’t mind showing a lady a great time afterwards. Consequently, there are women that use the app to work on their confidence. In terms of asking a man on a date, it could be the most vulnerable state a woman would ever experience. Basically, it changes the world of dating within a matter of time.

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According to previous studies, Bumble grew to be one of the favorite social media apps around. Therefore, people began to think that the fun of dating was put back into society. By the same token, men have found it to be appealing to their self-esteem and to their overall selection of women. In spite of the past forms of dating, this is much better than going out on a limb and expecting someone to catch you if you fall. Moreover, Whitney Wolfe is the promoting to look for friends and allow those friendships to blossom.

Identically, men can compliment a woman on the app, but it is important to follow the directions that are suggested. In reality, Whitney Wolfe used her on app to find the hubby of her life, and she dedicates time to help others find the best for them as well.

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The Success Of Skout And SF-Marin

Skout is known as the largest global platform to meet new people and to expand an individual’s social circle. Skout was first developed in 2007. It was one of the first dating and mobile discovery apps. Skout is an application that can be used on android and IOS. In 2013 Skout had reported that they had over 500 million connections made through their app.

This service was founded by two individuals that wanted to create a dating app because they realized that their original social network application was mostly being used by individuals that were looking for love. Skout was able to raise over $22 million through investment opportunities, and in total they also received 4.6 dollars in angel investments. In 2013 Skout announced that they had a new travel feature in order to meet different people in different cities around the world. By 2015 Skout had announced that they had reached over 10 million members.

Skout has a community of access of more than 180 different countries and it is available in 16 different languages. In March of this year prnewswire.com did an article about the combination of the San Francisco-based Skout and The SF-Marin Food Bank. The SF-Marin Food Bank is the largest nonprofit food bank in all of San Francisco. Skout encouraged its members to send virtual bags of potato chips through its application. For every bag of chips that was virtually donated, Skout gave a donation to the food bank. This is something that is called virtual gifting. In this way, Skout is able to give back to the community where they live and work. This is a great way to show that technology can be used to combat hunger. In 2015 Skout also did a fundraiser with SF-Marine Food Bank to celebrate national grilled cheese day. They were able to give a donation that was able to help over 10,000 individuals.

Securus Technology paves the way for effective inmate rehabilitation

I recently read an inspiring article about a company called Securus Technologies which is a company that is changing the way we rehabilitate our incarcerated members of society. I say “members of society” because once released, these inmates are once again part of society and it’s important for us to accept them as people that have paid their dues and try to help them become productive contributors to our communities. 

Securus Technologies is on the cutting edge of providing intelligent inmate communication devices to corrections facilities across America. In fact the company just announced that their total amount of deployed devices to change the way people do inmate phone calls has reached over 84,000 units. These “communication devices” include advanced inmate tablets, video visitation kiosks, and their proprietary S-Phones. Through Securus’ software, inmates can register their technology and download the app via Google Play or the App Store.

I believe this BBB-accredited company is providing inmate communication services that truly help inmates become rehabilitated and better prepared culturally to reintegrate into society after their sentence has been completed. It’s also a great way for the family of these people to be able to more effectively communicate with their loved ones and help them through a difficult period. Some people could argue that jail and prison should be hard and terrible, but I believe that it should be more of a way to help these people change and only be separated from the garbage that initially placed them there. 

The devices that Securus provide are helping to educate these inmates both on the college level and with basics from the high school level. They also allow inmates to order their goods from the commissary and receive valuable entertainment that is necessary for relief and a sound mind. These devices are also equipped with software to help inmates find jobs when they are released. 

The Chief Executive Officer of Securus Technologies Richard A. Smith has a vision and goal for the company to distribute over 150,000 of these advanced communication devices to corrections facilities by the end of 2016. He says that they want “to help rehabilitate inmates, to reduce recidivism”. 

Providing this type of patented technology to inmates is a sure fire way to better rehabilitate our fallen members of society. I truly believe that this company has a solid vision for the future. I believe this will improve conditions within jails and prisons as well because inmates can be stimulated and more socially engaged. They can have a vision for their future outside of those walls, and can focus on obtaining a better future for themselves and their families.

Learn more about the company here >> http://www.securustechnologies.com/en/about-us