Top Customer Service Award Is Given To Leading Inmate Communications Provider

Securus Technologies is a popular inmate regulations provider that offers their customers a stable inmate communications platform. They were once responsible for monitoring and surveillance of inmate calls under government mandate alongside the local Public Utility Commission. They have allowed their customers to save more money and spend less time commuting to a correctional facility with technological features that aren’t offered by competitor networks. Securus offers their customers an easy registration process by registering for an account through their website. You must be eighteen years of age or older and have a valid credit or debit card to apply.


Securus Technologies Wins Prestigious Customer Service Award


Securus has over 12,000+ IT professionals that are highly trained in customer service and telecommunications security. They ensure that their customers receive a professional and immediate response to their questions and concerns. Their high level of customer service has helped them win the highest customer service award in the industry. A top panel of over seventy five judges have decided to announce them as the proud recipients of the prestigious Stevie Award. Securus is dedicated to customer support, feedback, and being attentive to their customers needs at all times. They understand how important it is for you to stay connected to your love ones in a correctional facility.


Securus Technologies Features


Remote Visitation


Remote visitation is a popular features available through Securus and Vimeo. It allows inmates and their family members to have face-to-face interaction over the internet. This feature is available for a one time small processing fee each time you choose to visit.


Inmate Voicemail


Do you have an important message for your love ones in a correctional facility? Inmate’s can now check their messages at any time through an access account available through their commissary.