Clinical Depression Gets a New Treatment Option From TMS Health Solution

There have been many diagnoses of clinical depression throughout recent years. There have also been plenty of studies done on depression which have yielded a lot of interesting and enlightening results. There have been plenty of developments when it comes to the mental health condition. While there are commonalities among people when it comes to clinical depression, there are also a ton of differences between one case and another. As a matter of fact, there are enough differences between each case to know that each case requires its own treatment. One treatment that works for one case of clinical depression is not going to work for other cases.

One facility that is going to offer plenty of services is TMS Health Solutions. They have a lot of expertise on the cases of clinical depression. For one thing, they know that some forms of depression are going to be resistant to medication. Therefore, they have experimented with other methods of treating the condition. The most important thing about this type of treatment is that people are going to be better able to recover from depression if they are not able to recover with medication. TMS has different types of therapy in places such as San Francisco.

Many other methods do not compare to TMS therapy Burlingame location. They know how to get to the root of the problem. While other medical facilities just cut away at one of the branches, TMS therapy Burlingame location are more effective at treating depression. For one thing, they are effective because they do not treat depression as a disease but a mere symptom. When they get to the root of the issue, then they are able to successfully treat the condition. People are able to go on with their lives in a highly energetic manner.

Experts are coming a lot closer to successful treatment of all of the different cases of depression. People are learning how to handle their mental health in ways that are more effective than before. They are learning to have an outlet for their emotions so that they will be able to enjoy their lives to the fullest.

Shiraz Boghani – Master Hotelier And Entrepreneur

Shiraz Boghani has achieved many notable accomplishments in his long, distinguished career as a successful entrepreneur and hotelier. His journey to success started in 1969 when he moved to the UK to start working as an accountant. Not long after, he realized all of the opportunities that were around him in his new country of residence which led him down the path of entrepreneurship.

Now a revered businessman that plays a vital role in multiple companies, Shiraz is always working on new ideas to help bring more convenience and services to customers that stay at his luxury hotels. Before becoming one of the first hoteliers to develop and open limited service branded hotels in the UK market, he was operating in the budget hotel industry. When asked about how he was able to make the transition from budget hotels to some of the finest luxury hotel offerings in the UK, Mr. Shiraz Boghani answered “It was really just a natural transition that happened over time, I saw an opportunity and took it”. The decision to move into the luxury market has proven to be a great one. Shiraz Boghani has been enjoying elevated successes in the industry since the early 1990s.

Read more: Mr Shiraz Boghani, Chairman of Splendid Hospitality Group, Awarded Hotelier of the Year at the Asian Business Awards 2016

All of Mr. Boghani’s success has not gone unnoticed. He was the recipient of the prestigious Hotelier of the Year award at the Asian Business awards in 2016. During an interview that took place shortly after winning the award he spoke briefly to the media and gave a few words of encouragement and advice to anyone who wanted to achieve great success in life, saying the following, “Opportunities are omnipresent, if you are prepared to work hard, and be persistent, then many opportunities are everywhere”. When asked how he felt after winning the prestigious award he responded, “It is the first time that I have won something of this magnitude, so it really feels good”. Mr. Boghani currently owns 19 hotels in the UK area and serves on multiple boards of other hospitality companies where he provides clear direction and guidance for their business operations.

Outside of his professional roles, Shiraz Boghani is also a leader in the Ismaili community. He works closely with the Aga Khan and is a vocal supporter of the Aga Khan foundation which works to help those that are in need, regardless of their race, religion, or ethnicity. The foundation also provides support for early childhood development in multiple countries around the globe.

The future is looking very bright for Shiraz Boghani and he will no doubt continue to build upon his massively successful career as a hotelier and entrepreneur.

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Talkspace: a new way to access therapy

The world of mental health was changed forever in 2012 when Oren Frank founded Talkspace. Talkspace is an innovative platform the gives users access to mental health professionals at any time. The company, which recently struck a deal with Magellan Health, will soon be available to people who are insured through Magellan Health.

Talkspace has a team of over 1000 health professionals who are trained to provide all of the empathy and care of traditional therapy, through text messages and video chats. In November of 2017, Talkspace boasted 500,000 active users.

Designed for people who don’t have time for, or cannot afford traditional therapy, Talkspace assigns users a therapist with whom they can chat with daily.

To prove the positive effect of online therapy, Oren Frank refers to a study that showed a 25 percent decrease in mental health associated hospitalizations for veterans who had access to online therapy.

Frank hopes that by giving access to mental health professionals to everyone, the stigma that has become associated with seeking therapy will disappear. Users of the app have praised it, saying that the frequent short therapy sessions have allowed them to regain control over their mental health, and is an important factor in the improvement of their quality of life.

Boraie Development Offers Fabulous New Jersey Housing Options

As one the nation’s most densely populated states, New Jersey is also one of the nations’s most sought after places. People are drawn to this eastern seaboard state for many reasons. Some people come here to commute to big cities such as Philadelphia and New York. Others come because they have a job offer in one of many industries located here. Those who live here need to have housing. They need housing that lets them commute to work, care for their kids and have time for themselves. As pointed out in a recent article in the Philly Purge, companies such as Sam Boraie have risen to this challenge. Residents of New Jersey can face a bewildering array of potential choices. Sorting through housing options can be complicated and confusing. When people look for housing, they want and need an ally on their side. They need a company that can offer them the help they need to pick out the best housing. This is why so many people have turned to Boraie Development. Officials here completely understand all the nuances of the New Jersey housing market. With decades in the business, they can offer the kind of support people need to figure out what housing is best for them. Check out Central Jersey Working Moms for more.


Creating New Developments


One of the reasons that Boraie Development is such a trusted name in the regional housing market is because of their long history of highly successful development. With many years of experience in this part of the country, they know full well how to bring forth housing developments that suit the needs of those living here. Those at the company have been able to successfully bring together various aspects of creating housing such as raising capital in order to create housing. They can tap into the knowledge of construction experts who know how to bring a project from ground breaking to a full group of apartments. They can also bring together financing experts who know how to use capital well in order to provide ongoing funds to fuel the cost of construction. They can make sure that all aspects of any development are on track and meeting all necessary deadlines for completion. Many people know they can put their trust in this company. The same is true of professionals in the industry. They are all devoted to bringing the best possible housing choices to the residents of this state. For more details visit




TMS Health Solutions offers hope for patients with treatment resistant depression

TMS Health Solutions is a company dedicated to helping patients with clinical depression and other mental illnesses. Based in California, TMS Health Solutions offers many clinic locations throughout the state. Psychiatrists and experts in the field are ready to help patients with treatment-resistant depression find relief. Patients and family members alike will find themselves in an experience of healing from the moment they walk in the door.

TMS Health Solutions offers patients access to a holistic take to healing clinical depression (also known as a major depressive disorder) through therapy, medication, and transcranial magnetic stimulation. Many patients still struggle with depression in spite of medications and therapy, and TMS Health Solutions is leading the way in the treatment of clinical depression. With the innovative treatment option of transcranial magnetic stimulation, patients have the freedom to work toward recovery without sedatives or invasive procedures.

Not only does TMS Health Solutions offer the best technology science has to offer, patients can be sure that the team of psychiatrists and experts in the field are the best as well.
With Locations throughout northern California, including one TMS therapy Burlingame location, TMS Health Solutions is dedicated to their patients and their work in the field of clinical depression.

From the moment a patient walks through the doors in any of the TMS Health Solutions clinics, they are greeted with a fresh, comfortable design created by architects in order to give patients the best experience possible. Patients receiving TMS treatment need not worry about getting a ride home after their procedures, as TMS allows the patient to remain awake and free from sedatives and painkillers.

TMS therapy San Francisco is accepting new patients! Those with clinical depression or loved ones of those with clinical depression should visit the TMS Health Solutions website here to book an appointment and discuss treatment options with experts. The treatments and relief found at these clinics are often covered by insurance and the dedicated staff works with those not covered by insurance to ensure a payment plan that is right for each situation. TMS Health Solutions is ready to help patients who have lost hope of recovery find relief and healing through innovative technology and leading psychiatrists.

The Strategies Behind 2017’s Increased Profit Margin for Highland Capital Management

Highland Capital Management Korea Limited, an investment company focused on private equity for middle markets in the healthcare industry, is seeking to grow its $147 million investment in the U.S. market. The firm that is financially backed up by its founder, South Korea’s National Pension Service, which has more than $400 billion in investments only. Highland Capital Management has particular strategies and objectives that work for its portfolios in the healthcare industry that cut across Korea, China and the U.S. Visit to know more.

Under the direction of Stonebridge Capital, HCM has managed to embrace both the Asian and North American healthcare industries. As a result, this investment company was able to realize up to $1.5 billion worth of investments by the end of May 2017.

The current managing director, Matt Jameson, points out that even though Highlands Capital Management has had great success in the North American industry, there are a number of acute factors that keep on disrupting the trends of growth. Nonetheless, he also reiterates that the initiative by the U.S. government to provide health insurance to most, if not all, citizens has helped a great deal in stabilizing the waters for the healthcare middle market.

Since Highland Capital is enjoying a good profit margin, they feel it is time that they diversify their client base. As a result, they have come up with a value-based structure that will inform their investment strategy and objectives. The structure qualifies a lead based on long-only funds, collateralized loan obligations, credit hedge funds and special situation private equity. HCM is also looking for potential in other emerging markets, the natural resource industry and in long- and short-term equities.


Highland Capital Management has offices in New York, Seoul and Sao Paolo, but its headquarters are in Dallas, Texas. These varied locations have enabled the company to develop an interesting corporate social responsibility platform, which focuses on advisory board involvement, volunteerism and other monetary donations. The HCM board of executives is also hoping to carry out more investment portfolios on governments, foundations, high net-worth persons, financial institutions and endowments.

As of Feb. 2017, the Market Watch reported that Highland Capital Management had almost tripled the profits of S&P 500 for 2016. This was attributed to the credit competency held by the lucrative investments and partnerships HCM had made in 2016 only. Interestingly, most Master Limited Partnerships offered high, single-digit or low, double-digit yields. In return, this has grown the cash flow of HCM in the industries has currently invested in. Read more at Biz Journals about Highland Capital.

Betsy Devos – on topic article

Betsy Devos is a politician and philanthropist born to the wealthy Prince family in Western Michigan. Devos was raised in Holland, MI where she attended the Christian Reformed Church. Her family is known for Republican politics and philanthropy. Her father, Edgar Prince, founded the Prince Foundation, responsible for funding many conservative Christian causes.


Betsy Devos attended private Christian education and later married another heir of wealth, Dick Devos, a product of the same. Dick Devos carried on his family’s legacy of politics and philanthropy. Betsy Devos’ father-n-law, Richard Devos, was Co-Founder of Amway. Betsy and Dick Devos became a billionaire power couple influencing education and conservative politics.


Betsy Devos also donated millions to conservative causes and education through family philanthropic foundations. Devos is most associated with charter school expansion and school choice voucher programs, garnering the attention of President Trump who chose her for Secretary of the Education Department. Her controversial confirmation needed the tiebreaker vote of Vice President Pence.


Betsy Devos’ agenda has high visibility over decades of philanthropy. Opponents believe she is out of touch with public education and lower-income families. Opponents also say charter school expansion damages public schools by funneling money out to private institutions. Quality of education has also been questioned. Devos continues to advocate for free market education choice.


Despite her philanthropic track record and education agenda some worry Devos is too meek for the Education Department due to her treatment of the transgender bathroom issue. Devos did warn a representative of gay and transgender employees of the turning tide on the issue hours before an announcement. President Trump announced the rescinding of a federal policy permitting transgender bathroom use in schools according to the student’s chosen gender identity. Devos worked behind the scenes to stop it to no avail.


Betsy Devos publicly appeared before the Conservative Political Action Committee and painted the original policy as a product of the Obama administration’s overreaching. Devos ability has since been questioned. She is dubbed a passive team player by some. Proponents say she is the gracious quiet fighter whose name still instills fear in opponents behind the scenes. Randi Weingarten, President of American Federation of Teachers reportedly stated, Devos “comes across as personable, [and] plain-spoken, but she is dangerous.”


As Chairperson of the Michigan Republican Party Devos successfully fought for passage of legislation favorable to her causes and quieted opponents. Proponents say wait and see, fully expecting Devos’ influence to rise as the Washington novice gains her bearings. Though accused of pronouncing destruction on public schooling, Devos’ agenda remains clear, education choice.


Shortly after confirmation Devos visited a Miami charter school pioneered by controversial rapper Pitbull. She also visited Excel Academy, a Washington charter school, with Queen Rania of Jordan and the first lady, Melania Trump. Devos said Excel demonstrated “transformation that can happen when parents are empowered to choose the education setting that bests fits their child’s individual needs.” Devos will continue to display two faces, the public team player and the quiet fighter. Learn more:

Clay Siegall Shares Science And Sports News On His Blog

On his official blog, businessman Clay Siegall posts about the latest sports and science news. A recent article is about the running back Jeremy Hill tweeting his goodbye to his now former teammates on the Cincinnati Bengals. He will become a free agent and sign with some other team is his plan. He is an unrestricted agent and said that not re-signing with the Bengals was a business decision on his part.

In science news, Clay Siegall posted an article that reveals that orca whales are able to imitate human speech. A group of researchers performed experiments with two orca whales who are held in a French aquarium. Some of the sounds they heard from the orcas were both “hello” and “bye-bye”. The whales also imitated people blowing a raspberry. Because the orcas also learned sounds from each other the research suggests that orca whales out in the wild also teach each other their language.

Clay Siegall is one of the founders of Seattle Genetics, Inc. It was established in 1998 and today he is this firm’s president, CEO, and chairman. He is also a director and board member of three other biopharmaceutical companies, Alder Biopharmaceuticals, Inc., Mirna Therapeutics, Inc., and Ultragenyx Pharmaceutical. He is also involved in a member of professional organizations such as the Washington Biotechnology and Biomedical Association, for which he is a director, and the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Business Alliance for which he has a seat on the board of governors.

As a prominent cancer researcher and drug developer, Clay Siegall has written 67 peer-reviewed research papers and also has nine patents. He also serves three peer-reviewed scientific journals by being on their editorial board. Additionally, he serves the Scientific Counselors for the Cancer Treatment Research Foundation as one of its board members.

Clay Siegall has been honored a number of times for his work to cure cancer. In 1995, while he was working for Bristol-Meyers Squibb, he was honored with the Pierce Award. This was given for his work in the field of targeted toxins. In 2002 he was honored to be a finalist for the Ernst & Young Pacific Northwest Entrepreneur of the Year.