Dr David Samadi, chief robotic surgery at Lenox Hill Hospital, is a urologic surgeon specialized in laparoscopic, open, robotic and oncology surgeries. He was born and raised in a Jewish community in Iran. In 1982, during the Iranian revolution, he and his brother moved to London and Belgium six months later. His parents would not accompany them because of the Jewish traditions, and his small sister too was so young to be left under his care. Later, his parents arranged to move to a certain school in America where they had paid for their (David and his brother) stay. They stayed in a boarding school and graduated, joined high school and with the completion of high school David joined Stoney brook school of medicine and majored in biochemistry. He also studied in Montefiore Medical Centre where he studied general surgery.

He also has knowledge in urology acquired in Albert Einstein medical school, robotic prostatectomy from Henri Mondor Hospital in France and oncology, urology fellowship at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Centre.#  Currently, Dr David Samadi is a great and magnificent surgeon and doctor who has specialized in prostate cancer. He performs an average of 15 prostate cancers surgeries per week to many people around the world. One of his patients was Mitt Romney, a previous presidential nominee of the Republican Party. Dr David Samadi announced that Romney was diagnosed with common and curable prostate cancer and following surgery, he was successfully treated. He is much experienced in prostate cancer treatment with robotic laparoscopic surgeries, the newest technological methods in the world of medicine.

He has performed many robotic prostate surgeries to over 7000 patients, and he stands to be the first prostate surgeon to perform the SMART technique in surgery using da Vinci system, a system designed to perform surgeries that are complex and involves fewer body invasions controlled by a surgeon. Dr David Samadi has won several awards including, New York super doctor in 2014, most empathetic doctor in 2011, Top Americas doctor 2008-2013, the America top doctor in the cancer field, selected by New York magazine as the best doctor in 2009-2012 and 2015. The magazine also selected him as the top 1251 doctors in the state in 2013-2014.In an interview with Idea mensch, he said that he believes that there is future in robotics and medical integration and he encourages technologist to venture more into the field.