The Impact of Southridge Capital’s Activities to the Community

The financial structure of Southridge Capital involves Credit Enhancing, Securitization, and Financial Solutions. The company’s staff is quite familiar that the firms, which seek financing, take all the available opportunities for granted and they downplay the rare chances. Through new thinking, one of the services that Southridge provides involves the offering of secured monetization solutions to a company based on its existing assets. It implements this method through loans against capital, insides shares, and other available assets. Additionally, to increase trust in the process, Southridge works hand in hand with the company’s second party to avoid any debt that may occur in the ownership.


According to ideamensch, the Southridge implements its structure depending on the liquidity level of the company at hand. Additionally, there is no need to provide with either a statement to perform registration or minimal market impact, which makes it easier for the company at hand. Southridge Capital observes the safety of its client companies in matters concerning curating solutions and fiscal issues according to the agreement. The company provides EPA, Equity Purchase Agreement, which helps companies to raise money according to their desire, and wishes despite the conditions of the market. Southridge offers convertible preferred stock, convertible debentures, and loans as some of the services to its clients.


Apart from financing, Southridge recognizes the community, and in a move to give back to the society, its staff is involved in community-based activities both formally and informally. Southridge supports voluntary activities, participation in leadership and donations. The company believes that giving back to the community does not only make it healthy or improve its operations but also paints a clear picture in the community. In that case, the company aims at providing the help that strengthens the well-being of citizens and boost. Additionally, the company carries out all the activities undertaken by other charitable and non-profit making organizations. In a move to achieve their dreams, Stephen Hicks and his wife Mary founded Daystar Foundation as their vehicle to deliver their philanthropic activities. Through the organization, they can reach out to other community-based organizations and together commit their time and money in helping the needy communities.  To see more you can checkout their facebook page.