Top Tips On How To Accomplish Everything On Your To-Do List

While a to-do list doesn’t make your tasks any easier, Upwork believes that the all-important list helps you get more organized. This goes a long way in helping you accomplish more tasks on a daily basis and leave you some free time. However, you first need to consider the organization of the to-do list itself. Here are a few tips on how to optimize your to-do list in a manner that lets you accomplish most of your set goal:

  1. Make it comprehensive

How do you make a to-do list? Do you leave some perceived menial tasks off the list and hope to remember them as you get along the day? Understand that leaving some items out the list often makes it hard to concentrate as you keep thinking of these unaccomplished tasks. This creates unnecessary anxiety and stress that hinders accomplishment of tasks. Avoid this by capturing every task in writing on your daily list.

  1. All tasks in one list

If you had some of your daily tasks jotted down on a notebook, others captured in the diary, and more on the calendar as well as the to-do list app, you are bound to forget some. Upwork, one of the largest freelance worker sites, recommends that you consider unifying all your daily tasks into one to-do list. You also get to save yourself the time and stress associated with examining and comparing all the lists after every task to determine what comes up next.

  1. Define priorities and allocate them time

Emergencies and other obligations will always crop up during the day and disrupt your tasks. To safeguard some of your crucial tasks from such shock, ensure that you highlight the day’s priority tasks and allocate them time frames. For instance, determine the time taken to start on a task and how long you are to spend on each. If possible start with urgent and high priority tasks.

  1. Re-evaluate

How often do you pause and check on the importance of certain tasks? Upwork gurus believe that constant revaluation of your to-do list helps you avoid wasting time with tasks that eat up on your time and resources without offering value.

  1. Break up big tasks

The intimidating nature of most big tasks makes them the first procrastination candidates. But having dealt with the largest pool of freelancers around the globe and appreciating their opinions with regards to procrastination and handling big tasks, the Upwork team argues that you can only postpone such tasks for so long. Avoid procrastination by breaking down the gig into sub-tasks and also create a sequential sub-to-do list on how to handle them.

ClassDojo and other Edtech Startups are Doing Well

The investors who have invested in education technology have all the reasons to smile. Things seem to be going into the right direction for these individuals. By the end of the year 2017, these investors were able to record more than one and half billion dollars. Teacher, parents and students are enjoying the introducing of technology in the classroom, and this explains why EdTech is growing every passing day. One of the most successful platforms in this industry is known as ClassDojo. This platform was founded several years ago, and it has been changing the lives of so many education stakeholders. ClassDojo is very easy to use, and it is not costly like the rest of the application in the educational system. People from various parts of the world have started ClassDojo because of the benefits they have been enjoying.

ClassDojo and several other EdTech startups say that 2017 was one of their best years in the market. More teachers and parents have started realizing the importance of EdTech in schools, and they have decided that they are going to use them so that they can make the lives of their students better. There are some adaptive startups used for learning that emerged in this year, and they have been doing well. One of these is Nearpod which is still new to most people in the educational system. Although the startup is very new, it announced to the world that it has received more than twenty one million dollars in funding. Using the funds it had acquired, the company successfully introduced over three hundred lessons. The company performed all its digital lessons with the help of

Investors have been watching the growth in educational department, and they are impressed with the gains that have been registered. This is why most of them are now investing huge funds to make sure that the startups have managed to meet their goals. ClassDojo has received a lot of support through funding, making it one of the best technology startups in the world at the moment. The founders of the startup are excited that they introduced a system that has changed the lives of so many students.

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