Saving Democracy: End Citizens United

With the election of a very unpopular president who took advantage of the Citizens United supreme court ruling by manipulating corporations to forward his campaign, End Citizens United has more of a reason to stand behind democracy and uphold the integrity of our electoral system. The group’s financial information is available on OpenSecrets.Org.


Back in 2008 a movie or should we call a 90-minute ad against Hillary Clinton was attempting to be promoted and shown around the nation’s theaters while neglecting to present who funding the movie or how much it costs to film it. The Federal Election Committee(FEC)along with a federal court declared Hillary: The Movie to be against FEC rules. Two years later the Supreme Court turnover that decision with a 5-4 vote allowing corporations to spend limitless amounts of funds against candidates, specifically democratic candidates.


It allowed corporations who would otherwise not donate due to having their name associated with a certain political candidate to anonymously fund ads for that candidate. Not only were they allowed to remain anonymous, the funding could be limitless as long as the donations were not sent directly to a candidates campaign. It also meant that campaign ads could get as dirty as they want because no one had to take responsibility for their words. This not only destroys basic respect for one another but also undermines the integrity of U.S Elections. We base these facts upon the known fact that larger companies in the U.S are rarely controlled solely by American investors, rather most have a foreign influence who would prefer someone that would be beneficial to their stocks and not the American people. In addition to this, wealthy families like the Waltons, Koch brothers and Betsy Devos, the heir to the Amway fortune would seek power among our institutions. There is no better example of this than the appointment by President Trump of Betsy Devos to be Secretary of education. A woman who is in no way qualified to run this department.


What is End Citizens United?

End citizens United was formed in 2015 and has partnered with other organizations such as the ACLU and League of American Voters to end citizens united. Its work includes fundraising at the grassroots levels to counterbalance the amount of money being collected by citizens united, as well as supporting those candidates that wish to end citizens united. The end goal is to pass an amendment that would bestow free speech upon individuals only and not corporations. Visit their page on Facebook.