Using Securus Technologies Inmate Call System to Prevent Crimes

Even though a criminal is in jail, that does not mean that they have stopped their life of crime. In my three decades working as a corrections officer in our local jail, I can tell you from experience that many inmates commit far worse crimes in jail, and go from being sentenced a few years to never getting out of jail again. The crimes these inmates are involved in run from drug use, violence, to murder. My job is doing whatever possible to make the jail safer for all.


One way that we lessen the likelihood of violence in the jail is by meeting and checking visitors for any contraband. Physical checks and well as x-rays allow us to make certain these visitors can not pass anything to the inmates. Even something as innocent as a metal spoon, in the hands of the inmate could be sculpted into a weapon. Surprise cell inspections are vital too in our efforts to try and keep these inmates from hurting anyone.


A new tool that we have in our never-ending quest to make the jail safe is the inmate communication system. Securus Technologies recently upgraded the equipment and trained the officers on how to use the LBS software. The CEO of Securus Technologies, Rick Smith, says that his Dallas TX based company is committed to making the world a safer place for everyone. All one thousand employees of Securus Technologies follow that same objective each day.


With the new inmate call system in place, me and my fellow officers are now able to listen in on inmate calls in a new way. We can decipher calls and find out when these weapons are coming to the jail, who is bringing them in, where the inmates are hiding them, and who then intend to use them on. The best part, the inmates don’t realize their coded take is actually helping us.


Manage Your Online Profile

Why ‘on line personality’ matters? In ultra-modern surroundings and subculture, the online world is parallel to the actual global. This isn’t always what some humans name augmented truth or digital truth – An ever increasing a part of the actual financial and social hobby is being shifted to the net global, and as the vintage pronouncing goes – ‘in case you aren’t there, you do not exist”. One may additionally even rephrase Descartes phrases, “Cogito Ergo Sum”, and say “net Ergo Sum”.

adequate, so the internet is essential, however what do you need to do approximately it? How can the net have an effect on you, and why do you need to hassle to create a extensive online character?

Rule #1: seek Engine Presence

The story in all likelihood starts with the way people dig up facts nowadays. most of them use serps, and more mainly Google. every time someone is searching for out facts approximately you, you’d better display up there. while might human beings appearance you up? Say you’re applying for a activity – there’s simply no way your destiny company will no longer appearance you up in Google. Or do this, a exceptional instance, say you’re relationship someone – more than eighty% of the unmarried people Google the person who they’re courting earlier than the second date. this is lots. You do now not want embarrassing information about your past to reveal up there.

What to do about it? within the professional world, we call this search engine optimization – search engine optimization. manufacturers and internet site use search engine optimization to sell their services on Google, but there’s nothing preventing you from doing the equal for yourself. in case you are a professional you need to appear on the top of the hunt results for queries associated with your industry. in case you are a normal joe – make sure you appear on pinnacle of the engines like google (seek Engine effects page) whilst a person is Googling your name. that is of course actual and applicable for other search engines like google and yahoo as well but the steps you will take to overcome the Google search outcomes will probable help you do the equal with Bing and Yahoo, so I wouldn’t fear about the ones engines like google especially.

the way to do it? the perfect solution might in all likelihood be to discover an search engine optimization organisation, however might possibly an overkill for a personal search engine optimization mission. My tip – do it your self. studies the difficulty on-line for a while (Google the word seo as a primary step…) and you will whole your mission in a depend of weeks.

Rule #2: Your personal domain

We talked about promoting yourself on Google, but what need to you promote? you may of route sell a blog or your social network profile, however your number one asset ought to be your very own domain.

Take action now: make sure your own area call is not taken but (use one of the top domain registars to do that), and purchase the area. I suggest using .com suffix for your domain name as it’d help you rank up better in Google, however if the .com is already taken use .net or .org. attempt to avoid the usage of .call or .information as Google has a tendency to offer them less precedence within the index.

domain isn’t sufficient. you furthermore may want some thing within the area: As apparent as it may appear, some humans simply however a personal domain and go away it empty. whilst it does have some advantages (Like blocking the competition, different people with the same name, from the usage of your area), you do need a few content material there to rank excessive on Google.

So What content material must i use on my internet site? you’ve got pretty some options here:

Write a blog (See Rule #three for greater data)
statistics web page approximately your self – upload a very good photo, write some words and upload hyperlinks in your profile pages in social networks like facebook, LinkedIn and Flickr.
add some articles which you wrote and are relevant to what you do in lifestyles. in case you are into images, add your pleasant photographs and some suggestions approximately images. in case you are a chook watcher, tell approximately your fine chicken watching studies. You get the concept…

Rule #three: Write a blog

A weblog may additionally your best danger to explicit yourself and establish your online persona gracefully. humans weblog today, they blog lots, and there is lots of clutter on this world. Your weblog doesn’t ought to be the pleasant, neither the maximum up to date blog inside the international – however having a blog subjects. It offers you your own area inside the online international, and that could make a huge difference while humans try to look you up and verify what form of man or woman or expert are you.

What ought to you weblog about? it really is a satisfactory query with a tough answer -weblog approximately your lifestyles, weblog about your own family, weblog approximately your paintings, just weblog. The more content material you upload on your blog, the extra people could be able to discover you on line. content material subjects on-line, and amount of content topics even more. i am not pronouncing you simply blog and not using a high-quality manage – we’re trying to set up your online personality here, and we don’t want to make you seem like a wacko, however you do want content.

adequate, I need to weblog – how do I do that – there is various possibilities. the very best might be to open a blog with a free blogging provider like Google’s Blogger or a piece higher would be to apply a top rate provider like stay magazine or TypePad that characteristic a few extra alternative and are extremely extra flexible. lastly, the most costly, however additionally maximum bendy choice could be to apply your very own hosting and running a blog application (move for or Movable type). This way you could make sure your blog is top notch-customized, appears precisely the manner you need it to, and it’s far very private.

Make your weblog rock: with out going into much element, use internet offerings inclusive of Technorati to make your blog more a hit. it’s also essential to song your blog’s achievement with packages like Google Analytics to recognize just what number of human beings absolutely visit your weblog.

Rule #4: Social Networks work for you

Social networks are state-of-the-art equal to the day gone by’s village rectangular. You need to be there to tie connections with peers, clients and capability employers. it’s far essential to ensure your profile is updated and expert looking. try and keep away from stupid repute messages: “Joe is so drunk Now” or “Derek is thinking about Vodka”. these probably wouldn’t carry you too far in terms of social community personality constructing.

Who have to I pal? manifestly now not every body. Create a decent group of friends which include your actual RW (real world) friends, Colleagues and those that you do not recognize yet but do want to get to recognise in the future. reflect onconsideration on the manner you method these human beings. You need to leverage your other relationships to discover ways to get recognize individuals who may be your destiny-social-network-friend. attempt something like this to your friendship request:

“hello Dan. My call is David. i am a pal of X. He told me a lot approximately you, and i think it’d be amazing if we can preserve in touch. thank you, David”.

Making non-public pal invitations almost guarantees the achievement of your request, so don’t simply try to befriend every body with the default invite. Be personal. Be creative.

Which social networks have to i’m going for? There are literally masses you may chose from. It in particular depends on wherein you stay, and what are you into. Professionally – pass for LinkedIn. in the united kingdom – Bebo. inside the US – facebook. tune lovers need to cross for MySpace, and graphic Designers for DeviantArt. The list is going on and on. Do you studies and discover. by using the manner, it in no way hurts to be on multiple social network. just ensure to locate the time for each and every community you make a decision to construct your on-line persona in. bear in mind, a ghost profile in no way facilitates. on the opposite, it’d even damage your efforts.

Rule #five: Be energetic in internet forums

Social networks aren’t sufficient whilst you need to make a true digital effect on line. The places people really search for information and make ties are sincerely the web forums. Is it incredible important to locate the boards that matter to you, your customers and your friends, and go away a substantial footprint there.

How do I locate those boards? awesome easy. Google them. locate the enterprise of your choice (shall we embrace gardening). Now Google “Gardening forums” and scan the top 10 effects. Open accounts in a few of them and engage within the communique.

Few matters to preserve in thoughts – Be lively however don’t be pushy. make contributions beneficial records but don’t overdo it. Be humorous. Use cool smileys to ensure you are being heard inside the communique.

Arthur Becker the successful Investor

Arthur Becker is a successful investor in biotech, real estate and info tech. He is the managing member at Madison Partners which is a biotechnology and real estate investment company. On a recent interview with Ideamensch, Arthur Becker talked about his involvement in real estate and technology. He stated that his interest in these fields developed from his work experience at Zinio and NaviSite, where formerly worked. In order to pursue his interest, Arthur told Ideamensch that he sold NaviSite so that he could invest in the development of a condominium. Arthur says that he has no pre-set schedules and that his work days are always flexible.

Arthur Becker went to study at the Bennington College where he graduated in 1972 with an Arts Degree. He later went to study business at the Tuck School of Business, Dartmouth. According to Arthur, he loves team work and that he is most effective when coordinating with experts on a particular project. Arthur Becker is excited by upcoming and new trends in the sector of biotechnology, particularly that touch about cancer treatment. He attributes his success as an entrepreneur to building a good and clear understanding with his management team.

Arthur Becker worked with NaviSite where he was the Chief Executive Officer. He is now the Chairman at Madison Technology Group and is a managing member at the Atlantic Investors, LLC. Before going to work at Madison Partners, Arthur served as the CEO and Chairman of Zinio LLC. Under the leadership of Arthur Becker, Madison Partners has managed to complete a number of town houses at Sullivan Street, New York. The company is also in the initial stages of constructing a luxury residential condominium in Tribeca. Arthur Becker founded Madison Partners, LLC in order to combine biotech with major economic opportunities and make a positive impact on the living situations of individuals.

Arthur Becker is mostly interested in the sector of cancer treatment and is always looking forward to improve the available treatment options for this deadly condition. He hopes to use technology in doing so. According to Arthur Becker success comes from hard work, passion, commitment and also discipline.  More details can be found on LinkedIn.

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