Clay Hutson Jack Of All Trades In The Tour Industry

Clay Hutson is hitting the road as production manager for Kid Rocks Red Blooded Rock and Roll Tour. The tour starts in August in Maine and goes across the country ending in November.


Clay Hutson was the Stage manager for Kid Rocks previous tour The American Rock and Roll Tour. The tour was a great success, and Clay Hutson was a big part of that success. He used his experience working as a stage and production manager to solve problems and keep up the teams’ morale. It is because of his great work as a stage manager that he has been asked to be a part of this new tour.


Being a production manager means organizing and coordinating the event. Clay Hutson has been hard at work preparing even as he has been finishing up working as the lead rigger for the Tim Mcgraw and Faith Hills Soul2Soul Tour.


The Kid Rock tour is said to be a fun summer event with lots of visual and pyrotechnic effects. What Clay Hutson is most excited for about the tour is the group of people he will be working and living with. Clay feels that this tour has a very good team that will make it a fun success.


Clay Hutson went to school at Central Michigan University and graduated with a bachelor’s in theater design and a masters in business administration. After graduation, he worked with many entertainment companies where he gained experience in sound engineering and production management.


After the recession took a toll on the company he was working for, Clay Hutson decided to start out on his own. He took all the experience and contacts that he had made working with other entertainment groups and started Ronin Event Creative.


Clay Hutson has worked with several musicians to help make their tours a success. He has worked for people such as Pink, Kid Rock, Garbage, and Guns and Roses. He has also operated One Republics rigging system on one of their most recent tours. Clay Hutson is a jack of all trades in the tour and entertainment business. Despite what role he may play in the tour he job is the same. To work hard and make sure that the tour turns into a big success.

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