The New Leader at Innovacare Health.

InnovaCare Health is a managed healthcare services provider in North America. Its combination of innovation and quality care is the recipe for the value-based models they develop for even the most complex patient populations. Their leadership team consists of experts who carry more than a century’s worth of proven experience in the industry. This is why when Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico in September 2017, InnovaCare Health was there. It helped in establishing the healthcare services and lead fundraising efforts. It was able to raise more than four million dollars in relief.

Early this year, Dr. Richard Shinto, the president and CEO of InnovaCare Health, announced three new additions to the team:

  1. 1. Mike Sortino – Chief Accounting Officer.
  2. Jonathan Meyers – Chief Actuary Officer.
  3. Penelope Kokkinides – Chief Administrative Officer.

Previously, Kokkinides has served as the chief operating officer of Touchstone Health HMO. He also served as the Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer at Centerlight HealthCare. Way before that, he had served as Corporate Vice President for Care and Disease Management at AmeriChoice.

With more than 20 years of experience in the managed care industry, Penelope Kokkinides found a home at InnovaCare Health where she currently serves as the Chief Administrative Officer. Often, you’ll find her with a portable charger. A frequent flyer, Kokkinides likes to work in the sky. This is where she gets her most peaceful time and focus on getting as much work done as possible. A phone and tablet are all she needs to keep her connected and productive as she moves.

Information is a primary essential in her line of work. As an entrepreneur, she emphasizes that it is important to be informed on the recent trends and news the industry. According to her, studying and understanding your environment is indispensable for survival. Knowing what others in the industry think, understanding recent trends and tracking developments in technology can help improve your strategy and keep your business relevant. She confesses to watching the STAT News because of their unique analytics and data-driven approach to healthcare. She insists that to successfully deliver quality healthcare, there is a need to have structures and organization. This enables professionals to prioritize what needs to be done first and save on time.

She started out in the industry young. As a teen, Penelope Kokkinides took a job as a receptionist at a doctor’s office: a job that many of her peers overlooked at the time. She later got a job as a store floater at Saks Fifth Avenue in Manhattan after some pressure from a friend. Had she missed that opportunity, maybe her mother, who was a seamstress, wouldn’t have ended up working there for over 20 years.

JingDong is a Protector of the Environment

On the fundamental belief that has a responsibility to continuously improve society, the company has committed itself to sustainability and has contributed immensely to the betterment of people’s lives and society as a whole as a result of this commitment. In recognition of this fact, the SEAL Awards will be conferring upon its SEAL Business Sustainability Award. JingDong will be joining other global leading green companies such as Apple, Samsung, Impossible Foods, Patagonia, Nike, and Seventh Generation to be honored with a SEAL Business Sustainability Award.

The SEAL Awards’ decision to confer upon the SEAL Business Sustainability Award was in large part based on the company’s recycling program, which received the highest possible environmental impact score from the SEAL Awards judging panel. The initiative’s impact metrics are extraordinary given that the program covers a total of 47 different cities across China and the very large number of items recycled—over 1 million articles of clothing and over 400,000 toys. Another factor that influenced the SEAL Awards’ decision was JingDong’s exhibition of great leadership in leveraging its customer base of millions and its expansive logistics network to create immediate and meaningful sustainability improvements for not only the country of China but also for the planet.’s sustainable platforms utilize the company’s self-developed logistics and supply chain network that has the capacity to reach 99 percent of China’s population. In contributing to a number of worthy causes, JingDong has applied said innovative technology and expansive infrastructure. The result of this application of the company’s unique resources was great success. made substantial contributions not only to environmental protection but also to social innovation, education, disaster relief and poverty alleviation, the total value of which is in excess of RMB 700 million. is China’s largest online and offline retailer, its biggest e-commerce company, and an emerging infrastructure service provider. The SEAL Awards is an organization that was created for the express purpose of advocating for the protection of the global environment. The SEAL Awards recognizes businesses and writers that have contributed significantly to the combat of climate change with its Business Sustainability Awards and the Environmental Journalism Awards.

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Digital Advertising Rudiments Explained

Much like every company, advertising is essential to the success of your e Learning program or program. SEO marketing can help your organization in several methods. It might be the key player in bringing prosperity to your organization. It is much less costly than traditional advertising and marketing It is a natural reality that great deals of little organizations do not have adequate funds to fund their day-to-day expenditures, as well as frequently turn to car loans as well as overdrafts. Internet advertising and marketing is perpetually transforming. Online marketing via web link structure is neither an easy work neither a low-cost event.

When you put loan right into marketing, track your progression to ensure you’re obtaining a remarkable return. Web content advertising and marketing is the only weapon in your advertising arsenal that could assist consumers to find your company, to begin with, and also establish the well worth of your service or product at the exact very same minute. You dedicate a great deal on advertising your company online. Should you need assistance advertising and marketing your business on the net, head over to our blog for some useful suggestions!

What You Must Know About Digital Advertising

With the extreme popularity of electronic media, people are more prepared to integrate electronic marketing in their day-to-day way of living. Digital marketing is increasing as well as it’s here to continue to be. It is generally the initial setting of advertising and marketing made use of by the businesses to construct their organization and also create brand recognition. So, you may be looking for the superb methods to find out Digital advertising and marketing as well as you’re confused how to find out Digital advertising and marketing.

Marketing your firm online is the most straightforward strategy to reach out to thousands of feasible customers in your market. Unlike a lot of offline advertising and marketing efforts, electronic advertising enables online marketers to see precise impacts in a real minute. It will obtain much more info cost-effective advertising networks that will provide results. There are many types of digital advertising and marketing as well as the success of your advertising campaign will undoubtedly be dependent on understanding which sort of solutions will undoubtedly do the job best for your company requirements. The electronic advertising and marketing, as well as marketing and advertising offer, changed the region of promotion and advertising and marketing.

Most individuals are pretty accustomed to what’s digital advertising and marketing. Digital Marketing is now an essential part of Every Company nowadays, as every marketer demands a platform for advertising and marketing of their product or service. It plays a vital function in everyone’s life. It has been viewed as a method of saving cash if it is the well-made use of. It is a broad term for numerous various as well as dense disciplines. It is a type of web solution that assists to increase your business by bringing online traffic.

Not only is it more useful than some advertising methods, but it’s also additionally less pricey. Undeniably, electronic marketing has assisted numerous online organizations to obtain a way of involving with their consumers on one more level. It is a worldwide sensation on the planet of marketing. It becomes the most significant platform to reach optimal individuals in a short time for any company or anything.

Digital advertising and marketing, on the flip side, is merely an umbrella term to explain online marketing as well as advertising and marketing methods of any sort, whether or not they’re regarded inbound or outbound. It is an essential facet of any. It has advantages that will help any online organization.

Digital Advertising Can Be Enjoyable for Everybody

A digital advertising and marketing organization is utilized to get to the designated target clientele as well as increase the consumer’s presence. It will undoubtedly have that time. You will undoubtedly discover electronic marketing and advertising services can help you in the advertising area. You have to appoint a reputed electronic marketing and advertising company in Charlotte that can assist set your company on the appropriate course in the direction of success.

When it relates to your company, you must be somewhat discerning of what you share in social networking. If you would certainly like your service to acquire worldwide 18, thus an approach is necessary. So for those who have a business after that your possible client likewise accesses the details according to their needs with a computer system or Smart device. If you desire to make your firm a success story after that, you must require to take care regarding the advertising and marketing technique of yours. Every business wants a process in place to function smoothly. As soon as it’s not likely for a company to get never come across Search Engine Optimization, most people don’t recognize the first thing concerning it. To advertise your organization up to a specified degree, you must maximize the best means of promoting your company as well as it’s most likely to be only offered when you’re utilizing good resources of item promo.

For your organization to be profitable, your online presence should be strong as well as healthy and balanced. Each Company is equivalent from online marketing’s field; there aren’t any that are big or little. The business doesn’t need to get worried. If you’re a small company after that, they can undeniably pursue digital marketing and advertising consultants.

Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade Is A Fascinating Figure In The Brazilian Auto Industry

Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade started out his working life as a medical professional, and he served in this capacity for many years. Today, he is the founder and chairman of the board of directors for CAOA, which is the largest car manufacturer and distributor in Brazil. Andrade continues to make important moves for his company and is rewriting history in a way by improving the Brazilian auto industry. He has worked in the assembly lines of car manufacturers and has helped to develop many different dealership networks.

Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade was also behind the reason why the French car brand Renault came to Brazil. Renault eventually decided to startup its own car factory in the country, and Andraded helped to sell more of those cars to the people of his nation. A journalist named Boris Feldman has found it interesting that Andrade was responsible for creating the largest auto company in his nation. He also commented on the rarity of a doctor becoming an auto entrepreneur. One of the things Feldman has found the most fascinating is the fact that Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade has been a huge figure in the world of brand marketing.

Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade founded CAOA in 1979, which is now one of the top automotive companies in Brazil. CAOA leads in every region of the nation and runs a spread of dealerships that sport different brands of automobiles. Andrade’s company was originally the only importer of Hyundai vehicles in Brazil and is also the exclusive dealer of Subarus. The company produces many different kinds of vehicles, and one of these is the Tucson. It also produces many other trucks at its assembly plant in Anápolis. CAOA has sold over one million automobiles in Brazil and expects to continue to dominate the market there.

Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade became an entrepreneur in the automobile industry in Brazil many years ago. He took over the company after winning a case in court that was related to a car he paid for that was never delivered to him. He continues to do great things in the Brazilian auto industry.

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Get Artistry Support Tools With The AIA Professionals

Who Is The American Institute of Architects

The American Institute of Architects is a strong network of art professionals. There are 70,000 members associated with the AIA. They allow their members to display their artistry in and around the community. Trust their expert art professionals to help you at any stage of artistry. They focus on being an equal opportunity network that will display your artistry in front of elite professionals. The AIA has been established in the art community for over 100 years. They were able to build a powerful membership that has a strong support team of professionals.

The Lifetime Achievement Award Goes To Robert Ivy

CEO, Robert Ivy has a strong communication in the art community. The Lifetime Achievement Award is given to individuals that have accomplished stunning deeds in their personal or professional career. In fact, the Lifetime Award is one of the highest awards that you can receive. Robert Ivy was honored with the award from the Mississippi Art Institute Letter. He was proud to be honored with the award from his artistry peers. He has given over 25 years to the art community. You can learn more about him on the AIA website.

The Benefits Of The AIA Community

The AIA Group is a great opportunity to display your talent. They focus on the policy of art to enhance their membership. You can get a firsthand account of how they operate by browsing their website for details. Thousands of people that have talent in the art industry have hesitated on joining a professional group. However, the AIA group gives their professionals one-on-one attention with their work. You have an opportunity to enjoy talented professionals in impression, sculpting, and architectural artwork. They love the opportunity of shaping new talent at the AIA institute says, Robert Ivy. Join the AIA today. Robert Ivy, FAIA, honored with lifetime achievement award

Clayton Hutson’s Drive And Work Ethic Is Dazzling Musicians

Every professional musician needs a production company behind them to set up their gear during shows and their tours. Since their reputation is on the line, they need the best production management company available. This is when the talented Clayton Hutson comes in. He has worked for Tim McGraw and Faith Hill, Pink, Kelly Clarkson, and many other huge music acts. Currently he lives in Nashville, Tennessee, but travels all over the world on tour with these big time musicians. Clayton has traveled to Europe, Asia, and all over the United States to wow audiences all over the place.

Hutson has a Master’s degree in business administration from the Stephen M. Ross School of Business at Central Michigan University. At the same university, the entrepreneur also achieved a Bachelor of Arts degree in theater design. Rigged with a solid education, Clayton set out in the world to work in his desired field. Because of his passion for music production, he has made quite a splash in the industry. Clayton strives to make the most positive connections in the industry, working his hardest to please each client. In fact, Hutson is knows for working long hours. He takes the time to do everything correctly for safety and to make sure everything works properly. He is the first person on set in the morning, and the last to leave the concert arena. Clayton starts his day at 6:30am to make sure he is the first one on set. The production manager goes through his checklist one by one. Once his crew arrives, Clayton makes sure everyone knows their responsibilities for the day, and then they are off. Hutson triple checks everything and is always three steps ahead of himself. This is why he is a highly requested company in his field.

One of the best purchases Clayton made recently was his iPhone. It helps him stay super organized and on top of things during the day. It is a life saver for him. His contact list is always available just in case Clayton needs to call someone for his job. Hutson’s expertise is not only limited as a sound engineer, but a lighting expert, rigging, production design, show producer, and so much more. A jack of all trades, Clayton future is as bright as ever. He just keeps plugging away making sure every single show is as important as the next.