What Are Wes Edens Most Recent And Risky Investments With Fortress And Independently?

Wes Edens is considered one of the most counterintuitive investors of his time. Rarely does he look out for other investors intuitions when making a purchase or investment decision. He argues that he likes to conduct his own business and industry valuations of an industry instead of following every other investor’s half-baked research. This explains why he often moves against perceived investment tides and invests in otherwise considered high-risk ventures and others that investors consider non-profitable. Some of these risky and often controversial investments include:

Springleaf holdings acquisition by fortress group

Edens was named director and co-chairman to Fortress investment group in 2009, at a time when the hedge fund was rearing with losses from the 2008 financial crisis. The subprime lending market, distressed debts and credit divisions were some of the most affected investments at the time. Despite the looming investor disappointment with these markets, Wes Edens pushed Fortress to acquire a subprime lender, Springleaf Holdings for $124 million. The controversial investment has since paid off and is currently valued at $3.5 billion.

Investment in Brightline

Most recently, Wes Edens steered fortress capital towards establishing more solid and asset-based investments. The first would be the establishment of a city-interlink private passenger train between Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, and Miami. The speed train has to compete with both rad and air services and despite reporting net losses in its first few months of operations, its Ridership is reported to be increasing on a monthly rate of over 35%. This raises hope about its economic viability and going into future.

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New Fortress Energy

Most recently, Wes Edens shifted his attention toward the highly competitive energy industry. He recently launched New Fortress Energy. Using this independent front, Wes intends to build clean energy infrastructure with an eye on the American and developing world markets. This high-capital venture will have to compete against the more establishment energy companies in a world that is yet to appreciate the importance of clean energy.

More about Wes Edens

Wes was born and raised on a Ranch in Montana. He would secure a job with a San Francisco bank right after university but later moved to Wall Street, New York. Here, he first worked with Lehman Brothers and BlackRock Investment before founding Fortress group.

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