Jennifer Walden Board Certified and Renowned Nationally

Jennifer Hubbard is named one of Texas’ Super Doctors not just because she is from that state or practices in that state. She has earned those credentials over time in the fields of cosmetic surgery and plastic surgery, respectively. In addition to her practice, Dr. Walden has privileges at Hill Country Memorial Hospital, Westlake Medical Center and Seton Hospital in the greater Austin area. Dr. Hubbard is among a small number of women physicians who are board certified in plastic surgery.

Dr. Walden Received her training in cosmetic surgery in New York City at the well-known Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital. Since her training and return to Texas, one of her major accomplishments has been the successful establishment and accreditation of the Walden Cosmetic Surgery and Laser Center, which offer several procedures: tummy tucks, facelift, fat reduction, and more. Incidentally, the center offers procedures to correct or improve previously done cosmetic surgical procedures.

Dr. Walden maintains a busy professional schedule outside the doctor’s office or operating room. She has made appearances on television lifestyle features and in print. She is involved with local philanthropic interests. These have included the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society of Austin where she received runner-up as woman of the year. Dr. Walden is also involved with the Food for Tummies Program sponsored by the Junior League of Austin. This program provides food for qualified elementary age school children on the weekends living in the Austin area.

Dr. Walden is a chosen member of the American Association of Plastic Surgeons, which is by invitation only, and in 2018 was elected as Secretary to the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons. She is the first woman to serve in this capacity on this particular board. Moreover, for a few years, Dr. Walden has been acting Commissioner of Communications on this board. She monitors incoming and out-going communications to and from the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons.

Dr. Walden has established herself as a very capable professional in a practice that demands alertness, time and precision ongoing.