Entrepreneur Shafik Sachedina’s Role In The Ismaili Community

Dr. Shafik Sachedina was born in 1950 in Tanzania. Once he completed his primary education he moved to London, England, and started attending school there so he could become a dental surgeon. He earned Shafik Sachedina’s DDS at the University of King’s College and furthered his education at Guy’s Hospital Medical and Dental School which is part of the University of London.

After having worked as a dental surgeon for over 20 years he had the opportunity to become an entrepreneur. Shafik Sachedina joined up with a business partner and together they co-founded Sussex Healthcare. His company is located in Sussex County, England, which is on this nation’s southern coast. They started out with one home for people to stay in who were elderly and in need of assisted living. Today they continue to provide elderly people, including those who have age-related cognitive issues like Parkison’s disease or dementia. They also help adults of all ages who have learning difficulties.

His company now has 20 homes in its network. The homes are often located in more rural areas and have gardens and other beautiful scenery around them. Shafik Sachedina says that it is critical to not just care for their patient’s physical health. His company also looks out for their resident’s mental health and provide them with plenty of opportunities to socialize with friends and family.

Apart from Sussex Healthcare, Shafik Sachedina stays very busy in the Ismaili community. One organization in this community he has volunteered his time to for years is the Institute of Ismaili Studies. His goal is to create awareness among Western people about what Islamic culture is all about. This organization reaches out to people through magazines, books, and journals.

He is also involved with the Aga Khan Development Network. He serves on a committee that works to build the economies of Islamic countries. Shafik Sachedina is also on the Humanitarian Assistance International Coordinating Committee which offers it services to Muslims around the world. He has also volunteered his time in other ways such as twice serving as the UK’s President of the Ismaili Council.

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