How Securus Technologies Helps Officers Fight Crime

When me and my fellow officers received the call that we had a fugitive in town robbing banks, we drop everything and focus all our efforts on the case. The reason being is that this suspect was using a weapon and increasing his demands, and if we did not get him off the street soon he may actually use the weapon on an innocent bank employee. The only solid lead we had was this suspect was only robbing the same banks over and over, but every other lead dried up.


We simply could not be waiting at the banks for the suspect, he would go a month sometimes without anything, then hit four banks in a thirty minute period and disappear. We simply could not rely on luck, we had to create our own luck. One thing that we did have going for us was that we knew this suspect had friends in prison, and we were going to get them to help whether they realized it or not.


Securus Technologies placed a new call monitoring system in our local jail that officers used to listen to what the inmates were saying to family and friends. One thing about criminals that is consistent, they simply love to talk about things related to criminal activities. Securus Technologies is in over two thousand prison systems and the motto of the company is making the world safer, something my team can relate to.


Hours after scanning the LBS software for leads, we picked up a conversation from an inmate talking about him being given money with red dye on it. He was wondering how to clean it, we knew he got the money from one person of interest. As we listened more intently, we were able to put a name to the face we were chasing, and thanks to Securus Technologies caught our suspect.