Adam Milstein and His Philanthropic Contributions to Preserve Jewish Heritage

Based off his list of philanthropic contributions alone, one can definitely presume that Adam Milstein is a devout humanitarian. He is the founder of several Pro-Israel foundations and a member to several Israeli-American organizations. Having grown up as a native within the State of Israel, Milstein was endowed with a sense of honor and respect for his culture. As a result of which, he vowed to create opportunities for himself and others that would spread the cultural enlightenment and thus allow for the preservation of his Jewish heritage.

Shortly after moving to the U.S. with his family in 1981, Adam Milstein began to pursue career goals that would ultimately enable him to assume leadership roles within society. With hard work and persistence, he worked his way up from real-estate sales agent to managing partner at Hager Pacific Properties in California. Nonetheless, becoming a managing partner at a real-estate firm that is affluent as Hager Pacific was considered to be a major milestone for Milstein because it was the perfect position that allowed him to incorporate his business management education and exercise his leadership potential. As of today, Adam Milstein is responsible for managing the entirety of the firm’s financial and disposition matters. Yet, as a successful entrepreneur, he continued to seek ways to improvise ideas that would benefit the needs of the Jewish Community.

In 2000, Adam Milstein and his wife founded the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation that donates to Jewish organizations that have a strong commitment to educating Jewish Americans and promoting the welfare of Israeli-American relations among the general population. In addition to the establishment of his organization, he is also the national chairman of the Israeli American Council that prioritizes the fortification of the relationship between Israel and the United States for the sake of uniting to inspire world peace and protect human rights. Indeed, with deep sympathy and pride for his native homeland, Adam Milstein is pursuing and maximizing all opportunities that will assist him in making a significant impact in the fight against anti-Semitism. As one of the most inspirational philanthropists in the world, Milstein firmly stands behind his mission’s obligations to be the difference in the world via the sacrifice of service to uplift the Israeli-American community.

Thor Halvorssen Gives his Opinion of Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders has lit a fire in America’s youth. This democratic candidate has offered new ideas that have not been accepted in the public sphere for years. Millions of students are banding around this candidate with the goal of making the United States a more socialist country. The word socialist is extremely controversial in the United States, and many Americans are looking for insight into the definition of socialism. Media outlets are reaching out to people with personal experience with socialism. One of the leading experts on socialism in the United States is Thor Halvorssen. Thor is from Venezuela and he currently serves as head of the Human Rights Foundation.

Fox News invited Thor Halvorssen to their set to discuss Bernie Sanders. The interviewer was under the impression that Thor believed that socialism itself was a violation of basic human rights. Thor quickly recovered from this misunderstanding. He stated that many governments are able to offer social programs and keep the government from fully controlling people’s lives. He included classic examples like Denmark and Norway as country’s that have a democratic government and include socialist programs. Thor then pivoted and discussed governments that utilize the promise of socialism to control the country and it’s resources. Many South American countries feature dictatorships that offer some socialist programs, but also have brutal regimes that offer no freedoms. He then stated that he is giving Bernie Sanders a maximum contribution and has voted for Sanders. He believes that Sanders is much better than a corrupt Democratic frontrunner and a Republican frontrunner that believes that Putin is a friendly character.

Thor is from Venezuela and his family is very familiar with the dangers of socialism. Venezuela once had excellent democratic socialist governments, but in recent years, it has been taken over by despots who are bankrupting the country. Everyone in Thor’s family has experienced a Venezuelan jail cell because of the authoritarian government.

Thor works tirelessly to protect human rights and he strongly feels that the United States should avoid authoritarian regimes. Unfortunately, this election cycle is drawing people towards authoritarian figures who well devastate human rights. Hopefully, Thor can keep working to prevent Human Rights violations.

Yeonmi Park Strikes Blow to North Korean Propaganda

North Korea is the kind of country once dreamed about in fiction by authors predisposed toward dystopian novels. For the residents of North Korea, the citizens stuck there, their life has been anything but fiction. Being born in North Korea typically means a life of borderline indentured servitude to a ruling class that does anything but respect, love, or cherish its citizens. Yeonmi Park, once just a teenage girl living in the oppressive country, stands tall and above the country that would have once tried to hold Yeonmi Park, down as reported by Yeonmi Park is a refugee from North Korea who, by sheer will alone, managed to escape the oppressive country by a road difficult than most people could fathom.

Yeonmi Park, author of Amazon released book “In Order to Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom”, has recounted her tale numerous times since being discovered at the One World Summit so long ago. With porcelain skin and eyes the size of saucers it is almost impossible to believe that she has survived the terrors that she recounts through halting English and with a soft, timid voice. But rest assured, it’s true. If you had any doubt as to the veracity of her statements you need look no further than how strong North Korean’s propaganda arm has come out against Park.

Pyongyang has been heavily involved in the vilification of Yeonmi Park through various forms of propaganda hit pieces. Yeonmi is currently labeled as “The Puppet of the Human Rights Plot” and she is accused of being the face of Western propaganda against North Korea. Pyongyang has since called Yeonmi Park a ‘celebrity defector’ and they’ve released numerous melodramatic videos on NK News with the sole intention of playing down her story or calling her an outright liar. These aren’t the actions of an innocent country.

That isn’t to say that Yeonmi Park hasn’t admitted to manipulating her story — accidentally. Park initially hid some of her story’s details out of the shame that it brought her and her family, something common from those who have been deeply abused. A full expose of her story can be read in her newest book.