David McDonald : An in-dept Interview on How OSI Group has Stayed Successful for So Long

Current President of OSI Group David McDonald is a long-term employee of the company with his experience spanning over three decades. OSI Group, a food provider with plants in the United States and across the globe is considered to be one of the largest and best producers of food, and much of that growth is attributed to David McDonald’s leadership throughout the years. In a sit-down interview with David, we get to go a little more in depth about why OSI Group has been such a success for so long.

How does OSI Group keep up in an ever-changing world?

Preparedness and swift adaption of methods is key to keeping a company alive in today’s world, says David McDonald. He goes on to say that the current market has a preference for locally grown foods and locally used ingredients, however, when the time changes and these preferences change, OSI Group will no doubt be ready.

How does OSI Group continue to produce such high-quality food products?

Customers and clients are like family, David McDonald states, and OSI holds itself to treating them like family, so if any food batch comes out not exactly how we wanted to, we would never send that out to them no matter the loss in revenue. As stated customers are like family and you wouldn’t feed your family bad food and neither would we.

How is the spirit of entrepreneurship promoted within the company?

David McDonald comments that truly the push for innovation doesn’t come from within the company, in fact, much of it is due to a client’s demands. Often clients like to change their menu’s or do away with them completely and since one of our main goals is to please the client our team always tries their hardest to get the request done.

Source of the article : https://www.bloomberg.com/profiles/people/17665897-david-mcdonald