Securus Technologies in Detection of Crimes

Our company is now leading in the provision of crime detention solutions using technology. We provide criminal and civil justice through monitoring, correction and public safety. Our headquarters is in Dallas and serve more than 2 800 law enforcement agencies, public safety and correction agencies. We help more than 1 200 000 inmates in many parts of North America. Our services range from biometric analysis, monitoring of services and products, emergency response, information management and above all making world a safe place to live in.


Recently, we received accreditation from BBB (Better Business Standards) with excellent ratings. We received these ratings because of the quality services as well issues that we always print. Our company responds quickly towards problems by addressing promptly market disputes in tremendous and professional faith. We protect all kinds of data collected against fraud and mishandling. We also receive information that only matters and respect preference of our clients regarding on how this information collected will be used. We also strive in approaching business transactions, market disputes with a high level of integrity.


For maximum improvement of customer service, we acquire 220 seats house domestic call center to serve more than 2.5 million family and friends of inmates. This action always gives our firm strength to receive comments from our facility customers. One facility customer recognizes our firm because of excellent service and gives out the suggestion that we get along with Investigator Pro to stop future crimes and recover illegal assets such as weapons, cash, and drugs.